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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Articles > Is There Enough Roxy In Your Diet?

Is There Enough Roxy In Your Diet?

by roxycaligirl101

MESSY DESK - I am grateful for the return of the Island Mystic and all the confusion on Mystery Island to end. I had vacation plans that were going to get totally wrecked by the volcano, but I'm glad that everything sorted itself out and that Mystery Island is safe and sound along with the Beachside Resort and Spa. I hope you enjoyed the article by my brother Kudio about trick-or-treating, he is an expert in that field. You might hear more from him later on, but for now you can just hear from me. It's time for another dose of Roxy, I just hope there is enough Roxy in your diet! If not, here is your chance to get an adequate amount.

Dear Roxy: I want to take over Neopia, but I don't know where to start. Could you please help me? -Don't Tell My Owner I Wrote This

Dear Don't Tell My Owner I Wrote This: World domination isn't my strongest topic to give advice in. I would tell you to write to Dr. Frank Sloth but it isn't exactly his area of expertise either. After all, he's failed every time. The best advice I can give you is not to do what Sloth did! -Roxy

Dear Roxy: I know this freaky guy with a cone-shaped green head and an obsession with world domination who's trying to imitate you. Should I buy the green Mynci plushie or the yellow one? -Confused Girl

Dear Confused Girl: Buy the yellow because green is so yesterday! After all, would you want to match the color of scum? If anyone told you to the buy the green one, they have serious problems. I'd bet my entire wardrobe Slothy told you to buy the green one, it just proves how seriously messed he is! Yellow all the way! -Roxy

Dear Roxy: Can you give me a story starter for The Neopian Times? Please I have really bad writer's block and I can't think of any ideas. I really want to get into The Neopian Times but I just cant get my stories started. Can you please give me a long story starter? -Wants A Jump Start

Dear Roxy: Why won't the Neopets Team come out with any ketchup? They should not only come out with some ketchup as a food item, but there should be a whole world to honor ketchup. -Your Local Ketchup Nut

Dear Wants A Jump Start: I cannot tell you what to write about only you as the writer can do that. You need to find your own ideas. I suggest looking around everywhere you look it's just bursting with ideas. I've heard several authors talk about looking at the Neopedia and Trading Cards for ideas. Writer's block is terrible but you and your muse are the only ones who can cure it, not me. I wish I could you more but I can't. -Roxy

Dear Your Local Ketchup Nut: Who says there isn't a world of ketchup out there? You might be the first to go and discover it. I am not sure why there isn't any ketchup in Neopia. It could really add a little something extra to my hamburgers and hot dogs; they are bit bland now. -Roxy P.S. Nice alias!

Dear Roxy: I went to shop in Faerieland and I met the Faerie Queen! The thing is she had really ugly brown teeth. Now I'm really scared of her. What should I do? -The Faerie Queen Is Ugly

Dear The Faerie Queen Is Ugly: You mustn't have met the real Faerie Queen because she is quite beautiful and such a sweetheart. Fyora is one of the nicest rulers in all on Neopia. Did by any chance met her around Halloween? I heard Sloth was dressed up as Fyora for Halloween, maybe you met him instead. I mean the description does fit a bit. -Roxy

Dear Roxy: Should I build a NeoHome for my pets? They seem pretty happy living in the streets. -Homeless In Neopia

Dear Homeless In Neopia: Living on the streets is quite dangerous and I wouldn't recommend it. If you care for your pets you won't let them live on the cold, city streets. If your pets really want to live in the outdoors instead of a NeoHome I suggest finding a nice field, woods, or lake to live at instead of the city streets. You can set up a campsite they could live it. It would still be outdoorsy but a sense of shelter, too. -Roxy

Dear Roxy: I'm a Striped Kacheek, a male Striped Kacheek. Yet the whole pink and blue striped look is not so cute on a guy. (But good on you!) My owner can't afford another paintbrush. My friend, a male Faerie Gelert, has the same problem! Everyone always says 'Hello ladies.' Please help us Roxy! How can we change our looks to a more guy type look? -Not A Gal Pal

Dear Not A Gal Pal: First of all, thanks I do think my coat suits me quite well. Now business, you and your friend sound more of man than anyone else not many boys would dare to pull off the Faerie or Striped look. Who says boys can't be Stripes of Faerie in the first place? I'm sorry that you are being mistaken as girls but it's not such a bad thing. It can be annoying but at least you are being noticed. If you really want to change your looks you can always wears hats and jackets to make you look more boyish. You shouldn't change your looks just because other people can't see that anyone can be Striped or Faerie. There is no law saying you can't be anyway you want to be. Don't let those misunderstanding get you down, you seem like a nice enough guy and I am sure plenty of people respect you for being different; I know I do. -Roxy

To submit your question/problem to be answered by Roxy, simply send a Neomail to roxycaligirl101. All messages must be appropriate with proper spelling and grammar. Please put the subject as "Dear Roxy." Inappropriate, tasteless, and repeated messages will be deleted, so please don’t waste your and my time. Please don't send problems that have already been solved by Roxy. Due to an overwhelming amount of messages, not all of them can be answered by Roxy. All messages are subjected to editing and can be published. So don't submit something if you don't want to see it in The Neopian Times.

Thanks again Kudio for taking the pen to write an awesome article about Halloween!

Author’s Note: Roxy is always here for you and will try her best to offer her advice to offer it to everyone that asks of it. Thanks to all who submitted their problems and may the Borovan be with you!

Other articles in which Roxy offered her advice are Dear Roxy (Issue #105), Roxy Writes Her Advice (#107), Another Dear Roxy (#110), Some Roxy Advice (#111), Dear Roxy Forever (#112). You can check them out to see what other complicated problems she solved in the past.

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