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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Articles > How to Earn and Save NP Without Going Mad!

How to Earn and Save NP Without Going Mad!

by saevapunk

I'm sure many of you are tired of begging store owners to lower their prices, specially for you. I'm lucky enough to be on the other end of that, but I hate to break it to you, not many players will lower their prices so that you can afford to buy things for your NeoPets. So I'm going to try to help you both earn NP and save it as well.

First off, we all love games, right? Otherwise, why are you playing with NeoPets at all?

My personal favourite card game, both on this site and off-line, is Cheat!, even though you must spend 50 NP to enter. Now this game is one of the easiest on the site, in my opinion, as well as being one of the easiest in which to earn NP. You can win over 200 NP easily even without winning - just be alert and pay attention to the cards and call out cheat when you're suspicious. Even if you're wrong, you don't lose NP, you just pick up the cards in the pile. If you're right, you win NP, starting at 8 NP in the first level and going up 4 NP per level afterwards. You also gain hundreds of NP if you win the game. Plus, when you beat level 2 and the following levels, you win objects you can either use yourself in Battledome or sell in your store. In addition, you might even develop (or realise you have) a talent for spotting cheaters, which will always be helpful. So while this game may take longer than others, I find it more enjoyable and more likely to earn you NP than many others. Cheat! also does not have a limit to how much NP you can make or a limit of times you can play and earn NP.

Another of my favourite games is Kiko Match, because of how quickly you can win hundreds of NP in a fairly short amount of time. If you do badly, you don't even need to send your score in; you can just play again. It's an easy game if your memory is decent; you need only match 9 pairs of cards. An added bonus is that this game is FREE! Unfortunately, you can only play to earn NP 3 times a day.

If you have spent a lot of time wandering around the site, a good game for you may be Cliffhanger because all of the phrases in this hangman style game have to do with NeoPets. However, this game is fairly hard, in my opinion, once you move past the Easy level. Although you must pay to play this game, 15 NP is not very much.

If you are logical and good at puzzles, Codebreaker is undoubtedly the game for you. It's a free game where you must guess the colours of 4 different stones. The more quickly you guess correctly, the higher the points you earn. However, in comparison to some others such as Kiko Match and Cheat!, you do not earn much NP for the time you spend.

Neggsweeper is another game that you can easily win if you are patient and logical. While it costs 30 NP, it is well spent if you win. Plus, many of us are familiar with the game as it most likely comes with your computer, where it is called Minesweeper.

If you do not have much money, I suggest skipping the chance games until you can afford to risk paying for something that you are not likely to win. An exception to this is Chia Bingo, which is free. However, I've found I'm MORE likely to win Bingo in reality. A disadvantage to this game is that it's fairly boring. Pyramids and Sakhmet Solitaire (as well as my favourite game, Cheat!) are two more exceptions to this as you are likely to win NP even if you do not win the games. For those of you who like risks and can afford them, I find the Neopian Stock Market to be useful. I recently bought 20 shares of each stock and have sold the ones that went up a few points. As for the ones that have remained the same or dropped, I will keep these until they rise and then sell them. I have made 3000 NPs in two days from this.

I rarely play Adventure games so I am not familiar with them enough to give out advice on these.

If you do not have money to throw away, do not go on quests! Many of the items are costly and unless it is a Faerie quest, you often receive prizes that are not equal to what you've shelled out. Faeries, of course, bless your pets and in most cases, it is worth what you have paid, if you can afford to go on these quests (and are lucky enough to be given one).

I would not recommend creating NeoPets to get yourself some easy NP. Remember that you must feed them and that will cost you much more than 50 NP! Later on, if you have done this, you may find you no longer have enough NP to take care of your NeoPets and must abandon them which would be a tragic moment for your NeoPet and yourself, as well as costing you money.

If you are artistic, consider entering your NeoPets in the Beauty Contest. Should you win, you receive up to 6,000 NP! Were I more artistic, I would be entering all four of my pets weekly. If your talents lie more with writing, there is the Storytelling Competition, in which you can win 2000 NP plus a rare item. Poems and Pictures also earn you 1000 NP and a rare item, if your material is chosen. Signing up with sponsors, unless you do not wish to receive the loads of e-mails, also earns you a ton of NP!

Moving onto ways to save NP, I advise you not to wait until your NeoPets are starving or unhappy from not being played with; you are likely to rush out and buy food and toys for your pets for much higher prices than you would if you buy food and toys for your pets when they are full and delighted. I find the best time to buy to be late at night in North American time zones as the shops are less crowded and therefore take more time to empty out. I also recommend building a stash of foods and toys and then stowing them away in your safety deposit box where they cannot be stolen. I tend to shop at the Food Shop where many items are under 20 NP and can be haggled to even lower prices. Savings cards drop prices even further. Plus, occasionally, there are items that list at 1 or 2 NP that you can get for free!

If you have one hungry pet, heading to the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia's Plateau for a free piece of the omelette! How can you not love free food? You can only get one piece of the omelette a day, so do not head back repeatedly, trying to get more food.

If you absolutely cannot manage to get food and toys in either High Street or the Neopian Bazaar, check carefully in the Shop Wizard, the Auction Place and the Trading Post for the best deals on food and toys. However, these will nearly always cost you more than you would pay to the main stores.

Finally, National Neopian Bank accounts are a good way to save and make NP.

Opening one earns you 30 NP, plus you earn daily interest on the NP you keep in the bank. I rarely have over 100 NP out of my account as random events on the site may cause you to have money stolen! I hope this article will help you to earn and save more NP!

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