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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider V: The PSY-Borg Invasion: Part Two

Doomsday Rider V: The PSY-Borg Invasion: Part Two

by yugo149

Previously on Doomsday Rider V, MTL-Rider made his first move by sending HLM-Tuarus to conquer Neopia Central, but the heroes were there to defend Neopia. But now they are going to be faced with an even deadlier foe, QBG-Aries.

School had just been dismissed for the day. We stopped at our lockers and got our things. A few minutes after we got out of the school, we saw a small group of NeoPets running aimlessly. We looked up and saw a cyborg darting through the sky, leaving a shower of sparks wherever he went. It also left a stream of afterimages whenever it moved. It was shaped like the upper body of a ram.

"Get away from us!" a striped Mynci shouted. It was Gienko.

"You think we should help Gienko?" I asked Boomdogg.

"We probably should," he answered.

"Yeah, you're right," I said.

"I am QBG-Aries, and you will never defeat me!" the ram-shaped cyborg shouted.

"You wanna bet?" I shouted to him. QBG-Aries stopped and glared at me. He started to laugh maniacally.

"That's insane! No one can ever defeat me!" Aries shouted.

"I bet I can," I answered.

"If you want to stake your life on it, than very well," Aries said. "But either way, you will not keep me down!" After he finished his sentence, a more powerful stream of sparks shot from his feet and he darted straight at me, leaving the stream of afterimages behind him. I rolled out of the way just as he hit the pavement, shattering it. He shot back into the sky and looked at me with a surprised look on his face.

"You are more challenging than I'd expected. I guess I'll just have to turn it up a notch," he said, donning an arrogant smirk. He began to turn red, then he shot at me again, and I rolled out of the way as before, but this time, Aries didn't get back up right away. I punched Aries in the jaw while he was down, and he flashed red.

"What?!" QBG-Aries shouted. "No one has ever done damage to me without losing all of their energy!" He turned red and charged at me again, but I rolled out of the way and hit him while he was recovering. He was flickering now, showers of sparks shooting out of his face. He charged at me again, but like usual, I rolled out of the way and hit QBG-Aries while he was down. He was flashing red now, which meant he would be easier to defeat. He shot into the air and lingered for a moment.

"C'mon!" I shouted. "Don't tell me your giving up already."

"Whoever said anything about me giving up?" He asked. Sparks began shooting out of his legs in all directions. Again, he donned that arrogant smirk. "Now, prepare to meet your doom!" He darted straight at me. This time he had expanded to the point I couldn't dodge, so I started to run as fast as I could. I was trying my absolute best not to hit anything, but QBG-Aries was plowing through everything in his path. Let me tell you, being chased by QBG-Aries is like being chased by a semi, and the same goes for when you're being chased by Yugo. A few minutes into the chase, we darted by my NeoHome, and luckily, Yugo saw us. He bolted out the door and joined the pursuit just behind Aries.

Aries was catching up fast, and he was shouting out something, but I couldn't figure out what. Yugo was hanging just to the right of Aries now, and was keeping up with him with little effort. A few seconds later, Yugo grabbed Aries' leg, hoisted him up, and then slammed him down into the street. Aries' outer shell shattered, and all the wires and stuff inside him were exposed. Yugo took the time to cut every wire that looked out of place, and took QBG-Aries out of commission.

"What did you do to QBG-Aries?!" A voice shouted from behind us. I spun around, and there was MTL-Rider, staring at me with his cold eyes. "QBG-Aries was my only aerial PSY-Borg!"

"You're the one sending these things?!" I asked in surprise.

"You bet I am. And I'm going to put a stop to this battle here and now," he called out, pointing at me, donning QBG-Aries' arrogant smirk. He charged at me and threw out so many punches at once it was hard to even figure out where his next attack was coming from. He hit me with every one but the first one, and by the time his attack string was over, I had taken a lot of damage. I threw out my own punch combination, but MTL-Rider either blocked or dodged every one of them. About the time my combination was through, I saw a white dot a long way up the street. Boomdogg to the rescue! MTL-Rider had just started another string of punches, when Boomdogg slammed into him.

"That ought to teach you not to mess with us!" Boomdogg said.

"Listen here, you wretched Lupe!" MTL-Rider shouted. "I am the Chaos PSY-Borg: the ultimate creation. My plan would have gone down without a hitch if it weren't for you. Besides, I still have one more trick up my sleeve." He held up his fist, and then began to shout something out. "Time Warp!" he shouted, and all of time began to slow down except for him. Before we'd realised what had happened, MTL-Rider was on top of the building.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a planet to conquer," MTL-Rider said, using the Time Warp again. Before we knew it, MTL-Rider was a long way away from us.

At MTL-Rider's base...

"Those NeoPets have no idea what they're up against!" MTL-Rider shouted, cackling evilly.

"Master, are you sure your power will be enough? You saw what happened to QBG-Aries. That Yugo could be far more powerful than you, your highness," ZRA-Goliath explained.

"Nothing stands in my way, Goliath," MTL-Rider answered, donning an arrogant smirk, then fell into a panic realising that he might be completely wrong. "Wait, on earth, is it the year 2006?"

"I think so," ZRA-Goliath answered.

"NO!" MTL-Rider shouted. "This is NOT good! The Serpent Dragon must be coming! If he comes here, my plans will be ruined! There's nothing I can do about it, either. The Serpent Dragon's power is far past mine. Not even the legendary Hyper Phoenix would stand a chance against the Serpent Dragon. His power is all-consuming. No one can ever defeat him."

"Well, master, perhaps the Serpent Dragon won't come to this planet. But you're right, if he does, no one will stand a chance against him," ZRA-Goliath said.

"Yes well, let's hurry with the invasion. That may be the best way to get this planet before the Serpent Dragon does. Tell you what, let's send out M-VI-Nupperm. His power is far past any Neopian's," MTL-Rider said, considering the option.

"Yes, your highness. I believe that would probably be one of the best moves we can make," ZRA-Goliath answered.

"Very well," MTL-Rider said, donning an arrogant smirk. MTL-Rider flipped on one of the radios in his base. "SF-Omega, send out M-VI-Nupperm."

"Yes, sir!" SF-Omega shouted. He reached behind a PSY-Borg that looked like a cross between a mantis and a mutant Buzz. M-VI-Nupperm's eyes flickered to life, and his gossamer wings began to flap wildly, throwing out electricity in all directions. Slowly, his wings began to calm down, and eventually folded up into his back.

"M-VI-Nupperm, destroyer of entire races at your service," he said.

"M-VI-Nupperm! Destroy all Neopians who dare to stand in my way!" MTL-Rider shouted over the radio.

"Mission accepted," M-VI-Nupperm answered, as he flew out the door.

3:27 p.m. NST: Neopia Central

"This city is amazing," M-VI-Nupperm said, looking around the city in awe. "I'm really going to have fun destroying it." Luckily, Psychodogg happened to be walking by M-VI-Nupperm when he said that.

"Who says you're going to destroy Neopia Central?!" Psychodogg asked.

"Why, I do, of course," Nupperm answered.

"Well, to do it, you're going to have to get through me first," Psychodogg said, preparing for a fight.

"Very well, you'll be my first victim," Nupperm replied, unfolding his enormous wings.

Psychodogg ran forward and grabbed M-VI-Nupperm's claws, then leapt up with Nupperm in his grasp, then spun so that Nupperm would land on his back, and stomped on Nupperm when they hit the concrete ground. Psychodogg leapt off of Nupperm, and landed a few feet away. Nupperm slowly stood up, realising that Psychodogg was far more powerful than he'd expected. Nupperm began to flap his wings and shot up into the sky.

"This isn't over yet!" M-VI-Nupperm shouted, flying off.

"Yeah, right, you wuss. You couldn't even give me a descent fight," Psychodogg whispered to himself. He turned his attention in front of him, and continued walking toward the Bloodsport Arena.

12:00 p.m. NST: Bloodsport Arena

My family and I were walking into the Bloodsport Arena for Bloodsport XIX.

"So, Rider, are you going to enter this tournament?" Yugo asked me.

"You bet I am. I hear there's another Million Degree Sword fighter entering," I answered. Jungalizard, SuperContra, and Final_Boss all went to the spectator area to wait for the tournament to begin. I jumped in line right behind a dark Shoyru that looked a lot like Shadow. His wings were enormous, and he had long spikes coming from his elbows. The black spike coming from the back of his head split into two near the end, and the two halves were spiked straight up. And strangest of all, his tail had four spikes coming out of it. He was hunched over the registration desk, signing up, filling in the information.

"Okay, Cushidra, you're number is number seven," Lexington47 said to the mysterious Shoyru.

"Hey, Lex. How are you?" I asked when I started to fill in the sheet.

"Pretty good. That Cushidra guy that just signed up filled in the info sheet, but he only has one ability, and I've never heard of it before," Lexington answered.

"Oh really? What's it called?" I asked. Lexington started flipping through the stack of papers and finally pulled one out.

"It says here it's called 'Kanena Spear'," Lexington told me.

"That really sounds like a weird attack," I said, still filling in the registration form.

"It also says he has one attack item. It's called the Dark Emerald," Lexington read off the sheet.

"Either Cushidra has one-of-a-kind attacks and items, or he's from another planet," I said, handing Lexington my registration form.

"Well, you're not exactly Mr. Normal yourself, Rider," Lexington said. "A lot of people have heard about your fights against those psycho villains. By the way, you're number three."

"So who am I fighting?" I asked.

"I don't know. Psychodogg has the standings, not me," Lexington said. "But if I had to guess, I think your first match is against Kentan," Lex said, leaning back in his chair.

"Oh, great," I said. I really wasn't in the mood to battle Kentan. I had come to Bloodsport XIX to have some fun, but if I had to battle Kentan in the first round, the tournament probably wouldn't be so good for me.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider V, Bloodsport XIX commences. Plus, MTL-Rider unleashes his next weapon, SF-Omega, to conquer Neopia. And what's this?! The Serpent Dragon's approach to Neopia has begun!
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