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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 67 > New Series > Broken Glass: Part One

Broken Glass: Part One

by averyangryshaylir

Thick gray fog blanketed the area around Meridell castle giving the whole building a look of surreal purity. Bars of chilled sunlight seeping into the land through the feathery calm winter clouds that seemed to cover the entire sky. These were the kind of days that the wizard Feneon enjoyed the most. Feneon wasn't your typical old long beard wizard. In fact he was a rather young man with a shock of platinum blonde hair that was cropped closely to his head and was always sticking up in every possible gravity defying direction. With quick measured steps he made his way back to his small cabin that sat comfortably on the outskirts of Meridell. It was there that he had began the study of his very own unique magic.


His magic was unlike any that had been seen or heard of before. He had the power to literally alter any Neopet's--or any other living thing--appearance and physical structure to his whim. Now, he didn't often use his power on Neopets or people. He mainly experimented with his magic by tinkering with plants. He had created quite a few helpful healing agents in such a manner. One of his most successful herbs was something called a "numb balm" which would numb fresh cuts and begin to slowly heal them. It had come in handy many times in the past when his mutant Lupe, Teikobou, got into scrapes with other Neopets. Feneon had never seen any purpose in using his ability to alter actual Neopets or any other type of living thing for that matter--until now.

     News had reached Meridell of an upcoming attack. Rumour had it that an unknown enemy was going to attempt to kidnap the king in order to thrust the kingdom into chaos so it would be easy to conquer. If this was the case Meridell had little hope of defending itself. It was true that they had their knights, but Neopets armed with swords would do little against the advanced technology that the enemy could quite possibly possess.

     "All right, so most of this is merely speculation," thought Feneon to himself with a concerned sigh. "But what if there is truth to these rumours? We're going to need to be prepared...." Even though the wizard had been ridiculed and outcast by his fellows because of his strange magic he held no grudge and was still fiercely loyal to his kingdom and he had a plan to protect it. He smiled wanly to himself. Hopefully if all went well that day his play would be in motion soon...

     Cutting off his current train of thought Feneon suddenly wondered why people complained about cool foggy days such as this. Many found days like this dull and depressing so they usually locked themselves indoors. Feneon found such days to be wonderfully crisp and clear as if every other day he didn't see things in the same manner. It was as if crisp winter days opened up doors in his mind while sunny days seemed to hinder him and make him feel lethargic. Honestly he couldn't understand how people enjoyed such blinding days over the cool ones he enjoyed. Maybe people just enjoyed not knowing the whole truth because foggy days were when Feneon thought about life in detail. Was it really that depressing to see reality in such a sharp clarity? Possibly it was, but Feneon had no more time to think about it as his mutant Lupe padded towards him on silent lupine paws. He gazed up at his keeper with a critical look in his eye.

     "They're here waiting. A bit wary but willing to listen to your proposal," Teikobou told his keeper calmly his emotionless eyes observing him. The Lupe was normally very in tuned with his owner's feelings and could almost read his mind at times. When the two of them had first met this had made Feneon slightly uneasy but gradually he had gotten used to it and found that this was something he appreciated more so then anything else.

     "Good. So you've found five of them, each leaving the pound with a newly adopted pet of various species?" Feneon asked, adjusting his pace to meet Teikobou's trying to read the Lupe‘s expressionless face with no avail. Teiko was a master a concealing his feelings, nobody could ever figure out what was going on his mind even Feneon. The young wizard was very attached to his Lupe and at times wondered if he was a bad person for not being able to tell how his own pet was feeling. Still, the two of them formed a strong bond.

     "That's correct," the stoic Lupe replied simply as the two of them reached the front door to their cabin. Feneon pushed the door open and he was greeted by blank stares from all around. There were five people each with a different Neopet. There was a young raven haired woman with a Shoyru. A cerulean eyed boy was kneeling next to a Kougra. An Aisha was being held in the arms of a curly red head girl. The last two were both boys, one with mousy brown hair the other with dirty blonde hair. The former stood next to a Zafara and the latter was patting an Eyrie. Each of them showed their puzzlement and impatience in different ways. Feneon smirked at this and cleared his throat.

     "Greetings. I am the wizard Feneon, but you may call me Fen if you wish. I am fairly certain you all are wondering why my Lupe, Teikobou, has asked you all here," Fen said, addressing them as a whole.

     "Of course we are! That Lupe of yours said you had an offer to make?" the blonde hair boy replied loudly, his Kougra shifting uneasily next to him without saying anything himself.

     "Yes, yes I do," Fen affirmed politely with a nod of his head. The other four and their pets were silent as they listened with great interest. Teikobou grinned smugly from his corner of the room. He couldn't wait to see these people's reactions. "I am sure all of you have heard of the possible upcoming Meridell war, correct?" the group nodded calmly, wanting to know where he was going with this. "As you probably know Meridell has little chance of winning this war with it's lack of technology so...I have decided to try and prepare Meridell by creating the perfect soldiers to protect it." Fen paused for effect and awaited their reactions. There was a murmur of confusion among them.

     "How do you plan to do that?" the red haired girl asked sceptically.

     "It sounds fishy to me," her Aisha told Fen plainly.

     "And what does that have to do with us?!" the blue eyed boy demanded.

     "Ah, quite simply m'dear. I am going to alter Neopets into human hybrids with my very specialised magic ability. You see, Neopets have stats which are necessary to be extremely powerful. Humans on the other hand have complex emotions that most Neopets lack. Not to see Neopets are emotionless creatures because that is far from the truth. Besides, I do not want a mindless soldier of destruction, but a being who clearly knows what they're fighting for and why. As for what this has to do with you five. Everything." Fen took a deep breath, cautiously looking around the room.

     "What do you mean? Are you going to fuse us and our Neopets together?" the mouse haired boy asked nervously, his voice shaking.

     "No, no. I'm merely going to make your pets much stronger and make them part human if you will allow me to," was Fen's carefully worded response.

     "What?! Then why do you need us? It doesn't make any sense! If you needed pets for your little experiments why didn't you just pick up some random pets at the pound?!" The blonde boy demanded.


"Y-you're not going to hurt us...r-right?" his Kougra stammered nervously, pawing at the ground anxiously. Fen noted to himself that the black haired girl and the brown haired boy had remained silent the entire time. Whether this was a good or bad thing he did not know.

     "Of course I will not harm you. The reason I need owners and their pets is because when and if I morph you, you'll have the mentality of a five year old. You will need a parental figure to love and care for you when you're not training or studying," Fen explained, taking a pause before continuing on. "I do not want some kind of machine of destruction. I want thoughtful beings who care for what they're fighting for." There was a moment of silence before he added: "If you choose to agree to let me do this then I will offer each of you a plot of land on which you can build a NeoHome. I will fully support you with the pets basic needs. Well? What do you all say?" he asked the group, taking a deep breath after his long speech.

     For once the blond boy was speechless, his mouth gaping, and for the first time the raven haired girl spoke up in a quiet tone.

     "Are there any other side effects to this procedure besides the obvious physical changes and the age mentality?" She asked simply looking up at him with green emotionless eyes.

     "Yes, your pets will have no memory of their past before the procedure," Feneon said, sighing and thinking that this would have all of them automatically reject the idea. He was mildly surprised by the response.

     "I'll do it," the raven haired girl's Shoyru replied in an almost inaudible whisper. "I have no wish to remember my past anyway, and if doing somebody good then I might as well." The girl looked down at her Shoyru in an almost serene way then did something unexpected. She smiled.

     "So will we," came a meek voice. Feneon searched for the speaker and saw it was the darker blonde boy's voice. He had finished consulting with his Eyrie. After that it was as if the two pairs had set off a chain of events. Nods of agreement and "Us too," were seen and heard around the room.

     "Then it's settled. We'll want to start right away, but before we begin...what are your names?"

To be continued...

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