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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 92 > Articles > Spending Neopoints: For Fun and Not Profit.

Spending Neopoints: For Fun and Not Profit.

by laurensama

THE NATIONAL NEOPIAN BANK - Neopoints. You just have to love them… or hate them.

We all spend hours upon hours a week playing games, managing the stock market, joining guilds for free prizes and selling the prizes right away, conducting trades or just hoping for Jacko the phantom painter to pay you a visit just to add a few more zeros to your bank account. In the end, it's the simple Neopoints, which can make or break your experience on Neopets.

And so we all try those millions upon billions of 'HOW 2 GET RICH IN 1 DAYZ!!!' guides, trying to learn the magical secret of how to earn those millions of Neopoints in a few short days.

But what fun is hoarding saving all those Neopoints if you don't SPEND them? Spending them can be a hard task indeed! What with all the options to use your points on such as weaponry, increasing stats, paintbrushes, NeoHomes…the list goes on and ON!

In all honesty, who cares for those constructive and USEFUL things?! Neopoints should be spent on FAR more important things! So, I have conducted an experiment to see just how far a mere 10,000 Neopoints could take me in the world of Neopia!

Our first stop will be the shop wizard, an easy place to spend points! Now you could buy a decently priced weapon at 10,000 Neopoints, which is powerful yet economical, but that would be useful and a good buy (something which you want to steer away from at all costs). Instead buy dung. Yes, TONS of dung! Not only is it cheap (at 1 point per…erm... pile?), but it's PLENTIFUL! At such an economical cost you can afford to buy ten, twenty, maybe even thousands of pieces of dung to fill your inventory.

And don't worry about it doing something useful like increasing stats or changing your pet's color. Dung just sits there, nice and quiet. You don't have to feet it, don't have to play with it, and you don't have to worry about dung helping you in any way what so ever!

Also, buy some other items such as pieces of wool, old boots, pickled olives, palm fans, or any other Tombola or pick-your-own gift. All of them are economical and are guaranteed to do absolutely nothing! I personally recommend staying away from things like berries, beans, or anything else, which may feed your pet. These things are both reasonably priced and end up becoming useful, making your points 'well spent'…

While searching the shop wizard for things to buy, stay away from paint brushes, weapons, furniture or anything like that. Why, while I was looking on the shop wizard I happened to see a Darigan paint brush on sale 500 Neopoints! This is a prime example of something to STAY AWAY FROM! Such a brush is rare and greatly sought. Buying it may prove, once again to be a 'good deal'.

Also, you can increase your rate of throwing away points by buying at shops which sell items at extremely abnormal prices! Yes, you too can spend over 500 Neopoints on a piece of dung that normally only sells for 1 point. Aren't you lucky?

After spending around 3,000 Neopoints with the aid of the shop wizard (and having an inventory full of dung, boots, wool, olives and some pieces of wire), I headed over to the auction block. This is an interesting way to splurge with your hard earned Neopoints. Not only can you buy unless things, but you can buy them at prices which increase rapidly AND, as a bonus, you get to sit there and WAIT for your item!

I personally bid over 300 Neopoints on a snowball worth only 10 points(if you choose to do this as well, make sure to discard the snowball as soon as you receive it, other wise you may end up equipping it to your pet and doing some good) and managed to having a bidding war with myself, increasing the snowball to over 2,000 points in the end!

So here we are 5,000 points left and over 5,000 points worth of worthless junk bought! Isn't it so much more productive then buying those overrated 'paintbrushes' and 'Faerie dolls'? Of course it is!

Some of the Neopia Central shops sell normally priced items at tremendously high prices. Though it may be hard to tell which item is worth points or not, I recommend waiting till the restock is completely done. Then begin to buy as you wish as everyone else will have picked the shop clean of those good deals.

Personally, I suggest the gift shop for this type of spending of Neopoints. It not only sells worthless items that do absolutely nothing, but the items sold in the shop are almost DOUBLE of what you would pay on the shop wizard! I also recommend trying the battle magic shop. Although these shops contain items, which may be of some value and use in the Battledome, I assure you that this is one of the best places for spending points frivolously! I checked out the store and found an impressive Rugged Zafara Short Sword on sale for 69,300 Neopoints. Though it looks like buying it may prove to be a worthy investment, I looked up the price of the sword on the shop wizard and found out that it was only worth 4,100 points!

Truly a bargain if I ever saw one!

Other weapons which ranged from the prices of 66,000 to 48,000 to even 7,000 were worth no more than 4,000 to around 200 points on the shop wizard! All in all, the battle magic shop is truly a place to go if you want to spend your hard earned points on items which are far too over priced.

After venturing into the store I bought a weapon on sale for 3,000 Neopoints, but was only worth around 400 on the shop wizard! Of course, as soon as possible I discarded my weapon, so that it could not do any good (that is another point at hand. Make sure to discard, as opposed to donating them to the money tree, all your weapons so that no one else may have a chance to do something 'rational' with them!).

So here we are! Nearing the end of our shopping spree and still we have 2,000 points left to waste--I mean spend! Where shall we go?

Games are always a safe place to make money. However because we want to SPEND points we will only play games which cost points to play and, as to not gain any points in the process, we will make sure to loose miserably at these games.

Let's take the game Cheat! for example. Though amazingly easy to win (after all, mostly everyone won their first trophy through Cheat!.) you can in fact loose (yes, it is true, you can loose at this game!). Though it may be difficult to loose at first, just keep trying and soon you will become as skilled as I am at it!

Remember to always click the 'cheat' button and always select four cards when it is your turn (making sure that the four cards you click are never ever of the same number or else you may in fact win). That way, you will be caught cheating (thus picking up the deck and increasing the cards you have to get rid of) as well as call a lot of false cheats (once again, resulting in you having to pick up the deck) guaranteeing your success…or failure I should say. One of the best things in the game that once you loose, you can spend 50 more points to loose again!

Pyramids, Snow Wars, Round Table Poker, and Sakhmet Solitaire are rather easy to loose on your own. They are games which require luck and logic, so if you posses neither (like I do) then these will be perfect games to frivolously throw your points away on.

Though many may argue that it is hard to earn points, it is equally as hard to spend those hard earned points! Remember that there are many ways in Neopia to wastefully spend your points, just refrain from anything that will ever be of any help to you. Ever.

I mean come on, who really wants to spend their Neopoints on things which may be of some USE?

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