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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 92 > Articles > Paint Puddles: A Guide to Petpet Paint Brushes

Paint Puddles: A Guide to Petpet Paint Brushes

by dannygirl164

PETPET PUDDLE- With so many different petpets out there, petpets are the flower garden of Neopia just like bantams are the flower garden of the chicken world. Though chickens don't normally own other chickens as pets. Er, well you know what I mean. With a simple stroke of a petpet paint brush that beautiful little petpet can become even more interesting. You see tons of articles on regular pet paint brushes yet only a few on petpet ones. With the amount of brushes coming out, changes in prices, and more petpets being able to be painted, Petpets paint brushes are quickly becoming more popular and more common. So me and Palmaris broke out our handy dandy notes books, did some investigating and came up with this guide for you.

GREEN, RED, BLUE, and YELLOW- The first brushes we decided to check into was the four regular solid colors that pets come in. With these your once blue Boween can become a red one. Not as exciting as the others but nice all the same. The prices for these vary depending on the color. Green ones can cost anywhere from 30,000 NPs to 40,000 NPs. Red ones come in at 20,000 NPs to 25,000 NPs, blue costing the most of the four at a price tag of 50,000 NPs to 70,000 NPs, and yellow costing the least at 14,000 NPs to 20,000 NPs.

BLACK, WHITE, GREY- If you like a lack of color in your petpets then these are the brushes for you. Make your Wadjet a nice jet black using the black petpet paint brush. Turn that once brown Doglefox into one without any color at all with the white brush. This lack of color also comes with an affordable price tag. Grey is the cheapest of the three costing you only 6,500 NPs - 8,000 NPs. Black costs anything from 14,000 NPs to 20,000 NPs. And last, but not least, white costing the most at 20,000 NPs to 25,000 NPs.

BROWN- Yes, brown, the color of mud. If mud doesn't do it for you then think the color of nice, fresh, warm, just made brownies. Paint your Krawk or Bluna brown and people will soon start wondering if that chocolate looking petpet taste as good as those brownies do. This paint brush seems to have a lot less petpets that are able to be painted this color with there only being a handful of them compared to all the petpets that can be painted with the other brushes. Perhaps in the future we shall see more petpets that can be painted this color. This yummy colored brush also comes with a yummy price tag of 17,000 nps-20,000 NPs.

PINK- Think pink! Or so that seems to be what people are doing when it comes to this paint brush and who can blame them when Slorgs look so cute in pink. Even the tough looking Crokabek looks more approachable when painted pink. Out of all the solid colored brushes, this seems to be the one that keeps slowly raising in price. Once selling in the 20,000 NPs price range this brush now cost anywhere from 55,000 NPs to 90,000 NPs.

PURPLE- The last of the solid colored paint brushes and perhaps one of the nicest. With this brush your petpet can become a handsome purple and some petpets like the Mortog even gain red spots on them when painted. Were as the pink paint brush as raised in price, this brush as dropped. It can be bought for 15,000 NPs to 30,000 NPs.

CHRISTMAS- Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Put your petpet in the holiday sprit with this seasonal paint brush. Painted with this brush petpets turn to shades of red and green or some, like the Harris, even turn a ice blue. Along with Christmas colors those painted also gain seasonal hats, mittens, and other such winter and holiday wear. With a price tag of 2,500 nps-3,000 NPs you'll be ho ho ho-ing with the money you save from buying this brush.

HALLOWEEN- Continuing with the holiday sprit we decide look into the Halloween petpet paint brush. Turn your Puppyblew into a little devil, your Kadoatie into double, double, toil, and trouble witch, and your Huggy into a flying ghoul with this paint brush. Prefect for those petpets that love to dress up or use it to show just what a little devil your petpet is. Don't forget to buy a bucket to go collect candy with when buying this brush. You'll be wondering if it's Trick-or-Treat with a price of 27,000 NPs to 35,000 NPs.

ROBOT- Jump into the future with the robot brush. Even the brush itself looks like it's made of metal. Give your Angelpuss, Buzzer, or Noil a nice metal work look. Turn your Cirrus from fluffy cloud to tin can. The whirling sounds they make when moving might keep your pet up at night but on the plus side they don't have to worry about feeding it. Be sure to keep petpets painted this color out of the rain and to have a supply of oil on hand. If a robot petpet is the thing for you then you'll jump at the price of 25,000 NPs to 30,000 NPs.

MUTANT- A face only a mother could love. Turn that once cute petpet into a rather freaky looking creature. Only with this brush can a Puppyblew turn into a rabid pup that just might come with a case of rabies. Turn that Triffin into something that has more eyes than a Spyder. Petpets painted this colored are not for pets that are easily scared. They're so ugly they're cute. The brush itself is one of the neatness looking and a price tag of 20,000 NPs to 35,000 NPs is pretty neat also.

SPOTTED- Another one that reminds me of food. When researching which petpets could be painted this color I had to restrain Palmaris from eating a Spotted Sludgy. Petpet painted this color remind me of chocolate chip cookie dough and none more so that an Sludgy. Looking like a big blob of cookie dough who could blame Palmaris for wanting to eat it. Costing 20,000 NPs to 30,000 NPs, you'll have enough left over to buy your pet a cookie to keep it from trying to eat it's newly painted petpet to see if it taste as good as it looks.

TYRANNIAN- Send your petpet back in time with the Tyrannian petpet paint brush. Use this brush and soon your petpet will be saying Uga ugg in no time. Just be sure that the pet you give it to can speak Tyrannian or else things could get messy. Give your Doglefox a hair do that makes you wonder how it can see or your Plathydon a pair of teeth that really need to be filed done. You'll be going Uuuuga Uggggaa with a price of 19,000 NPs or 25,000 NPs.

CLOUD- Does your petpet spend most of it's time with it's head in the clouds? Well then give it a look that puts the clouds on it's head. Give that Miamouse, Uniocto, or Kadoatie a real airy look. A soft blue color with white fluffy clouds this paint brush is a real winner. The price is a real winner to coming in at 30,000 NPs to 50,000 NPs.

FAERIE- With cute little wings, pastel colors, and big sparkly eyes who can resist the Faerie petpet paint brush. Take flight with this brush and you'll be fitting in at Faerieland in no time. Even Ultra Pincerons and Diddlers can be painted Faerie. With faeries and Faerieland being so popular, it's no wonder people love this brush. Priced at 70,000 NPs to 90,000 NPs.

RAINBOW- Is there a pot of gold at the need of this rainbow? Being one of the newer brushes a pot of gold is what you'll need to get one with a price of 120,000 NPs to 140,000 NPs. Can't decide what color to make your petpet? Then make them several colors at once. A petpet painted with this brush will look like they fell into the Rainbow Pool with it's colors of the rainbow, from red to blue. Anubis, Doglefox, Kadoatie, Warf, Noil, Snowbunny, and Angelpuss are among the first to be painted in this color.

PLUSHIE- Give your petpet that loved and worn look of an old style plushie. With button eyes, patches, and different fabrics how can you resist these cute like plushie petpets. Best of all since they have stuffing for stomachs your pet will never have to worry about feeding them. Just be sure to keep a thing of spot remover handy in cause your petpet decides to go splashing through puddles. A costly paint brush at the price of 100,000 NPs to 150,000 NPs.

FIRE- Goodness, Gracious, great balls of fire! That petpet is on fire! Best not get to close least you get burned. If you paint your petpet this color be sure to keep it out of the rain. Fire seems to be a popular color which drives the price up even higher. At 250,000 NPs to 300,000 NPs this paint brush will be sure to burn a hole in your pocket. The Gulper, Drackonack, Snorkle, and Babaa are the first to be painted in this color.

With more and more petpet paint brushes coming out we can only think but to look for more in the near future. From colors like Glowing, Starry, Disco, and Electric Blue to the even fancier brushes. Maybe some day we'll be able to paint our petpets Island, Desert, Pirate, Ghost, and Darigan. Just think of how the crazy the world would be with cute little Baby petpets running around. Turn that petpet's frown into a smile and make him a little less plain with a paint brush. You'll be glad you did.

This is dannygirl164 and Palmaris saying happy painting. Oh look! A Clue! *runs off after it*

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