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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Celebrating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 51 > Continuing Series > Power in Quality: Part Three

Power in Quality: Part Three

by epk

Swimming the 8th, 9:32 AM - Inside the Stone Dome
     There were about 240 Grundos inside the dome, and it was a little cramped, especially with the four-story Mutant and thousands of gems in one corner. Luckily, egold was able to manoeuvre around it nicely with help of the Camouflage Potion and a prototype Levitation Potion. About half the Grundos were darker and also wet, an interesting discovery. He noticed strange markings on the floor of the dome. It resembled the Battledome, but had an extra square on each side of the field. Was this the Tag Team Battledome? He looked a little farther - the Mutant Grundo had some sort of wand.

Swimming the 8th, 9:40 AM - Stuck Inside the Wishing Well
     "Hey, how'd we'd get stuck again?" asked the Faerie Zafara.

     "Remember, you were flying down the well as I was climbing down it, and we just got stuck," said Furdark.

     "How are we going to get loose?" asked the Faerie Zafara.

     "Minion! Jump down the well!" called Furdark. Suddenly a Slorg came falling down the well, as if to land on the Kyrii and loosen her up. Well, there just happened to be a small Slorg Sized space between the Zafara, Kyrii, and Wishing Well walls, and Minion fell down the hole.

     "Smart..." said the Zafara.

     "Hey, the Quick Ref page doesn't call me dim-witted for nothing you know."

Swimming the 8th, 9:41 AM - Underneath the Wishing Well
     "Two-hundred-forty-one... two-hundred-forty-two... two-hundred-forty-three..." *SPLAT*..."first Grundo that jumped down the wishing well. Won't these things learn to climb down the wall?"

     "Green Grundo down!" yelled Kauvara.



     "Oh look, a Yellow and Faerie Grundo! Splitty-splat!" I joked.

Swimming the 8th, 10:04 AM - Lost Desert Pay Phone
     "Grundo number 120 has just jumped in... ohh... a Starry one!" splashgold was mumbling. He knew the Grundos were going somewhere, but down that hole? He would have difficulty getting down there, and a Neopet with short legs and arms doing better then him? No way! Unless Better then You had gone after him, he had some investigating to do. Splashgold jumped in the pond and down the hole, hoping he'd be alive at the end.

     The current was extremely strong in the hole, so strong in fact, it felt like gravity was pulling at a speed faster then anything else. Splashgold had to keep his eyes open to make sure he wouldn't hit any rocks, but that was hard to do with the fact he was being hurled towards the center of Neopia extremely fast.

     "Yeowch!" splashgold exclaimed as a bunch of red gems were hitting him like a hive of buzzers. "Wait... weren't the Muntox Gems Kauvara was talking about red?" splashgold thought. Very interesting.

Swimming the 8th, 10:10 AM - Underneath the Wishing Well
     "Is the Yellow Grundo okay Kauvara?" I asked.

     "It's a Kyrii," Kauvara responded.

     "Yeah, the Green one is a Slorg, the Faerie one is a Zafara," I replied with my discoveries. The Slorg was okay, they are very absorbent little creatures. The Zafara had a few damaged bones, but was able to speak.

     "The leg! The leg! Work on the leg!" the Zafara groaned. I would of asked which leg, but I think the one that was scarred was the one I needed to work on. I pulled out one of Kauvara's Healing Potions and had the Zafara drink it. The potion worked like magic - the entire leg looked like brand new.

     I decided to look at the Kyrii Kauvara was looking on. "Hey... how come that Kyrii looks familiar?" I asked. Then I could tell who the Kyrii was. It was Furdark, the Neopet egold had so easily defeated the day before. "Heh, well, you did say you'd return."

     "WEGASHA!" said someone in Ancient Maraquan tongue. Was it splashgold? Sure enough, a ball of yellow and grey was rolling out of the tunnel some Grundos had been coming out of.

     "Was that splashgold?" egold said, emerging from the Stone Dome, since the Camouflage Potion was wearing off. The ball of yellow and grey slammed right into egold, making a two-Neopet ball that headed towards us. We waited until the Neopets came to a full and complete stop.

     Splashgold looked like he was covered in red transparent zits when he was all unraveled. "What happened to you?" I asked him. But he was too exhausted to speak. I picked at one of the zits, when all of a sudden they al flew off and went inside the stone dome.

     Kauvara noted, "Must be Muntox Gems." Then she turned to egold, "So what did you see in there?"

     Egold described everything, "Well, first, there were hundreds, possibly thousands of Grundos. And then that Mutant Grundo was standing right next to a pile of Muntox Gems and holding onto a wand. It had a moon shape thing on the top, and the entire rod was covered with Muntox Gems. Plus, on the ground looked like the Battledome... a Tag Team Battledome!"

     This woke Furdark up. "YOU FOUND THE TAG TEAM BATTLEDOME??!?!?" she exclaimed. "WHERE IS IT?!"

     So egold explained again to Furdark. "Come on Minion!" Furdark yelled to her Slorg. "We're going to take over the Tag Team Battledome!"

Swimming the 8th, 10:15 AM - 22851 Wishing Well Road
     "Does baby waby wittle Wrawk wanna bite of Uncle Scorchy's fresh baked Merryberry Pie?" the baby-sitting Scorchio told lizzagold in seriously bad baby-talk.

     "OKAY MISTER, JUST BE QUIET!" lizzagold exclaimed. She finally spoke after a whole lot of baby talk. She calmed down. "Sorry mister, but that Kyrii is just plain evil and threatened to hurt my owner and me if I told anyone that she was using the Tag-Team Battledome to secretly train herself and her Slorg and fund her evil funds and she is now down there and so is my owner and who knows what's going to happen!" The Scorchio looked confused. "Down where?"

     Lizzagold pointed outside. "Underneath the Wishing Well!" The Scorchio put a look of embarrassment on his face. "Well no duh! I can't believe I forgot about that - I'll get my stuff."

Swimming the 8th, 10:16 AM - Underneath the Wishing Well
     "Ohh... ahh... ohh... ahh..." egold was going as sparks of electricity were coming out of the Tag Team Battledome.

     Kauvara was wondering what the sparks were, I was taking care of the injured splashgold and Zafara. Furdark walked out of the Tag Team Battledome injured, with Minion on her shoulder.

     "They're coming! Run!" she yelled. And she was right - they were coming. Hundreds of Grundos and a 4-story high Mutant one.

     I tugged on Kauvara and pointed out, "KAUVARA! The Mutant Grundo is controlling them with the rod!"

Swimming the 8th, 10:17 AM - The Book Store
     "Do you have any books about the Battledome?" a red Draik asked the store manager.

     "Sure, we have Battledome Techniques," the Nimmo said, "for only 882 NP!"

     The Draik handed over a 850 NP bill and 32 NP coins and started reading.

     To become a great Battledomer, you may want to first start and find a problem. Find a problem, and solve it. This is how the Battledome works - you find your opponents weakness, and use that to your advantage. The problem can be any problem.

     "Hmm... there have been quite a few Grundos headed towards the Wishing Well. Let's find what that's all about," the Draik thought.

To be continued...

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