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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Articles > Your #1 Travel Guide: The Winter World

Your #1 Travel Guide: The Winter World

by muas

Welcome back to the second edition of the #1 Travel Guide! This time, we'll be taking a look at the Winter World, which encompasses Happy Valley, Terror Mountain, and the Mountain Top. If you're in the mood for snow, this is your place to go!

The Happy Valley is the happy little wonderland you first encounter when you trek into this winter paradise. This is a place where Blumaroos, Lupes, and Chias alike can enjoy fun in the snow and ice - just watch out for mischievous Gelerts, who love to throw snowballs at the passerby!

Feel like a drink after your long journey to get here? Stop by the Slushie Shop, where the kind striped Eyrie offers slushies at rock-bottom prices. Enjoy a cool Chocolate Mint Slush or try a Tangy Tropic Slush if you're in the mood for something exotic. Whatever your tastes, you'll find it here!

After you've enjoyed your slushie, you can check out the Gift Tags, where you can collect tags to add to your holiday gifts. Choose from many cool designs!

After that, you can whiz on over to the Merry Costume Competition, and enjoy looking at fine holiday-themed art from a contest a few years ago. Check out the awesome art, from Catzachrid's winning "Quan" to Mandy_clark's "Silfea".

After seeing all the cute pets all dressed up, you might feel like doing the same for your pet. Head over to the Merry Outfit Shop, where you can dress up your pet in an array of dazzling holiday styles, from candy cane stripes to Santa suits. All you need is a Christmas Paint Brush and one of the pets featured there!

If you're feeling nostalgic, head to the Advent Calendar, a popular addition to Neopia during the holiday season. Way back when, you could go to the Advent Calendar once every day in December and get items and Neopoints. Unfortunately, since it's not December, it's not operational just yet. Be patient!

In the mood for a little excitement after all that art and reminiscing? Head to the Snow Wars igloo, where you can play a fun, fast-paced game of Snow Wars, battling a snow army in ten levels. Can you beat them all?

Not tired, even after that excitement? Then head for Grundo's Snow Throw, where you can be a Grundo and fight the snow beasts.

Now you must be tired, right? Well, if you're not too exhausted, climb up to the top of the mountain for even more fun!

Check out the yellow Lenny's Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, where you can sample a wide array of winter delicacies, from Snow Pizza to Snow Sandwiches to the famous Crystal One Soda, which claims to be better tasting than diet, with half the calories; great for Neopets on a diet.

Next you can stop by Mika and Carassa's Igloo. Mika and Carassa are moving out of the Terror Mountain for someplace more warm. They're having a moving sale, and you can probably catch some bargains during your visit.

What's that you hear? Is it the beautiful Snow Faerie beckoning to you to do a quest for her? If it is, consider yourself lucky to be chosen! She will ask you to collect some items so she can complete a spell. Just find the items, bring them back to her, and she will reward you. But if you don't, she may get cross!

Oh, no, what's that? A poor little Tuskaninny, dangling off the cliff! If you rescue him, you can play a fun little game called Cliffhanger, where you must use your Neopian vocabulary to solve a puzzle before the Tuskaninny falls.

If you go farther on this cliff, you'll find the intrepid Poogle Racers, a team of highly adept Poogles who constantly race tracks no other racer would dare. Read the heartwarming story of Moogi, a Poogle who just wants to be a Racer, and read of the other groups challenging the Poogle Racers.

Shimmy down off the cliff to the Whack-A-Beast game, and vent your frustrations whacking these creepy little creatures while earning Neopoints, too!

After that, you can head for the Alpine Challenge, a challenging game where you become a Usul, skiing down the hill. Are your reflexes good enough to win?

If you're feeling especially brave, we have something to test your skills- the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery, an old game where you can try to solve a murder mystery. It's been solved now, but it's still very fun to explore the lodge.

Now you can head back down to the Happy Valley and explore the mysterious Ice Caves, a place of fun and enjoyment with a little bit of fright.

Jump over the crack in the ice (which leads to a world we will explore soon) to the fascinating Neggery, where you can trade in your Neggs to get cool new ones that can do lots of things. Each Negg has its own value, and when you trade it in, you get a certain amount of Negg tokens. When you have enough, you can go to the shop, where you can buy lots of cool, fun Neggery Neggs. They range from the cheap Happiness Negg, which will increase your pet's happiness, to the expensive Sneggs, Spiked Neggs, Super Neggs and Cool Neggs. Which one will you choose?

After checking that out, you can head to the Arena of Ice, Winter World's very own Battledome. Battle other pets or take on the faeries in this frigid battling center.

Take a deep breath and jump over that huge crack to the other sections of the Ice Caves. What have we here?

Wow! A cool Ice Crystals shop, manned by a cute little Shoyru. Buy some cool crystals, tiger eggs, and other stuff to use against your opponents in the Battledome. (You might want to take a trek back to the Ice Arena after stocking up!)

Watch out for the fighting Shoyrus and Lupes and dodge their snowballs as you head for the Scratchcard Kiosk, a fun part of the Ice Caves.

In the Scratchcard Kiosk, you can buy a scratchcard for 500 NP. You might get the common Race to Riches or the rare Icestravaganza! Then you can either sell your card or scratch it. Scratch six times; if you get three of a kind, you win! Just make sure to drop by when the Wocky who runs it isn't out for lunch or taking a break.

Feeling in the mood for a little danger and excitement? Check out the Snowager's cave, where a huge ice monster, the Snowager, guards his treasures. If you manage to get in while he's dozing, you can grab one of his Neggs, weapons, or other cool stuff. Just watch out if you happen in while he's awake!

The Ice Caves Game is a fitting end to your icy adventure. Guide the Lupe through the caves, watching out for obstacles along the way. Have fun!

Whew, are you tired yet? Yeah? Then head down back through Happy Valley, get back home, and get some sleep, because one week from now we'll be back with yet another world to explore!

Next Week: Tyrannia

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