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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 42 > New Series > Doomsday Rider V: The PSY-Borg Invasion: Part One

Doomsday Rider V: The PSY-Borg Invasion: Part One

by yugo149

Because a lot of people Neomailed me about continuing the Doomsday Rider Saga, I have written another series, so I guess the Doomsday Rider Saga will continue...

Things were going fairly normal. There hadn't been one disturbance since Emperor Kaltex was defeated. I was at school, and there was a new kid that was a robot Shoyru, but he had blue where the silver should be. According to the teacher, his name was MTL-Rider. Shadow leaned over to me.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that new MTL kid was some kind of evil soldier," he whispered to me. I shoved Shadow, and nearly knocked him out of his seat.

"Doomsday_Rider! Shadow! Pay attention!" the teacher yelled, glaring back at us.

"Sorry!" we said in unison, and focused our attention to the board.

"Busted..." Boomdogg said, turning to face me.

"Boomdogg, you too!" the teacher yelled. She was getting very angry at us, needless to say.

"Aah! Sorry!" Boomdogg said, wheeling around.

I leaned forward and quietly whispered, "Who's busted now?"

"Oh, back off," he whispered in reply.

The entire time this was happening, MTL-Rider had taken a seat in front of Usul2cuteforU. It took forever, but class finally ended for the day. We only had one more class to go through: Science. Our teacher was a nice guy, and made all kinds of fun stuff to teach us. Boomdogg and I went down the hall toward our lockers.

"Anyway, I'm going to race psychodogg on Terror Mountain after school," Boomdogg said. Psychodogg had become a very skilled snowboarder over time.

"What do ya bet psychodogg beats you by four minutes?" Shadow asked, walking by.

"Remind me to throw my pencil at Shadow when Mr. Shenoei isn't looking," Boomdogg said.

"No problem," I said.

Later, at Terror Mountain...

"Well, Boomdogg, ya ready?" Psychodogg asked, preparing for the race.

"When you are," Boomdogg answered.

"Okay Rider, tell us when to go," Psychodogg said. I lifted my hand.

"Go!" I shouted, after yanking my hand down. Psychodogg was off in a flash, and Boomdogg was right behind him. When they hit the first jump, Boomdogg landed five flips, and Psychodogg landed three backflips, a 180 barrel roll, a 360 spin, and another 180 barrel roll. Boomdogg was just barely in the lead. When they hit the second jump, Boomdogg landed seven backflips, and two barrel rolls, and Psychodogg landed on a rail and started to grind it, switching every so often.

"They're really moving fast," I said, watching them racing. Everyone nodded in agreement. Eventually, the rail Psychodogg was on ended, and he did a barrel roll off of it, which was to the right of Boomdogg, over to the left side of Boomdogg. Now Psychodogg was in the lead. Eventually, when they got to the third jump, Psychdogg landed on another rail, and Boomdogg landed a 1080 spin. Later on Psychodogg's rail, it curved toward the centre of the course, where it ran alongside another rail. Psychodogg did a barrel roll onto the other rail just as the one he was on ended.

They were nearing the end, and they were also nearing the biggest jump in the course. When they hit it, Psychodogg landed six back flips, three barrel rolls, and a 720 spin without moving his body, and Boomdogg landed a 1080 spin while also doing a backflip, and a barrel roll. Finally, they reached the drop at the end of the course, and Psychodogg did a flip off of it, while Boomdogg did a backflip. Boomdogg had just barely reached the end before Psychodogg.

"Boomdogg, you're really fast," Psychodogg said. He was a pretty funny sight. His hair was all messed up from the wind during their race.

Far away...

MTL-Rider was pacing back and forth. He was very nervous.

"What could I do to conquer Neopia?" he asked himself.

"Perhaps you could send HLM-Tuarus to conquer Neopia Central. Conquering that area will seal off a lot of economic power from the rest of Neopia," ZRA-Goliath suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea, ZRA," MTL-Rider answered. He walked over to the control panel in his base, and flipped a small switch that turned on the PSY-Borg known as HLM-Tuarus. He was a large bull, a lot like the Monocerous. "Now, go HLM-Tuarus, and conquer Neopia Central!" MTL-Rider shouted, pointing in Neopia Central's general direction.

A few hours later...

We were all back at my NeoHome, and Yugo was reading the latest Neopian Times while chewing on a popcorn shell. I was watching anything that was good on TV. Suddenly, a news flash came through.

"I'm here live where a rampaging cyborg has wreaked utter havoc on Neopia Central. Behind me you can see the unimaginable destruction this cyborg has caused," the reporter said.

"Yugo, I'll be back in a little while," I said.

"Okay Rider, be careful," Yugo said.

"I will," I replied, running out the door.

Moments later...

When I got to the area, Boomdogg, Anubis, Midnight, and Shadow were already there.

"We've been waiting for you," Boomdogg said.

"Yeah, where were ya?" Shadow asked.

"Let's just take this guy down, fast," I said, unsheathing my Million Degree Sword. Anubis began changing into a copy of Mechanicore. Now we were ready to fight. The cyborg came charging at Anubis, and immediately pinned him to the wall of the building and slowly pushed him into it, draining Anubis' HP. In the background we could see a towering red inferno. Anubis was getting a little groggy, but he managed to shape-shift into Draegon, which took a lot of power. Anubis picked up the cyborg and threw him into the flames. It slid to a stop a few feet from the fire, and then stood up.

"I am HLM-Tuarus, and you won't defeat me so easily," he said, charging at Anubis again. This time Boomdogg rammed HLM-Tuarus in the shoulder before he could reach Anubis. Tuarus slid along the concrete until he collided with a building. Tuarus was slow to get up, but when he did, his eyes were shimmering red. A small compartment opened on his back, and missile launchers slid out of the opening. The launchers started shooting razor-sharp white discs at us. Eventually, a red light opened up on Tuarus' back. Midnight ran around, and ran right into the light, and Tuarus flashed red for a moment.

"You will not defeat me so easily!" Tuarus shouted. Now his missile launchers were firing 12-inch missiles at us, and as before, the red light opened up on HLM-Tuarus' back. This time Shadow leapt over Tuarus, and kicked the light. Tuarus slid for about fifteen feet before he could stop. Again he slowly stood up.

"That does it!" Tuarus shouted. Immediately his missile launchers let out a lightning-type energy. When the energy hit the ground, it would lay out a small yellow energy bomb. Tuarus shot the energy at all of us. The only one the energy missed was Boomdogg. After a while, the red light opened up on Tuarus' back again. Boomdogg stood in front of Anubis so that Tuarus was targeting him, ran behind Tuarus, and shoulder-blocked the red light, sending Tuarus over to Anubis. Tuarus stood up, and didn't know he was almost defeated.

Anubis picked him up and shook him until the red light came on on Tuarus' back again, then pinned him to the ground and waited for Boomdogg to finish him off. When Boomdogg hit the light the last time, Tuarus was flashing red, and was letting out smoke all over his body. Eventually, Tuarus' loss of energy was so incredible that he exploded in a shower of sparks and metal pieces that hit all of us. The battle was over.

Far away...

"Arrgh! Tuarus had them right where he wanted them! How could he have failed?!" MTL-Rider shouted.

"Master, I'm sure it's only because Tuarus was careless," ZRA-Goliath answered.

"I don't care! Tuarus will give those NeoPets the hardest battle they've ever fought! Tuarus, my soldier. It's time for your reawakening," MTL-Rider said.


A shower of sparks began shooting up from the spot Tuarus was when he exploded.

"What's going on?!" Shadow asked. HLM-Tuarus was reviving, only this time he wasn't a cyborg, but he was flesh and bone. His eyes were more fiery red than they were before. He charged at Anubis. Anubis got out of the way just as Tuarus skimmed his leg. Tuarus kept going, and even though he tried to stop, he hit a building and flashed red. Boomdogg and Shadow began ramming HLM-Tuarus into every building they could find. Every time Tuarus hit a building, he flashed red. Shadow was getting tired, and Boomdogg, despite the fact he was tired as well, kept on attacking Tuarus. After Shadow and Boomdogg backed down, Anubis took his turn at fighting Tuarus.

"Okay, let's end this fast" Anubis said, shape-shifting into a copy of Prince Zing-Lau. When Tuarus charged at him, he grabbed Tuarus by the horns and lifted him up, then dropped him on his back. Anubis pinned Tuarus to the ground and shape-shifted his hand into the claw of his Chupacabras form. He slammed the claw straight through Tuarus' chest, then yanked it out. A few seconds later, a red beam came up through the hole in Tuarus' chest, and Tuarus slowly faded out of existence. Anubis snapped out of his combination form back into his regular form after Tuarus faded away.

Back at MTL-Rider's base...

"What is going on here?" MTL-Rider asked. "When a PSY-Borg becomes organic, they become much more powerful. I don't understand what happened."

"I'm sure it's nothing, master," ZRA-Goliath said.

"Well, none the less, I'd better prepare for school tomorrow," MTL-Rider said, walking out of his base.


At school the next day everybody was talking about HLM-Tuarus and the battle in Neopia Central. Nobody knew who sent Tuarus. One NeoPet even said I sent it and that he was the one that really finished off HLM-Tuarus. The NeoPet that said that was Gienko, a very arrogant striped Mynci. He was always trying to show off and be the greatest NeoPet in school.

"Why don't you send your next minion to conquer Neopia, Doomsday_Rider?" Gienko asked.

"Why you little--" I started, but Boomdogg covered my mouth with his paw.

"Listen, Gienko, if you beat HLM-Tuarus, you should be able to take me down," Boomdogg said. That got Gienko to shut up pretty quickly.

Gienko turned and ran out of the hall.

"I can't believe that jerk," I said.

"Neither can I," Boomdogg said.

"What is his problem, anyway?" I asked.

"He's just a regular jerk," Boomdogg answered.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider V, the power of QBG-Aries is unleashed, and the heroes must stop him at all costs. When the heroes think Aries is down for the count, he reveals that he's still in the game. They will encounter the next PSY-Borg soon enough.
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