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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Collecting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Continuing Series > Power in Quality: Part Five

Power in Quality: Part Five

by epk

IT WAS UP to me to decide the next warrior. We needed time to hold off until splashgold could repair the rod. Kauvara wasn't in the fighting mood with Grundo Slime all over her...I decided to test the cowards strength. "Get in there Furdark!"

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #77/334)

     The Yellow Kyrii went as white as a Baaba's wool as she stepped up to battle a towering Purple Grundo. Furdark threw a punch and defeated the Grundo. "I DID IT!" she exclaimed. She started to show off and do all sorts of fancy moves, like a Kyrii Hair Whip and a Handstand Flip Double Kick to defeat 5 Grundos. When number #82 came up to plate she did one of those Running Headbutts, and the Grundo flew and hit 3 Grundos in waiting, narrowing them down to 0 HP. So when #86 came, he was fueled to destroy the pesky Kyrii, even though he was hypnotised. One punch, Furdark flew into the air, defeated. She joined the ranks of the doctor.

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #86/334)

     Our next fighter was lizzagold. Splashgold still hadn't restored the Rod of Ultranova, and Kauvara was still removing the slime from her horns. Lizzagold did what any Krawk would naturally do: She bit the opponent. The Grundo screamed and ran with his HP going down to 0 instantly. And bite she did, all the way to the fight against #100. That's when the Krawk inserted her jaw over the hand, and a previously loose tooth stuck in the skin. "Ohh...the tooth faerie will pay a hefty fee for this one," she admired as she picked it out. The Grundo used it's fist to punch the Grundo in the lower jaw and the Krawk flew up in air, defeated.

     "Is it fixed yet?" I asked splashgold? He replied with an almost. Kauvara was ready to fight again, so I sent her in. "Try one of those Exploding Potions!"

     Kauvara uncorked the potion and the Grundo #100 flew backwards, however it didn't land on one of those Grundos-in-waiting. I looked at the Leader Mutant Grundo with his Moon adorned Rod...he wasn't very happy. Kauvara was against number 101 and so excited, she opened the Exploding Potion wrong and it attacked HER! Kauvara was defeated by herself.

     It was left to the Faerie Zafara, Minion, egold, and splashgold. Splashgold was repairing our most valuable weapon, and I was wanting to keep egold in mint condition. I was feeling my odds against me. The Faerie Zafara was still recovering...Minion was my best bet. The Slorg stepped up to plate.

     While Minion was battling, I pulled the Faerie Zafara aside. "How'd you get here anyway?"

     The Faerie Zafara brushed off some of his fur and told me the story about splashgold telling him to send me a message. "Talk about luck!" I exclaimed, we needed a flying pet.

     Minion was sliming the Grundos like crazy when a huge red one punched him and the Slorg was pancaked into the stone walls.

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #127/334)

     "IS THE WAND FIXED?" I yelled to splashgold. Apparently it wasn't as I sent in egold. The red Grundo didn't stand a chance as my second strongest pet trampled the creature. He used Gelert Flash and Bark numerous times and even Negg, a Healing Faerie ability. He had to do this to stall while splashgold fixed the valuable weapon. He was going down the list quite fast, a bunch of Level 1 and 2 Grundos were fighting, making it quite easy for him to win. He was at Grundo #197 (Yah, I know, wow.) when he lost his voice from Gelert Bark, Gelert Flash was out of batteries, and the Faerie Ability Negg was out of energy.

You can understand what happened - egold was defeated and we still had more then a 100 Grundos to go, and I wouldn't be surprised if the leader had saved the best for last. "IS THE ROD FIXED YET?!" I yelled at splashgold. It was still a no. My only option was the Faerie Zafara. I really had to cross my fingers.

Grundo #197 was a piece of cake for the aerial creature. And so was #198, and #199, and even more. In fact, we had gotten to #250! I was ready to celebrate when I noticed a small problem - all of the Grundos in waiting were Faerie except for 3 or 4! How did the Grundo leader get all these Faerie Grundos? I then looked at the Rod the Leader held onto as a bolt of lighting zapped #250 as it became Faerie. The Grundo Leader was trying to defeat us with aerial Grundos!


I heard a mysterious clank outside. I would of investigated, but we were getting into a serious problem. The Faerie Zafara tried one of his Zafara Flames, but the winged Grundo, well, she, easily escaped. So then he tried an Aerial Headbutt and Tail Whip in one, constricting the Grundo. Then toasting it with Zafara Flames. I stood in awe as the Grundo became a more then well-done alien and fell to the ground. It was now #251, and this one took the Zafara out it one hit.


"I fixed it, but it needs to charge for a few minutes," splashgold replied. But he was tagged, he was up.


I heard another clank, but I still ignored it as splashgold laid the rod down and got ready to attack. I breathed deep - splashgold was still in Cap'n Threelegs Training Program, plus he was legless, another slight disadvantage.

Swimming the 8th, 12:12 PM - Outside the Stone Dome
The Red Draik was dressed up in metal armor he had purchased from the Defence shop. He clanked once and a while as he walked towards the mysterious stone dome. He read his book a little more.

As you get closer to solving your problem, you must have an alias to fool people you side with. This is also crucial to the Battledome - you must be able to fool your opponent. about Medieval? Besides, that was the type of world he originated from, only these Neopian fools didn't know it. Nah...let's try Black Death? That has to do with Medieval, doesn't it? But he was red...hmm...Red Death! So Red Death walked inside and was amazed by what he saw. A huge Grundo, a bunch of normal sized Grundos, and an owner telling his Koi to try and defeat about 70 Faerie Grundos and 3 Yellow ones. Weird...he just stood there for a while as the Faerie Grundos tagged each other when defeated. Was this a Tag Team Battledome?

Meanwhile, I was having splashgold finish off Faerie Grundo #255 when he took a mortal blow. I felt my insides collapse knowing my team was now defenceless, and so was I.

"TAG!" said Red Death. Splashgold was too desperate to know what was going on and tagged Red Death.

"Here, catch!" I yelled, throwing the Rod of Ultranova at Red Death. He caught it and started attacking the Grundos aerially.

Red Death was amazing in the air, he was defeating the Grundos left and right, and we were down to 3 Grundos to defeat. "TAG!" Red Death yelled, throwing the Rod at me. I caught it and went in there, because I had no clue what Red Death was planning. (Then again, I didn't know his name either.)

Now, owners don't normally fight, but it was way different here: I was against a Faerie Grundo, equipped with a Rod of Ultranova and the notebook I write notes about a few of my articles in. The first Faerie Grundo was a piece of cake - just one blast was enough. But number two was quite harder. I had to do a few barrel rolls and only seen in movie type stunts to avoid the thing. Not that I could, I ended up with a few scrapes and bruises. And I didn't have a HP amount either, I mean, duh! It was until I was unable to fight according to Tag-Team Rules. I was finally able to get a shot at the Faerie Grundo, and destroyed it.

The last Grundo was yellow...wait, it was spacegold! My Grundo who had walked carelessly into the Tag-Team Dome was now my opponent? I couldn't defeat him-no way. That would be too cruel, and the Kyrii or Chia Police may get on my back for Neopet Abuse. "Any help?"

Kauvara was barely conscious on the Injured and Out Bench. "I have a spare Red Jubjub Morphing Potion you can use to unhyponotise him!"

Red Death ran quickly to the bench, picked up the potion and threw it at me. "Thanks!" I thanked Red Death and Kauvara, uncorked the potion, and tossed it on spacegold. He transformed into a Red Jubjub and was unhypnotised. The Grundo Army was defeated!

"NO! This cannot be! Sloth won't like this!" exclaimed the Grundo Leader. "TAG!" he yelled at my pet, and spacegold politely got out of the way, and just went over to my neck of the woods.

"TAG!" I yelled, and had Red Death take charge. Red Death flew up in the air, avoiding punches from the Mutant Grundo Leader. I noticed the moon ornament was on the top of the rod was starting to glow. What was going to happen?

A beam of Yellow Electricity beamed out of the rod and onto Red Death, but it ricocheted back to the rod. "I'm wearing Reflective Armor fool!" Red Death yelled as the rod broke into a zillion pieces and over powered the Mutant Grundo. When the Rod broke magic auras zapped the wall of the dome. The entire dome started to glow a pale yellow, the ground started to shake. Parts of the dome collapsed.

Red Death yelled, "Everyone evacuate, she's gonna blow!" The Grundos, out of their trance, my team, spacegold, Red Death, and I all ran towards the tunnel that allowed us in over at the Wishing Well.

"How are we going to get out?" one Brown Grundo asked. The ground had started to violently shake.

"Everyone on a flying pet if you can't fly already!" the Faerie Zafara yelled. I climbed on Red Death along with lizzagold, the Grundos all got on other Grundos, etc. We all flew out of the wishing well, safe and sound.

We barely made it out in time before a explosion of rock and fire shattered the ground and exploded out of the Wishing Well, blasting the roof off. The 333 Grundos and my crew all stood in awe, amazed at what had happened. Then Doctor Avalorch turned to Furdark. "I heard you were planning to use my Tag-Team Battledome for evil funding, eh?"

Furdark turned as pale white as printer paper. "What do you mean?" I asked Furdark. But it was too late - Furdark had run away with Slorg on her shoulder.

"We'll meet again epk!" she yelled from a distance.

Well, that was the story of how a team of different and strong individuals defeated 335 Grundos. It was Quality that was able to help us get through the fight, not Quantity. A messenger Zafara, an inventor Scorchio, a Koi, a Gelert, a gender-confused Krawk, a Neopian Times Writer, a Potion-Brewer Kau, and even an evil Kyrii and her Slorg were able to make it through what may of been the hardest struggle of all. And now the Tag Team Battledome is destroyed, so don't ask me where or what it is, just cross your fingers that Neopets will put it into their to-do list, okay? Well, that's all for now. Don't forget, I write articles also. Goodbye in six different languages until next time!

"Um, epk," egold said, "why didn't we bring the Portable Kiln?"

The End

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