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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Articles > Politeness at the Trading Post

Politeness at the Trading Post

by _cherryblossom_40

TRADING POST - Just recently, I was poking around the Trading Post for a Water Faerie back pack to complete my Neoschool collection for my blue Acara. I typed in the name of the item, clicked search, sat back and waited for the screen to load. I waited… and finally it came up. I scanned the lists quickly.

Most of them were being reserved for Neofriends and acquaintances, and my hopes weakened. Suddenly I spotted the back pack, only it was paired with the water Faerie Pen and the Water Faerie eraser, which I knew had only recently been retired, and so altogether would cost quite a bit.

Daring to waste some time and get the pack, I shot a quick Neomail at the owner, who will remain nameless, and it went something like this: put the pack in a separate trade & I'll grab it.

With my breath held, I patiently waited. Then… viola! I had a reply Neomail! I clicked on the blue "You have Neomail" sign and the owner had said: okay NOT.

I was disturbed by this message. Didn't this user know that I was offering an 1800 for it?! Angrily, I went to the wizard and bought one there, saving myself 500 Neopoints. At least I wouldn't have to put up with rude users that way, when all I had been hoping for was a polite trade.

It was only after I had logged off the Internet that I realized my mistakes. Not only had I not told the owner of the Water Faerie Back pack exactly what I wanted, but I had also not set up an appropriate trade and had probably convinced her that I was a dangerous stealer. Thoroughly regretting my rash behaviour, I sent a sorry Neomail back explaining everything. I learnt a lesson from this situation I put myself in, and by me writing this article, you can too.

Here I'll list not only my mistakes, but many others and how to improve what you have been doing in the past, and how you can definitely win that golden opportunity.

Mistake One: When I had said, "grab the pack", the user had most likely assumed that I wanted to take or steal it, not trade it. I must admit, I have done this a few times in the past but the other person has always understood.

What I should have said was something like, "put it in a separate trade and I'll trade with you" or, even better, "put it in a separate trade and I'll give you a Pirate Notebook and a Bendy Pencil" or I could have simply used correct grammar, which I'll also put below.

Tell your trader that you wish to trade, not take, and make yourself clear. Nothing, in my opinion, is worse than a trader who won't tell you exactly what he wants.

Mistake Two: It important to use capitals, full stops and other grammar symbols when they're needed. They weren't invented for nothing, you know! Using correct English shows that you are organised anywhere and that you pay attention to the little details of things.

For example, the other day I was on the Trading/Auctions board and I was poking about for a baby paintbrush, using the title as: NEone got a pb coz the wiz wont let me search I'll pay the $ now I looked around some other boards, then came back to mine, with two responses. One was something like: chocolate is yummy. The second was: Judging by your grammar… you can't afford it.

See what I mean? Good grammar will work, trust me. It sure could've worked this time!

Mistake Three: When someone is Neomailing you to trade the most likely thing that you do is check out their own trades so you can see what they will give you. At the time of my failure, the only thing I had in my trades was a Yellow Sprinkle Donut given to me by someone as a congratulations present because one of my stories got in the Times.

Now, really, who would trade a Water Faerie Back Pack, worth about 1500 NP, for a Yellow Sprinkle Donut, worth about 300 NP? A fool, that's who. No wonder the owner backed out so suddenly!

Mistake Four: This is one of the most common mistakes, yet I'm proud to say I have never done it and have warned people who have. It's when somebody gets a rare/expensive/hard-worked-for item, and the put it in the trades, the wishlist wanting a really cheap item that's everywhere, or something that's not worth half the whole item trades. I don't really know how to explain this, but to be kind on the Trading Post you can use this example to help you.

So, I was clicking the "Newest 20" button over and over, searching for a Air Faerie Pen (yes, I do like the Faerie school range) when I spotted a trade. Inside was a Carrotblade, three Apple Jelly Apples and a Har Codestone. Amazed that the owner could afford the Carrotblade, I switched my focus to what riches he wanted for the trade, and what did he?

He wanted a Bottled Dark Faerie.

At the time, I just happened to have two Dark Faeries hidden away in my Safety Deposit Box. Did I cheat this poor fellow of millions of Neopoints? No I didn't! I sent him a fast Neomail kindly explaining the problem, and he was only too happy to withdraw his trade.

You might have called this stupid of me, that I let a golden trade slip through my careless fingers but no, I call to being nice. And I did get something out of it -- he sent me the Har Codestone as thanks. See? Being nice to others does pay off.

Also, with Neopets new "being nice detector" software, you'd want to be! Playing Defender's three times that day isn't too shabby, you know.

So there you have it. There are probably thousands of ways to be polite at the Trading Post, even though I've only listed three. :) So now that you know how to be nice, go out and get 'em! And remember to be nice everywhere too, not just in the Trading Post.

This is _cherryblossom_40, Trading Post expert wannabe signing off.

Authors Note: I hope you liked it, and in the future it will help you! Thanks to all the users that I mentioned in my article, you've changed the way I trade. Any comments or complaints will be happily read and replied to.

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