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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Continuing Series > The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Three

The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Three

by purplepokadotz

"WAKE UP!" SunRays heard his friend yell in his ear.

"Go away, please," SunRays said politely.

"Then we are selling all of your stuff then," Gyro replied.

"Okay, okay I am awake," SunRays said, swooshing out of the tent, "Good you are finally awake SunRays. Now we can sort all of our stuff and figure out what we don't need so we can sell." Earthy said while dumping her backpack out.

"Well I have a Scarab cookie, a book called Blumaroo Love Stories, um Lollipop, Chili Dog, a pink Poogle toy, a Scabu, fish nibbles, and a Lemon Sprinkles Doughnut," Keenac said poking though his bag. "You mostly have food. I have a book called Gelert Diaries, another book, another book, another book, a drawing pad, a rainbow pencil, Crossword puzzles, and a candy bar," Earthy said happily putting all her things in a neat pile.

"I have my Fire sword, a fire whip, um a poison snowball, a lucky Cybunny's foot, some fish nibbles, and a Jelly Blumaroo," SunRays said, playing with his sword.

"Well, I have the map pieces, a compass, some Neocola, um, a lightning rod, wow hey how did this get in here? Hey it's a paint brush!" Gyro said very surprised when he pulled a shadow paint brush out of his pack.

"Did you ever have a paint brush in your pack?" asked Keenac and SunRays at the same time.

"Um no, but if I didn't then how did it get in here?" Gyro said puzzled.

"Heck don't ask me?" Earthy said.

"Earthy where did you get the paint brush? Did you buy it? And when?" SunRays said, throwing question after question.

"Um, well when the Snowager wasn't looking I took the paint brush, well I thought we could sell it," she said guiltily.

"Okay, so let's get everything packed up, and they we will sell the paint brush. We have to get moving to Neopia Central."

"Yeah, let's get going," SunRays said really unhappy with his friend.

"What's your problem?" Earthy asked her red friend.

"Um, well you just stole a paint brush from a twelve foot long ice lizard! How would like it if I stole Poogely?" SunRays snapped.

"Well everyone does! So I don't see a problem! You sissy NeoPet!" Earthy yelled back at her Shoyru friend.

"Hey don't go calling me a sissy, I should start calling you Cat Burglar!" Shoyru yelled.

"All right stop it you two!" Keenac yelled at the both of them.

"Yeah, Keenac is right stop it. SunRays you are right Earthy shouldn't have taken the paint brush, but without the paint brush we wouldn't get a lot of NP," Gyro said, stepping between his two bickering friends.

"Fine," SunRays said, turning his back to Earthy.

"Whatever," Earthy said, turning her back to SunRays.

"Good now be nice to each other and let's get going," Keenac said packing up the tent.

After they packed up all their stuff and after SunRays and Earthy stopped bickering who should have the last piece of omelette, they set off for Central Neopia. When they finally made it to were all the shops were lined up in long rows, at Central Neopia. "Well we made it now let's go to the Shop Wizard and see how much we should sell this paint brush for.

When they made it to the building shaped like a wizard hat they walked in. "Hello and welcome young pets. How may I help you little ones?" a Magical Jubjub that sat behind a counter. "Um, could you tell us they cheapest Shadow paint brush?" Gyro asked super politely.

"Yeah, sure just wait a minute," the Jubjub said, typing on his computer that tells him what shops have what.

A few minutes later, "Okay, the cheapest price is 41,900. Will that be all would you like the location of the shop?" the wiz asked.

"Um, no thank you sir," Earthy said, running out of the shop with her friends.

"So we will sell it for how about 41,500?" Keenac asked all of his buds.

"Um, no how about 41,000?" SunRays replied.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Gyro agreed happily, "OK now let's go and search for some owner."

When they were out in front of a bunch of stores where a lot of people pass by they started asking different owners.

"Hello there sir, would you like to buy a brand new Shadow Paint Brush?" SunRays asked a young owner.

"How much?" the man asked.

"Only for 41,000" SunRays replied shyly.

"Sorry, I ain't got that kind of money," the man said rushing off.

"Hi there ma'am would you like a shadow paint brush to paint your nice Shoyru over there?" Earthy asked a nice lady.

"Yes but well how much?" she asked.

"Well, it's only 41,000," Earthy said nervously.

"That seems reasonable. Okay I'll take it," the lady said, handing Earthy the NP.

"Thank you and here is your paint brush," she said, handing the lady the grey and black paintbrush.

"All right now to the Rainbow pool," SunRays said as they walked out the last store they wanted to go in.

"Now we have plenty of supplies," Keenac said with a mouthful of purple Doughnut. When they made it to the colourful pool of water, they found the star statue.

"Okay what does it say to do next on the map?" Earthy asked the white Lupe.

"When we get to the map we must touch the middle of the star and say 'I wish upon a star'. Man that's weird," Gyro said, walking up to the star.

"Okay press the middle, hey look the middle must be a button because I pressed on it and it moved in."

"Password Please!" they heard a voice say coming from inside the star.

"Um, I wish upon a star," Earthy said excitedly.

"Access Granted!" they heard the star say, the suddenly the star statue started moving backwards and were the star use to stand was a tunnel.

"Oh my!" Earthy said so excited.

"Well here goes nothing," Gyro said, climbing down the tunnel's ladder.

"This is creepy," Keenac said, shivering. "I hope no on sees us doing this."

"Nope I made sure," SunRays said, climbing down next.

When they were all down safely the star started to move over the tunnel. "Well, let's get some flash lights out it is pitch black down here," Gyro said, searching through his pack.

"What does the map say?" Earthy asked while holding a flash up.

"It says to go down and out to green lion and you will asked, 'How can a lion be green?'

"A LION!!" Keenac yelled, "Why in the world would a lion be in a dark damp tunnel?" They all shrugged their shoulders.

"Maybe the tunnel leads to somewhere," Earthy suggested.

"Maybe, okay, so down and out. You just might be right Earthy. Is there another tunnel that leads down?" Gyro said while looking at the map pieces.

"Let's look for one," SunRays said, taking his flash light out.

They searched and searched but they did not find a thing, "Hey guys maybe if we go straight ahead that tunnel might just be slanted and be sort of pointing down," Keenac said, taking a seat on a near by rock.

"Yeah, so let's go!" SunRays said.

When they were walking for about an hour till they came to a pit stop. "Okay, I so need to rest," Earthy said, plopping down on the ground.

"What look up ahead I see some light, come on you guys I think that the end of the tunnel," Keenac said, running up ahead. The all got up from their places and started to run after their friend Keenac.

When they made it to the end they were all shocked at what they saw.

They were standing right in front of an opening to a secret place that they have never seen before. It was like a beautiful garden but a garden the size of Krawk Island. "Oh my Gosh!" Earthy said loudly under her breathe.

"We should start looking for that lion. Man, this place is incredible," Gyro said, walking and staring at everything.

When they were walking in a field of Mordongos they found a green lion, lying on the ground lazily. SunRays walked up to the green lion cautiously. "How can a lion be green?" SunRays asked the lion.

"How can a Shoyru be red? I am what I am," the lion replied and handed them a large piece of the map.

"But hey I thought there was four pieces?" Gyro said, looking at the last piece.

"They thought it would be too normal to have four so they did three," the lion said with that he left.

"What does the map say?" Earthy said, bending down to smell a flower.

"It says you will find a Golden Road."

"Okay, let's look for a Golden Road," SunRays said, walking around.

"Hey, hey I think I found the road. Look over there," Earthy said, pointing to a yellow line far away.

"It is the rode," Keenac said after they just walked for about a half an hour.

"Let's start to follow it," Earthy said, walking on the gold strip.

It was nightfall when they had walked about a two miles. "When is it going to end?" SunRays asked, rolling out his sleeping bag.

"We should sleep early so we can get a head start on tomorrow," Gyro said, sliding into his sleeping bag.

There was a loud howl, out in the wilderness.

"What was that?" Keenac said, hiding under his sleeping bag.

"I am not sure. It sounds like the thing is hurt. I am going to go check it out who's with me?" Earthy said, jumping out from under her sleeping bag.

"We will all go. Let's bring SunRays' sword, and a first aid kit just in case," Gyro said, packing up his bag.

"All right you guys have fun, I'll just wait here and, um, watch the tent," Keenac said, poking at the campfire.

As they were walking in the nearby woods the sound started getting louder, so they new they were getting closer or it was getting closer to them.

"I think I see something," SunRays said, walking faster. "Oh my gosh guys get over here now."

"What is it, SunRays?" Earthy called to her friend.

"Bring the flashlight over," SunRays yelled.

"Okay, wow is it okay?" Gyro asked finally seeing what SunRays was yelling about.

What they had found was a badly hurt male Gelert.

"Okay, Gyro you grab his arms and I will grab his legs. Let's take him to camp." SunRays ordered.

When they made it back to their camp, Keenac gasped, "Oh my, is it still alive?"

"We are not sure but lets clean up the wounds," Earthy said grabbing the first aid kit.

"Okay and I'll go back and check and see if there is anything that could tell us who he is back at the spot where we found him," SunRays said, swooping into the air.

After the Gelert's wounds were all cleaned and rapped up, SunRays came lading with some stuff in his hands.

"I found a school ID. It says his name is MoonDog. Hey is he painted?" SunRays asked.

"Yup, checkered. I found that out when I cleaned the mud off him," Gyro said, pointing to the pup's fur. "I wasn't sure if it was black mud or if he was painted."

"It's weird how could he have mud on him if it hasn't rained?" Earthy said.

When everyone was busy doing something, suddenly MoonDog woke. "Hey where am I?"

"Wow, are you awake?" Earthy asked, leaning over to see if his eyes were open.

"Who are you?" he asked Earthy.

"I am Earthy. You probably wondering where you are and who the rest of these pets are," Earthy said calmly.

"Yes, please," MoonDog said, trying to sit up. "Ouch!" MoonDog grabbed his chest.

"Yeah, you are going to want to be careful, you got beat up pretty bad," SunRays said.

"By the way, how did you get beat up so bad?" Keenac said.

"First tell me who all you people are then I will tell you what happened to me," MoonDog said, sitting up all the way. "Okay, well see I was just walking along this mud swamp, I was walking as fast as I could because I didn't want to run into a Swamp Ghoul," MoonDog started, "And well he came after me, and said 'You have the key!' I don't know what he meant but he came after my necklace. And then I just ran, and he came after me got me just started beaten me up, I think he tried to destroy me but he stopped and ran in fear for some reason."

"Really? Then you just passed out?" SunRays asked.

"I think so," MoonDog said.

"Can I see your necklace?" Earthy asked the Gelert.

"Yeah, sure here you go," MoonDog said, taking it off his neck and handing it to the Girl Gelert.

"Wow, look at this charm... it is the shape of a star and it's black, neat! Hey, maybe this is a key!" Earthy said, studying the black charm.

"Where did you get this?" SunRays asked, taking a look at the black object.

"My first owner gave it to me and said never to take it off. And then she put me up for adoption, and then another person adopted me and put me in the pound again. So I just ran away from the pound and, well, one day I was walking and WHAM! Fell down this hole and came here," MoonDog explained.

"Wow, we just found a tunnel. So how long have you been down here?" Earthy asked.

"For about a week. I think," MoonDog replied.

"Do you want to come with us on an adventure?" Keenac asked politely.

"What do you mean?" MoonDog asked suspiciously.

"If you promise not to laugh we will tell you," Gyro replied.

"I won't laugh," MoonDog said happily.

"We are on a search for the Battle Faeries' hidden Treasure," Earthy replied.

"What are you joking with, Treasure? What do you have a map or something?" MoonDog asked.

"Yes, here let me show you," SunRays said.

SunRays handed the dog the old ripped map.

"Wow, this is cool! Yeah, I will come with you, totally," MoonDog said excitedly.

"Guys, look it says in the book about the Battle Faerie, it shows MoonDog's necklace, and it says that it is the key to opening the room of the Secret treasure! Weird!" Keenac said.

"Wow, how weird is that?" Earthy said, "You know this is weird. You know first we would just happen to stubble upon the Battle Faerie's Defence Necklace, then we get a book about the battle Faerie and it would just happen to have the map to the treasure in it, then we just happen to find Mr. MoonDog over there and he would have the key to opening the riches. How freaked is this?"

"Yeah, that is weird but we better get some sleep because we should get up early. So we have more time to get to the end of the road," Gyro said, curling up in his sleeping bag.

"Oh, here you can have my sleeping bag; I brought an extra blanket," SunRays said, pulling a large plaid blanket out of his pack.

"Thank you," MoonDog said, curling up SunRays sleeping bag.

It was about sunrise when all the young NeoPets awoke.

"Man, I feel a lot better," MoonDog said, stretching his arms wide.

"Well, let's pack up," Gyro said, folding up his sleeping bag.

After they were done putting everything away and they put the fire all the way out the set off to find the end of the rode.

"So do you guys all have owners?" MoonDog asked, hopping over a rock.

"Yes, SunRays and Gyro have the same owner, his name is WingTip95, and my owner is EarthsFeather, and Keenac's owner is GoldFighter50000. So not to be rude but what's it like in the pound?" Earthy asked while reading a book and walking at the same time.

"It's not bad but it's not great. Like well we okay food and pretty much we get adopted a couple days after we are abandoned. So it not a place you want to live in but its an OK place to live in, get what I mean?" MoonDog said, walking and kicking pebbles.

"Yeah, I totally understand," Earthy said happily.

"Hey guys look up ahead," SunRays yelled, as they all looked forward, and saw the end of the golden road and the beginning of a large Castle.

"Wow! Look at that!" Earthy said in amazement.

"Yeah, look how large it is, it is so BIG!" Keenac agreed.

They all ran toward the large dark Castle.

"The maps says to go in and find an Eyrie statue," Gyro said, pulling the old papers out of his backpack

"Let's go!" SunRays said, walking toward the large iron doors. As they opened them a harsh cold air rushes at them.

"Oh what a rush!" SunRays said, swooping into the Darkness.

"This place is really creepy and dark lets get our flashlights out," Keenac said, holding his flashlight and clicking it on.

"This place is so DIRTY!" Earthy said, swiping her finger on dusty old furniture.

"ACHOO!" Gyro sneezed.

"I've never seen this lace before it is like it just appeared," MoonDog said, walking slowly down some stairs.

"Hey, um, guys I think I see something up ahead," MoonDog said, running to a large cold door.

"Oh my gosh, is that door made all out of gold?" Earthy said, running up to the door.

"It sure is!" SunRays said, rubbing his hand against the bright yellow gold.

"Wow, so cool!" Keenac said, looking at his reflection in a green Gem.

"Hey, I've found where that key goes!" Gyro said, pointing to an indent in the gold.

"Here," MoonDog said, handing Gyro his black charm.

Gyro put the charm in the indent and turned it slowly. They heard a rumbling and then all of a sudden the doors start to open.

"Oh my rod of supernova, look at that!" Earthy said.

To be continued...

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