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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 67 > Short Stories > Glug Glug, Bubble Bubble, AHHH!

Glug Glug, Bubble Bubble, AHHH!

by too_kule

He eyed the weird potion suspiciously. I couldn't really blame him, what would you do if someone brought home a bottle of green liquid for you to drink?

    "So, what did you say this thing does?" asked EmeraldBlitz, my purple Zafara. If things went the way they were supposed to, he wouldn't be a purple Zafara for much longer.

    "It's a Transmogrification Potion. All you have to do is drink it, and you'll be morphed. I'm not sure if you have to be that species before drinking it..." I wondered.

    "Are you sure this will be OK? I mean...I don't want to end up as something with four arms and three eyes!"

    "Don't worry," I said. The problem was, I was worried. I had sort of forgotten what the mutant this potion created, actually looked like.

    "OK, only if you're sure about this." EmeraldBlitz picked up the weird bottle and uncorked it. A horrible smell was released. EmeraldBlitz looked at me, and then started to drink it. As soon as one drop touched his tongue, I could tell it was the most disgusting thing he ever tasted. He managed to drink the entire thing. He stood there blinking. He was about to tell me the potion didn't work, when his purple fur began to harden and turn a sick shade of green. His face looked like it was in pain while things started changing. His tail began to shorten a bit, and his body changed. He grew taller, onto two legs. Then, to things burst out of the side of him! They were they second pair of arms! His eyes changed shape and colour, as a third eye appeared above his nose, which started growing out. Hair grew longer at the back of his head as the transformation completed. I grabbed a Red Mirror and showed him what he looked like.

    "Before you react, let me tell you that--"

    "AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I'M A...A...MUTANT KRAWK!!!" yelled EmeraldBlitz. I tried to calm him, but he hit me over the head with the mirror. "You said I wouldn't become something with four arms and two eyes!"

    "Wait, I need to tell you something--"

    "The last thing you told me was a lie! How can I ever trust you?" he yelled. With that, he ran out of the NeoHome. I just stood there frozen. He was a really young pet, not even a month old. He knew what kind of trouble a mutant Krawk could get into at his age?


EmeraldBlitz walked down a path in the Haunted Woods. He couldn't believe how someone who seemed so nice, would do something like that. He saw his reflection in a murky pond, uglier than the reflection in the mirror had been. Then someone caught his attention. A young Ixi was crying at the side of the pond.

    "What's wrong?" questioned EmeraldBlitz. The Ixi looked up, but didn't even bother to comment on his bizarre appearance.

    "I w-was walking with m-my Meowclops, and she f-fell into th-the p-pond" stammered the Ixi through tears. He pointed to a distant grey shape fighting to stay above the water. EmeraldBlitz considered the situation. He was a Krawk, and mutant or not Krawks can swim. He leaped into the water, and was immediately astonished. Krawks didn't look like a very powerful Neopet, but staying above the water was simple! His four arms and his strong tail made swimming easy! He quickly reached the Meowclops. He used to arms to carry it, and the other two to swim back.

    "Thanks! Thank-you so much!" cried the Ixi who hugged EmeraldBlitz. EmeraldBlitz smiled, and continued walking. So this body was superb at swimming...that didn't mean much. He was still a hideous mutant...and his owner was a liar. He came across another pet, a Flotsam. She was sitting there by a big tree staring up into the branches.

    "Hello..." muttered EmeraldBlitz while passing. The Flotsam looked over at him and smiled.

    "I was hoping someone would come along! I need help," said the Flotsam. EmeraldBlitz walked back to the Flotsam.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "My toy got stuck in a tree! I can't see it and I'm a Flotsam! I can't climb trees. Could you go up and get it?" she asked. EmeraldBlitz looked up into the leaves of the tree. He doubted that Krawks were meant to climb trees. Not wanting to make the Flotsam cry, he started climbing. His arms were powerful and the branches didn't snap under his weight! He kept climbing. Once his arm slipped, but his third or forth arm kept him from falling. His tail even helped too, grabbing some branches in odd positions. When there weren't any branches close enough to grab, he just would sink his claws into the bark and climb that way. Finally he was at the top. His eyes searched the area. It was big, and there were so many laves and branches in they way. He looked around for a few minutes, and he was about to give up when something caught his eye. An Orange Fuzzle was further up. He wouldn't even have seen it if it wasn't for his third eye, which was higher placed than the other two. He grabbed the Fuzzle, and started climbing down. When he arrived at the bottom, he gave the Fuzzle to the little Flotsam.

    "Here you go," said EmeraldBlitz. He smiled as the Flotsam jumped around for joy. He kept going on as the Flotsam kept yelling her thanks. He was feeling pretty good at the moment, too good to be bothered by his body. Finally, he saw a couple of Grarrls. They were laughing at an old Meerca whose purse they had stolen. They were leaving when EmeraldBlitz stepped up.

    "Give it back!" he growled. The Grarrls turned around and laughed.

    "What are you going to do about it?" one of them asked. EmeraldBlitz ran up and hit one of the Grarrls with a Krawk Scratch! The great thing was with twice the amount of arms, he could deliver twice the amounts of attacks! It didn't take long for the Grarrls to be on the ground nearly unconscious.

    "Thank-you!" said the old Meerca who picked up her purse form the ground. EmeraldBlitz was so excited. He had to tell someone...but who? He was alone...his other siblings and his owner were all back in the NeoHome.

    "Maybe it'd be best if I went back," said EmeraldBlitz to himself. He started running into the distance where his NeoHome and all of his friends were.


"JadePaw and GoldenRhino will search the Haunted Woods, while SilverEmerald an I go to the Deserted Fairground to see if EmeraldBlitz is there," I said to the three Neopets in the room. We had to find EmeraldBlitz before nightfall...who knew what could happen to him after the sun had set? Then the door opened and EmeraldBlitz burst in.

    "TK!" she cried.

    "EmeraldBlitz!" we all cried back.

    "Are you OK? What happened?" I asked him.

    "Well, I came across a young Ixi whose Meowclops was stuck in a pond so I saved it. Then I came across a Flotsam whose Orange Fuzzle got stuck in a tree, so I retrieved it. Then an old Meerca was getting her purse stolen by some Grarrls, so I taught them a lesson! I think I could really get used to being a mutant Krawk!" he said excitedly. I laughed.

    "Sorry, I had totally forgotten was a mutant Krawk looked like! Sorry if you thought I had purposely lied. You didn't even hear what I was going to tell you before you left! I was about to say I was going to take you shopping for a Paint

    Brush! All I wanted to do was make you a Krawk, and the Transmogrification Potion was the cheapest way!" I explained to him. Then when he finally realised what happened and he blushed.

    "Sorry...but I think I like what I look like. You don't need to buy me that Paint Brush...but you could always make it up with toys," he suggested. We all laughed. It was good to see him again, and I bet he would say the same thing.

The End

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