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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Continuing Series > The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Two

The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part Two

by purplepokadotz

They didn't even now the time they just set off with out telling any one were they were going. "What does the map say?" asked Keenac.

"Well, it says to start at Terror Mountain. We better bring supplies," Gyro said, pulling out all of his Neopoints left.

"I have 100," Earthy said, pulling her money out.

"I have 500!" SunRays said, sounding surprised.

"I only have 89. I knew I shouldn't have bought that chocolate bar!" Keenac said angry at himself.

"That's okay because if we put all of our money together we get 809 Neopoints including mine," Gyro said, taking all of his friends' money and putting it into his backpack.

Off they went to go get some scarves and food. When they had all of their supplies they set off to Terror Mountain. Of course it took a while but when they finally made it they were tired. "Whew that was a super long walk!" SunRays said, taking a rest in the snow.

"What does the map say to do next when we get to Terror Mountain?" Keenac asked.

"It says to go to the Snowager and ask him how many times can an Aisha meow before it laughs," Gyro said.

"Are you sure that is right?" Keenac asked. "Because the Snowager is mean and nasty. He could tear us to shreds. And what the heck does it mean by Aishas meowing they don't meow."

"How am I supposed to know?" Gyro said getting really fed up with the wimp.

"All right, well, maybe if we just go and ask nicely he might tell us what to do next," Earthy said in a calming voice.

"To the Snowager!" SunRays said, pointing up the very tall mountain. They walked the cold voyage, to the even colder ice caves.

When they came to the entrance of the Snowager's Cave they all took a deep breath. "Well here goes nothing," Gyro said taking a large step in.

When they made it to the shadows inside the large cave, a large object slithered to them. "Robbers are not welcome here!" said the large object.

"But we are not robbers... we seek the Snowager," Earthy said bravely.

"Well you got him," the Snowager said rudely.

"Um, we have a question for you. How many times can an Aisha meow before it laughs?" Keenac said, forgetting that he was scared.

The Snowager looked shocked, confused, happy, and excited all at the same time.

"Ah, but before I give you the information that you seek, you must get me a branch from the Brain Tree," the Snowager said in a deep voice.

"What? How can we do that?" SunRays asked.

"You figure it out. Now let me get back to my slumber," the Snowager said coldly.

"The Brain Tree is all the way in the Haunted Woods, so we better get going. Before it gets dark," Gyro said, walking out of the large cave.

"All right to the Brain Tree!" Keenac said finally sounding excited

"Yay!" SunRays said.

Through their journey they had to go through some deep dark woods.

"Are you sure this is the right way, Gyro?" Earthy asked, pushing a bush out of her way.

"Yes, I am sure I brought the treasure map and a map of All Neopia. So stop whining," Gyro said angrily.

"Negg for brains," Earthy said under her breath.

Suddenly a Pant Devil grabbed Keenac around his shoulders! "Give me all you Neopoints!" it yelled at the gang of young NeoPets. "Or the pet gets it!"

"But we don't have any," SunRays said, pulling out a large fiery sword.

"Where did you get that?" asked Gyro surprised and scared at the same time.

"Found it," SunRays said, getting ready to attack.

"You don't even know how to use that, young pet!" the Pant Devil laughed.

"Oh, I don't, huh? Do you really want to take the risk?" SunRays said very bravely.

The Pant Devil let the Eyrie go and said, "You may have one this battle but I will be back with more."

"Whew that was a close one, guys," Keenac said, trying to calm himself down.

"Yeah, well thank goodness for SunRays and his Sword," Earthy said.

"Well, we better keep moving," Gyro said, walking on ahead.

They didn't have to walk much longer, because when they walked a little further they saw the Spooky Marketplace.

"We finally made it!" Earthy said happily.

"We cannot waste any time we must find the brain tree!" Gyro said, picking up his pace. "Then we have to find shelter."

"Okay, let's get going!" Keenac said, walking a little sluggish.

When they made it to the large tree, it spoke to them "Who comes to me?" it asked in a bold bellow.

"We have come to ask if we may take a branch from you," Earthy said boldly.

"Very well but first you must tell me when this NeoPet died," the brain tree said, handing Earthy a piece of old paper.

"Very well," SunRays said.

As they were walking a way they made it to a nice clean spot and put up their tent.

"How are we suppose to figure out where and when this Bob Mirea died?" Keenac asked his friends.

"Tomorrow we will go to the Esophagor. He will tell us if we do something for him," Gyro said. "Okay, let's get some sleep so we can wake up early tomorrow."


The next Day was dark and cloudy but that is how it always is in the Spooky Forest. "Rise and shine you sleepy heads!" Gyro said, ripping the covers off them.

"Just five more minutes Mommy" SunRays mumbled in his sleep. "I am not your MOM!" Gyro said pushing SunRays over. "What morning already?" Keenac said sleepily but awake. "Yea you, guys. Now get up!" Earthy said from outside the tent. "Fine fine we are awake!" SunRays said rubbing his eyes.

When they were done eating their breakfast bars, they hurried and packed up all their stuff and ran to the Esophagor. "What do you want young pets?" the Esophagor bellowed.

"We must know when this pet died," SunRays said, handing the large blob the paper.

"Very well but first you must get me a lock of hair from the witch, in the Witch's Tower!" the blob said, pointing to a house in the distance.

"Now why does he want hair from a witch?" Keenac asked his buddies.

"Maybe he wants the hair to make a wig so then he can have hair," Gyro said sarcastically.

"Stop being a Gyro!" Earthy said to the large Lupe. Then they all stopped dead in their tracks they made it to the Witch's Tower.

"Who goes there?" they heard a voice cackle from up the dark creepy stairs, when they walked into the Tower.

They quietly and cautiously walked up the high spiral staircase, "Who goes there?" they heard the voice cackle louder.

When they finally made it to the top of the staircase, they came to a large wooden door.

"Should we open it?" Keenac whispered to his NeoPet friends.

"Let's go," Earthy said, pushing the large door open. T

hey saw a dark figure in the shadows of the dark room. "Who are you young pets?" they figure came closer.

"We-we-um... are... um-I-I-am Keenac, this-this is Earthy, and and... um this is G-Gyro an-and SunR-R-Rays," Keenac stuttered.

The figure came into the light, it was the witch, and cried, "You are the chosen ones Get out!!"

The witch came after Earthy, SunRays pulled out his sword. Earthy ran away from the crazed witch and grabbed a broomstick. Gyro jumped aside and when to Earthy side.

"Bring it on, Lady," SunRays said.

"I must stop you!" she screamed as she went after the young pets.

SunRays jumped into the air to attack, but he went right by her. "Shoot, he missed," Gyro said.

"Did he?" Earthy said, pointing to what SunRays was holding in his hands.

"Okay, guys let's get out of here. I got some of her hair, now let's get going!" SunRays said, running to the large wooden door.

"SunRays wait up!" Keenac yelled.

"No I must stop you!" the witch screamed again.

The pets ran down the spiral staircase, the witch wasn't far behind them.

"Get back here you beasts!" the witch yelled.

"Hey, I am not a beast I am a lady." Earthy yelled behind her back.

"I don't think she really cares Earthy," Keenac huffed.

"Get back here!" the witch cackled.

"Yeah right, lady!" SunRays said.

When they finally made it outside, they stopped they didn't hear the witch coming after them anymore. They turned around, the witch wasn't there, and it was almost like she disappeared.

"Creepy!" Keenac said under his breath.

"Well, now that, that's over we can go to the Esophagor. SunRays do you still have the hair?" Gyro asked, huffing and puffing.

"This is really starting to creep me out," Earthy said to her close friends.


"Did you get what I asked for?" the Esophagor bellowed.

"Yes, we did now may we have the info?" Earthy said, nodding for SunRays to give the hair to the mud puddle.

"Very well, he died five years ago in the Soup Kitchen," he said, taking the hair.

"Okay, thank you. Um, not to be rude but what do you need the hair for?" SunRays asked.

"Nosy pets, now get going!" he yelled.

"Fine, grouchy!" Keenac said, walking toward the Brain Tree.

"Have you got what I asked for?" the Brain Tree barked.

"Yes, Bob Mirea died five years ago in the Soup Kitchen," Gyro barked back.

"It seems you are telling the truth. Here you are a branch from myself," he said, handing the branch from the Brain Tree to Earthy.

"Thank you," SunRays said.

"We are very grateful," Keenac said gladly.

"I hope you are successful in your Quest," the large tree said.

"So now we go to the Snowager and he will give us the other piece of the map," Earthy said, studying the branch.

"Yup, that all. But we don't know where we are going to have to go next. This is so unpredictable," Gyro said.

"Well, um, how many other map pieces are there?" Keenac asked, looking up at the clear blue sky. "It doesn't say, but probably only like three more, so that would be four map pieces all together." Gyro said trying to find a nice chocolate bar in his pack.

When they finally made it to Terror Mountain it was Sunset. "Man after all that attacking I tired!" SunRays said, rolling out his sleeping bag, "We should get up as early as we can."

"If we can wake you up," Gyro said giggling.

"Ha, ha, you are so funny that I forgot to laugh," SunRays said angrily.

"Wake up you lazy bums!" Gyro yelled at the three sleepy pets.

"But I don't know how to tie my omelette!" SunRays said.

"Tie and omelette? Man you have the weirdest dreams, SunRays," Earthy said, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"I told him not to eat before he sleeps, because it makes him talk in his sleep," Keenac said, pushing his friend to wake up.

"Okay, okay, I'm awake. You can stop pushing me now," SunRays said.

"Man, it is super cold in this cave," Earthy said when they had made it to the Snowager's Cave.

"Don't forget scary, the Snowager can rip us into two pieces," Keenac shivered.

"He was nice before, let's hope he is the same way now," Gyro replied to his scared friend.

"Who is here?" they heard a loud low voice rumbles.

"It's us Snowager... we have the Brain Tree Branch," Gyro said.

"Ah, yes... the young pets," the Snowager appeared in the back of the cave. "Have you gotten what I asked for?"

"Yup," Earthy said, handing the large cold snake the branch.

"Here is the other piece of the map," the snake replied, "Now get out!"

"Well, he has nice manners," SunRays said when they were safely out of the cave.

"I guess he doesn't get much sleep," Keenac said laughing.

"Yea, well that's nice but what do we have to do next, Gyro?" Earthy asked.

"It says on the next piece, go to a place where the water shines rainbow, you will find a statue of a Rainbow," Gyro said.

"Oh well, that's easy--the Rainbow Pool," Keenac said happily.

"Okay, so to Neopia Central!" SunRays said, pointing onto the horizon.

By nightfall they had made it to Tyrannia, they would have to wait till the mourning to go to Neopia Central.

"Man this place gets really cold at night. It's all most like Terror Mountain," Earthy said, covering up in her sleeping bag.

"It is really cold, oh and guys we are going to have to buy more food, because we are almost out. Maybe we might have something to sell to some other Neopians and we can make more money and then get more food," SunRays informed his friends.

"Then we will get up super early then and sort though our supplies and figure out what to sell," Gyro said happily.

"It's easy for you for you to say; I am not an early pet," SunRays said very unhappy.

"See you big fat sissies in the morning," Gyro said, falling asleep.

"I am not FAT!!" Earthy yelled.

To be continued...

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