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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 41 > Articles > Planting a Vegetable Garden

Planting a Vegetable Garden

by shidi

Ever since the arrival of NeoGardens, folks all around the Neopian area have been spotted with their gardening gloves and potting soil, hard at work planting beautiful flowers in the yards of their NeoHomes. These lovely and attractive displays of color are gracing many lawns this season, but let us not forget about another purpose your NeoGarden can serve. Imagine how happy your Neopet will be to plant his or her very own vegetable garden!

Why Vegetables?
Vegetables and fruits, for that matter, are some of the most aesthetically pleasing plants in Neopia! Admire the lovely Heart Fruit Tree, for example. Who can resist those plump red heart-shaped fruits? Just be careful that your Neopet does not climb too high in the tree and get quite stuck. It also gives off a wonderfully fragrant smell of chocolate! Yes, chocolate! Favorite of pets everywhere. Perfume Mallows are another great choice. They smell like marshmallows, and are quite hearty if taken care of properly. The Tami Vegetable plant is great in salads, and can be made into a hearty soup.

How to Plant Vegetables
You may want to consider getting a potting bench, so that you do not hurt your back while leaning over to plant those vegetables. A gnome of some kind isn't required whatsoever, but can make an attractive garden statuary, and has been known to scare off scavengers who may want to eat your young vegetable seedlings. Vegetables grow best in a nice, mineral-rich soil, so be sure to provide this for them. Many vegetables, such as Plantmelons, can be planted close together in orderly rows. Best to give olive bushes plenty of room, however, as they tend to spread their roots out and may fight for space with any close neighbors.

Unusual Planting
Consider including some plants that have strange purposes! The ring vine can not only be used as a rather tasty salad garnish—it also makes a wonderful key ring! Dunkydoos are not only yummy fruits, they're also great as ninja throwing stars. They only grow on Mystery Island near the Training School, however—so they may have a high import cost! Swab bushes make handy ear cleaners for your Aisha. The rubber plant is so bendable and stretchy, it can be used as a toy—and for making your own homemade rubber bands. Spine Vines glow in the dark, so use them as a nightlight for your vegetable garden. Song flowers will sing for your vegetables, which will help them grow bigger.

My Pet Won't Eat Her Vegetables!
Young pets often try many excuses to get out of eating those healthy vegetables. Some even go so far as to sneak their greens to a Petpet under the table. But when you garden with your Neopet, you will be teaching her the value of vegetables! No more will she think of them as worthless things you just picked up from the Tombola in cans, or refugees from the Fruit Machine! Pets will learn to love their vegetables when they've watched them grow from little seedlings. They'll ask for vegetables and fruits with every meal, and have a more balanced diet as a result.

Garden Mechanics
Now, you may ask, how do I make my NeoGarden into a vegetable garden, really? First, buy yourself some vegetables, fruits, and other interesting plants that look food-like. There are many varieties of fruit and vegetable plants in Neopia—read the descriptions for some of the garden plants, and you'll soon find a great selection for your vegetable garden. To get you started, try looking for the Tami Vegetable Plant and Plantmelon. These look great when planted in rows!

Build yourself a garden, if you haven't already, outside of your NeoHome. You can find the NeoHome and garden options from the Pet Central area; just click on the picture of the house that says NeoHomes from there. Be sure to give your garden a name after construction is complete. This name can be as simple as "Vegetable Garden," but you can also get creative here. Try giving each of your pets a little plot with their favorite vegetables in it, or adding a descriptive adjective or two.

Click on the plants in your inventory, place them in your NeoGarden, then go to the View Rooms or Gardens screen in the NeoHome area. Click on your garden and you will find all the items you just added on the left hand side of a green plot of land. Locate the white triangle at the bottom of the plot, and click. This will give you the Save option, and options for coloring your garden. Experiment with the tinting until you have some nice brown soil (darkening the green and adding a bit of red will usually do it nicely, though your monitor colors may vary).

Next, take the plants and begin placing them on the plot. Objects will grow larger as you move them further down the plot towards the bottom of the screen, so be sure to place them where they can be a size that they look best at. I prefer putting trees and other objects that are supposed to appear large near the bottom of my plot, and placing vegetables that look best in rows near the top.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to Neomail me.

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