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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 42 > New Series > Pride of the Pirates: Part One

Pride of the Pirates: Part One

by xyvandar

The wind blew softly, and the wolf-like creature whistled with its teeth. The world had never seen something like it before. The whole coast was shocked by this wolf, standing erect and speaking with what seemed like a Southern drawl but was, in actuality, a seafaring pirate lingo. And this was no ordinary seed-spitting, hay-eating, motor-mouthed thingamajig, nor was he a normal run-of-the-mill boat captain. This was a Lupe, Garth Von Lupe, sent from the great world of Neopia. No one knew how the bridge between the "real world" and the great world of Neopia was created, but there it was. The Lupe looked up at the West Coast sun, and it shined on his Pirate form.

"Ahh, this is the life! I never knew that a place out of Neopia could be so nice! But I have work to do!" said the Lupe. Quickly, he rushed into a beach front store, and came out with a moustached man. The man was carrying a blanketed bundle.

"Need any paintbrushes?" the man whispered to him, handing the bundle over. "Red, blue, starry. I got all the colours of the rainbow and about ten million more. You may want to, like, paint the bundle."

"I'm all set, thanks," replied Garth, and he turned and walked away. As quickly as he had arrived, he was back in Neopia.

One of the gates between the "real world" and Neopia was interconnected between Mystery Island and California, USA. There was said to be several other gates leading to overseas countries, but the claims were not validated. In fact, even the Mystery Island gate was known only to the great pirate Garth Von Lupe and his crew.

Presently, Garth arrived with the bundle. His pirate vessel, called the Little Skeleton, with the giant skull and crossbones emblazoned on the sails, was waiting for him. He was greeted by his first mate, Xynzar the Nimmo, one of the two "Avengers or Xyvandar", the warrior Neopets belonging to the mysterious myth-writer Xyvandar.

"Ahoy, Cap'n! How ye be?" said Xynzar, bowing to the Lupe.

"I have the baby."

Xynzar gasped. "I'll fetch Sephiroth_Slayer! He has the sacred pirate treasure ready for you!

Garth smiled. "Excellent. This Chia may be the only way to save our group..."

Battle of the Swashbucklers

Garth Von Lupe followed his First Mate Xynzar the Nimmo into the cabin where Sephiroth_Slayer the Shoyru was waiting. Garth set the blanket down and unwrapped it to reveal a bubbling baby Chia. Quickly, Sephiroth_Slayer pulled out the pirate treasure: a Pirate Paintbrush. Garth took the brush and quickly painted the baby Chia. Before long, the Chia was full grown, and a Pirate, too! It quickly jumped onto shore and began to play.

"I'm glad I was able to find one!" said the Shoyru. "Neopets hasn't actually made one yet, I don't think... so it was, um, really hard to get... but you know, us pirates can do weird things in legends."

Garth laughed a hearty pirate belly laugh. "Indeed, chap. Well, swash me buckles! Avast matey! Swab the poop decks! Raise the anchor! Shove off! Jolly good day! Hoist the mast. Err, yeah, where was I?"

"I think you were at the part where you were going to go steer the ship," replied Xynzar.

"Good show! Um, or something like that." Garth proceeded to head to the ship's wheel, and shoved off out of the Mystery Island harbour.

"Where to, crew?" he asked as the ship set sail.

"Well, I think we should return to Krawk I-I-I think that there's trouble coming this way!" said Xynzar, stuttering and pointing. There, straight ahead, was a pirate ship belonging to the Black Krawks, a particularly nasty band of pirates led by Wierdbeard the Spotted Krawk.

"This is not good!" said Garth. "Ready the cannons! Xynzar, you round up the whole crew and tell them to haul their sorry pirate behinds and man a cannon! Sephiroth_Slayer, get to the big cannon and fire! I'll try and evade some shots!" As he spoke, Garth noticed that the Black Krawk's ship was closing in on Garth's ship. Suddenly, he knew what was going on. An invasion of the ship!

"Cap'n!" yelled Xynzar. "They're too close for us to fire!"

"They're gonna board! Send everyone up here!" yelled the Lupe in response.

Quickly, he dropped the anchor and grabbed his trademark Pirate Sword. Xynzar, Sephiroth_Slayer, and the other crew members rushed to the deck as the first of the Black Krawks boarded the ship. The first Krawk used a Krawk Jagged Blade to attack, but Xynzar dodged it and tossed the Krawk overboard. One by one, the Krawks were thrown into the water by Garth, Xynzar, and the rest of the crew.

Eventually, the mighty Spotted Krawk Wierdbeard made his way up onto the deck of the Black Krawk's ship. On his face he wore a Krawk Terror Mask, and he wielded a Krawk Jagged Blade in one hand. He bore on his stout tail some Krawk Tail Armour, and in his free hand he held a Krawk Battle Shield. He was a fierce warrior pirate.

Quickly, Xynzar jumped onto the deck of the Black Krawks' ship. He pulled out a Nimmo Throwing Star and threw it at Wierdbeard, but he deflected it with his shield. Charging at the Nimmo, he swung his blade, but found that Xynzar had jumped onto his head. Xynzar pulled off the Mask of Terror, stuffed an Apple Bomb into it, and put the Mask back on. Wierdbeard, stunned, stumbled around mindlessly. Quickly, the Nimmo leaped back onto the Little Skeleton just as the Apple Bomb exploded, sending Wierdbeard flying across Neopia. It was said that he flew into Terror Mountain and was eaten by the Snowager.

But Garth and his crew had more to worry about, though they did not know it immediately. The other enemy pirate band, the Flaming Shoyru Pirates, commanded a fleet of about thirty ships as well as an awesome main ship, called the Burning Blaze. And the Flaming Shoyru Pirates, with its entire fleet in tow, were converging upon the very spot on which the Little Skeleton floated.

To be continued...

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