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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Continuing Series > Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part Two

Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part Two

by fire_faerie_8080

It was a time consuming job cleaning up the house. It was 1:00 NST by the time we were done pretty much as soon as my head touched the pillow I was out like a light. The next morning I woke up early because it was my turn to run the shop for a while. I watched the only item in the shop at the moment a White Paint Brush. fire_faerie_8080 had happened to win it in a raffle and since she had no desire to paint any of her pets white she decided to sell it. I sighed watching customers window shop. Soon someone came in. The person or pet was cloaked so I couldn't see who or what it was.

"Um hello how may I help you??" I asked the figure just standing there listlessly.

"I need to speak to an Air_Faerie_8080," the figure rasped.

"My sister is away on Mystery Island training. Why--" I began but ended when the figure disappeared back into the large crowd outside.

I closed the shop for the day and went quickly home to tell my mum. She called Air_Faerie_8080 at Mystery Island after reassurance she was safe.

"OK see there isn't anything wrong maybe its just a fan of her heroics with all those stories in The Neopian Times and all," said fire_faerie_8080 pointing to the wall where she had put every newspaper article about us up.

"Well still I am not satisfied I had no clue who it was I shouldn't have told him or her anything about it," I sulked.

"Luna quite worrying Air Faerie can take care of herself she is about 8 levels higher than you," replied fire_faerie_8080 beginning to do some work for the guild.

"But mum!" I cried.

Soon it was getting darker and knew Air Faerie meant not to come home until after dark but I didn't care I decided to go after her. I knew if that figure in black was evil Air Faerie could be in trouble. I told fire_faerie_8080 that I was going to bed but in reality I packed up my back pack and grabbed some weapons. I took with me my Sword of Domar, me Green Frost Cannon, and for backup I grabbed my Striped Hammer. I was ready I even had three Omelettes just in case of trouble. Now one last thing walk or fly flying in the dark is dangerous but would going through the haunted woods at be even more dangerous. I decided to fly but first I had to make a pit stop. I flew down the street finally stopping at a quaint bamboo house. It was small only half built but sweety3602 didn't have her own NeoHome yet but they were living with a friend who was just recently renovating. I quickly snuck into the house there weren't any security systems. I alighted on Amy's bedpost. I put my hand over her mouth and quickly shook her awake. The only reason I put my hand over her mouth was to prevent her screaming.

"Amy, don't ask questions we're going to Mystery Island," I whispered.

"What is wrong?" she asked bewildered.

"I'll explain later but right now we need to go," I whispered.

We quietly snuck out and headed for Mystery Island we didn't know what awaited us or whether we would find Air Faerie but I clung to my hope and flew on in the night.


We arrived at the Training School but no one had seen Air Faerie and she hadn't even signed up for a course.

"What have I done," I wailed.

"Take it easy Luna maybe someone else had seen her," so we asked around. Soon my fears were confirmed Someone had seen a Golden Shoyru being led off by a figure in a cloak. The someone had also said they were walking toward the ocean and then I was stumped. I mean why the ocean she was a great swimmer and the only out there is the Whirlpool. Then realisation hit me.

"Oh no quick we need to go to the Whirlpool!" I cried flying up into the air.

After muttering thanks Amy followed after me.

After going around the whole island and not seeing any trace of her I panicked and fled straight to the Whirlpool. When I got there my heart almost stopped from the fear. There was Air Faerie being dangled, by one foot, over the Whirlpool by the cloaked figure who was riding on a very evil looking Brown Uni. Air Faerie was bound so she couldn't move her arms and she had a gag so she couldn't speak though there was a look of intense hate and determination her face.

"I knew you would come all of you sap suckers are the same," the figure said.

"Leave her alone what do you want!" I cried becoming angry.

"Oh just a little something that will benefit me," he said not directly going to the point.

"What is it that I could possibly have?" I asked remembering the night of the house in shambles it had only been the main room, Air Faerie's room, and my room that had suffered the most damage.

"Oh please don't tell me you don't know," he snickered.

"No I don't," I said indignantly.

"I want the Charm," he said.

"Charm what Charm?" I asked becoming quite puzzled indeed because the only charm I ever owned was the Moon Charm but I had sold that to Kauvara but maybe he didn't know that.

"Oh brother you are quite dumb you know the Lunar Charm," he said becoming cross.

"Oh that Charm. Well you see I... I... wait a minute why didn't you just ask me for instead of going to all of this trouble," I said becoming very suspicious.

"Well you see it benefits my business," he said hesitantly.

"What is you business?" I asked.

"Well as you can see," he said whipping away the cloak, "there is a reason I was wearing this cloak.

I became very scared right then.

"Ba..Ba..Balthazar," Amy managed to choke out behind me.

"You want it to help you capture Faeries!" I suddenly remembered how the Charm had helped me.

"Yes exactly and since your little battle with that Dark Faerie I now know how to finally conquer the Uber Faeries. Muhaha," he sneered at me.

I realised with a sickening lurch in my stomach that if he got a hold of that the Uber Faeries were doomed. Amy realised too I could tell by the stunned look on her face. I knew I needed to take action but what could I do. I remembered my weapons.

"Amy double team it!" I cried throwing her the Frost Cannon.

Amy had worn her Gelert Lightning Speed Boots along so she sped around Balthazar and surprised him behind. I quickly dazed the Uni by using my Stripped Hammer then I cut Air Faerie loose.

"Fly for it!" screamed Air Faerie sending a Fireball straight at Balthazar. Then we flew out of there like the world was coming to an end.


We finally stopped to rest in the Lost Desert.

"We need *pant* to get back to *pant* Neopia Central and *pant* warn Kauvara," Amy managed to say.

I gave her some water then looked to Air Faerie for advice.

"Air what am I going to do I don't fancy having Balthazar after me," I said sitting down in the sand.

"No one ever fancies having me after them," hissed Balthazar as he leaped up from a dune behind us.

I had just taken a drink and I sprayed it everywhere.

"Aaaah!!" screamed Amy.

"Run you two I'll hold him off," cried Air Faerie stepping in front of him.

"Air Faerie no you can't," I shrieked while being dragged away from the scene from Amy.

"Go I.....," she started but was cut off by the sudden attack of Balthazar.

I was dragged away by Amy and soon I was up in the air and then in the Market Place it seemed all so sudden. We made a mad dash for the Magic Shop. As soon as I was in I turned around slammed the door and locked it.

"Whew," I sighed in relief sinking to the ground.

"Kauvara!" I called out.

"Yes who is there," an irritable voice answered.

"Um it's me Luna," I said meekly.

"What do you want?" she asked curtly.

"I want to buy back my Charm," I said emboldened.

Luckily I still had the measly 200 NP she gave me for it.

"I can't allow that," she said stepping out from the back room.

She turned around her eyes were glowing red and she had something sticking out from her neck it seemed to be a computer chip. Then suddenly the door exploded and Balthazar entered the room.

"Like my one of several of these gifts Dr. Sloth made me," he said sneering.

Without my knowing Amy had slipped into the back room and gotten the Charm.

"I did this to Kauvara a while ago but little did I know she had what I needed. It was right under my nose," he laughed going into the back room to get the Charm when it was actually being handed to me.

"Where is it!" he cried angrily stomping back into the main room of the shop.

He turned to look at me I had put on the Charm.

"You sneak and since it can only be removed by the current owner of the Charm or by someone else when he or she dies I guess I am going to have to destroy you," he said as if he enjoyed the thought.

"I know who can do the job too," he said slyly bringing forth my own sister Air Faerie.

To be continued...

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