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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Collecting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Continuing Series > Power in Quality: Part Four

Power in Quality: Part Four

by epk

Swimming the 8th, 10:17 AM - the Book Store
     "Do you have any books about the Battledome?" a red Draik asked the store manager.

     "Sure, we have Battledome Techniques," the Nimmo said, "for only 882 NP!"

     The Draik handed over a 850 NP bill and 32 NP coins and started reading.

     To become a great Battledomer, you may want to first start and find a problem. Find a problem, and solve it. This is how the Battledome works - you find your opponents weakness, and use that to your advantage. The problem can be any problem.

     "Hmm...there have been quite a few Grundos headed towards the Wishing Well. Let's find what that's all about," the Draik thought.

Swimming the 8th, 10:19 AM - Wishing Well
     "Okay, so you have the Rod of Ultranova?" lizzagold asked the Scorchio.

     "Yup - my most prized possession But if it is to stop that scum of a Kyrii that's trying to use my invention for evil, I must," the Scorchio murmured. He then asked lizzagold if she knew why so many Grundos were coming here.

     "Oh, other then the fact Furdark is trying to take over the Tag Team Battledome, apparently a hoard of Muntox Gems are down there, and Muntox Gems are genetically attracted to each other. And Grundos are genetically attracted to Muntox Gems, and vice versa, but Grundos aren't genetically attracted to each other. You understand?" lizzagold explained.

     The Scorchio nodded. He then looked at the Wishing Well. "Ready to go?"

     Lizzagold jumped on his back, and the two flew down the hole.

Swimming the 8th, 10:20 AM - Inside the Stone Dome
     "So, um, exactly what are we doing here?" Furdark asked Kauvara.

     Kauvara looked at me, "Because some Airhead of an Neopian Times Writer decided to challenge the Grundo's in a tag team battle."

     "Hmph," I snorted. I was the leader of our Tag-Team, the Mutant Grundo the other. His contained exactly 334 Grundos, ours was an evil Kyrii, a Slorg, a Koi, a Gelert, a Zafara, and a famous Kau. And of course, the Koi and Zafara were down a bit of HP. I looked over my team. "You first Furdark." You can tell when a Kyrii is scared, when their face goes pale. And this Kyrii, she was as white as a Ghostkerchief.

     It was then a Scorchio flew in. "Are you epk?" he asked me.

     "Yup, you are?"

     "Creator of the Tag Team Battledome, Dr. Avalorch."

     " that's your name!" lizzagold exclaimed.

     "Lizzagold? What are you doing here?" I asked.

     Furdark went even more pale. She came up with the excuse, "C'mon epk! We got a battle to fight. Those Grundos will defeat us if we're not ready!" Dr. Avalorch looked at the numerous Grundos as I explained the story. "I didn't bring my Rod of Ultranova for nothing...even if it means siding with her," he said, glaring at Furdark.

The Beginning of the Match, 10:24 AM

(Furdark vs. Grundo #001/334)

     Now, since the Grundos were all hypnotised by the Mutant Grundo, he had a good amount of control. However, that meant the Grundos were weaker, too our advantage.

     Furdark threw the opening punch and defeated the Grundo easy. Grundo number two came - this time a Faerie one, and with bulging muscles, Furdark didn't stand much of a chance. "Tag! Faerie vs. Faerie!" Furdark yelled, tagging the Faerie Zafara.

     "COWARD!" I yelled. But the half-beaten Zafara didn't mind - he had flown from the Lost Desert to here, this would be easy. The Zafara used an ability called Zafara Flame. The Grundo backed out and attacked with a Basher. The Faerie Zafara was hit. But this Zafara was determined. He used a triple aerial kick type deal and rolled the Grundo over. The Faerie Grundo was getting mad and flew up in the air himself. He tried the same fancy move, but with no success, as the Zafara countered and the Grundo's legs got twisted and it fell.

     "Way to go!" I exclaimed. But then the Zafara was against five easy Grundos in a row, making things much easier, actually giving the Zafara time to recover. But then a small Grundo came, and the Zafara was unable to reach the Grundo with it's fairly short front arms, and the thing was fast. "Tag! C'mon Minion!"

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #8/334)

     Slorgs are not what you'd call an avid battler. Since petpets are between the lines of weak to barely above average, and a slug type pet isn't much of a help in the Speed Department, I could only close my eyes - the scene was probably going to be gruesome.

     And then Minion jumped. Let me repeat that: Minion jumped. Since when do Slorgs jump? Since today I guess, because this Slorg pounced the miniature Grundo and slimed it. From the girl fighters on my team I heard a chorus of "Ewww." And the Grundo And Minion was pumped as he curled into a ball and rolled around knocking down about 5 of these Grundos until it was pooped. The Slorg, with limited speech of "Urgle" and "Wagge" ran over yelling "Urgle wagge!"

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #14/334)

     "C'mon Kauvara! Minion tagged you!" I was yelling. "He didn't tag me, he slimed me! It's DISGUSTING! It's DISGUSTING!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

     "FIGHT KAUVARA!" I screamed.

     Kauvara was up against a Brown Grundo and equipped with a few of her Exploding and Firestrike Potions. I was also considering equipping a few fighters with these, but Kauvara could weld them best and use them up the most.

     The first Grundo Kauvara fought was easy, as an Exploding Potion and a deafening Kau Moo defeated it within seconds. The second, third, fourth, and fifth were easy. However, a non-leader Mutant Grundo provided a challenge. Well, when Kauvara spiked the thing in the behind with her horns - we watched the Grundo fly up in the sky and fell down - on a total of 20 Grundos for the other team. "Good move!" I cheered.

     Kauvara wasn't so happy. "I think there is some Mutant Grundo slime on my horns - I need to wash it off. Doctor Avalorch! Tag!"

(Just to let you know, we are now on defeating Grundo #40/334)

     Doctor Avalorch was equipped with his Rod of Ultranova, nothing could stop him now. He pulverised Grundo after Grundo after Grundo. No Grundo would get past his wall of falling Ultranovas and forceful magic. He was well into defeating 37 Grundos when *crack* the rod broke. "That was Dr. Avalorch's most valued possession!" lizzagold exclaimed.

     Splashgold, who was mostly recovered, yelled at Doctor Avalorch. "I read a book about this! I can repair it!"

     "You can?" Doctor Avalorch asked as he turned around. As he did so, a Blue Grundo pulverised him down to 0 HP. According to the rules, once someone was down to 0 HP, he or she could no longer continue and it was an automatic tag. It was up to me to decide the next warrior. We needed time to hold off until splashgold could repair the rod. Kauvara wasn't in the fighting mood with Grundo Slime all over her... I decided to test the cowards strength.

     "Get in there, Furdark!"

To be continued...

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