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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 41 > Editorial


I have a shop and it is supposed to be in Neopia Central, I can't see it, what happened?
Whenever you create a shop, it appears in the marketplace listings. Regardless of the location you choose, your shop will not appear on any of the shops maps. You can 'see' your shop by clicking on 'SHOPS' and then 'YOUR SHOP'. Other people can search for it in the shop wizard or in the general Marketplace listings. To move your shop higher up the listings, try upgrading it.

How do you change your age group if you will be in a different one shortly?
It will automatically be updated on your birthday.

What was the first Neopet ever drawn?
It was the Grarrl. One morning in early November 1999 the Grarrl was formed, followed closely by the Scorchio.

Will the lab ray ever be fixed so it doesn't take away levels or other statistics?
The lab ray isn't broken, it just has random effects, sometimes it will alter something in a good way, sometimes things won't work out quite so well.

Who is the Neopets artist? I would like to tell him/her that he/she does a really great job!
Lol, its not just one, we have ateam of very talented individuals who all deserve a big pat on the back. Thank Anthony, Keith, Maeve, Todd, Zim, Katie, Alina and David!

What are the names of all the paintbrushes available in Neopia?
There are 34 in total (including the retired paintbrushes), to list them all would take way too long, if you want to see them all try looking for a paintbrush gallery in the shop wizard. (type paint in the search box and you should find a few).

I got Mutox Syrup from the Brain Tree when I completed a quest, what does this do? Is it like a transmogrification potion for Grundos?
Yes, this vile mixture is originally from the Virtupets Space Station. If you give it to a Grundo it will hideously mutate!

Ever since I started playing, I've been collecting Ticklegum (my favourite aquatic food). Someone told me that I could get my account frozen if I did collect them all. Is that true?
No, I think whoever told you that was just trying to scare you into selling them some of your collection.

What are all of the Lost Desert collectable cards?
Tehuti, Lady Osiri, Senator Palpus, Princess Sankara, Senator Barca, Giant Grackle Bug, Alhazad the Trader, Advisor Wessle, King COltzan III and the as yet un-named Desert Aisha that will be featured on the site shortly. Currently it is called Boldheart although this will change very soon.

I would like to open a gallery in my shop, but I can't seem to place the items of the same kind together. For instance, all my Neggs are separated. Is there any way to keep the items together?
We have plans to allow you to do this in the future, but currently your items will only appear in the order you put them into your shop.

Since when has Donna had a Krawk?
Since I tested the Krawk Morphing potion (someone had to make sure it didnt turn your Neopet into a pile of sludge). Poor little Buckley was chosen to be thr first to drink it, although he will be changed back to normal shortly.

Are the Neopian species Flotsam and Jetsam named after a chapter "Flotsam and Jetsam" in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?
No, they are not. We actually didn't think about Lord of the Rings at all. They are just dictionary words that mean the debris/cargo of a shipwreck that becomes washed ashore. They sounded kind of cute for fish-type pet names so we decided to use them.

Can you have two shops?
No, you can only have one shop per account.

Is Adam ever going to make Asparagus Jelly Beans?
Eww Gross... and I thought Brussel Sprout flavoured jelly beans were a sick idea :)


What do Uni Crackers do, and do they only work on Unis? It says its 'full of surprises.' Can surprises be bad?
A cracker is a seasonal party toy that is normally opened around Christmas time. Two people pull each end, it goes 'BANG' and you normally get a bad joke, paper hat and a tacky plastic gift. The crackers on the site work in much the same way. You pull the cracker with your pet and you get a surprise inside. A Uni cracker is just a cracker with a Uni on it. It can be used by any species of Neopet.

I have a 2/3 cloud pizza and a 5/6 cloud pizza. Can I put them together?
No, I am afraid you can't.

Will you ever change the look of Mutant Moehogs? They look fat and stuff?
Aww.. you may think they 'look fat and stuff' but many Neopians love their Mutant Moehogs dearly. We aren't going to change them, they aren't a bad thing, they are just different. If you do not like the Mutant Moehog, do not adopt one!


I went to the Hidden Tower and it said "We are closed currently for stock taking! Please come back later!" What does that mean??
It means Fyora has closed the tower temporarily while she counts how many items have been sold so far, and works out what she should buy more of.

Who's idea was it for the TARTAN Paint brush??????
Can't you guess? Something that warped just HAD to come from Adam's mind!

How many pets can be painted Baby?
Currently nine pets can be painted baby, although more will be added in the future.

Are you ever planning on making a Faerie Meekins? Or are you planning on getting any other colour of Meekins? (My Meekins would like to know- She's been waiting quite patiently in the News Section for updates) ?
Yes, I will make sure some new Meekins get added this week.

Are Kyriis allergic to the Everlasting Apple?
Hmm.. good question, I guess they would be.

Sometimes when I go to peoples information pages, They have backgrounds and descriptions, how do I get that?
You can personalise your user lookup by changing your user preferences. The HTML Guide has a page dedicated to doing this.

Notes regarding last week's Neopian Times
There are a couple of things I just wanted to clear up, as there was some confusion regarding some articles in last week's issue.

  1. There was an article which said that big guilds tend to give away better prizes with their contest than small guilds. Holding any form of contest in your guild, whether big or small, is against the rules on Neopets. Your guild may get completely erased and your account frozen so don't do it!
  2. There was also an article which said that items and NP could be stolen from your Safety Deposit Box and bank account. This is not true.
All articles, short stories, comics, continued stories etc are sent in by other players. Some of what they say may not be true, it is just that one player's opinion.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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