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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 23 > Continuing Series > The Owners' World: Part Two

The Owners' World: Part Two

by catnip4

The door opened immediately before us. We were facing a long, cascading purple carpet, leading to a highly set, golden throne. Fire faeries dressed in tattered dresses with belts across their wastes holding sharp knives stood beside the throne, standing each with a crimson, blazing stick, topped with an orb. We looked to the right, and one Water Faerie sat on a gray stone in the middle of a great fountain, water sprouting out of the statue of a fish drenched the faerie's hair. She lay with all sorts of bottles decorating the rocks and the water.

Suddenly, before I could find all the other faeries, loud trumpets sounded by a group of faerie Lupes, wearing tall pointed lavender caps. A Light Faerie fluttered over to us, and motioned her hands to go forward. We were confused, but we took a step forward at a time. Catnip tapped me on the back. She was kneeling before the throne, and quickly I did the same. Two Air Faeries entered a great entrance from the ceiling, each holding one hand of the Faerie Queen's. The Faerie Queen was gorgeous. Almost so fragile and delicate that if you touched her, she would break. She was wearing a flowing purple gown with a silver crown topped with the rare gems of Neopia. Light was shooting out of her, and you hard to shield your eyes from the brightness. She was gently put into the sit of her throne. She stood.

"Get up!" she yelled.

Catnip pulled me up, and we both bowed before the queen.

"What have you come for? It's not everyday ordinary Neopians and shone before the queen!"

Catnip tried to answer, but tripped on her own words. "Well...w-w'errr..."

I interrupted. "My owner and I would like to go to her home planet."

The Faerie Queen stared at us. "Ha! Who in their right mind would want to ever leave such a grand place, created by the Faerie Queen herself?!"

My face grew tight, my fists clenched, but I tried to remain calm.

"Well, haven't you ever been homesick?"

The Faerie Queen smirked. "Why should I be? I've never left this place!"

Although the Faerie Queen had shaped Neopia, I wasn't pleased with her attitude.

"Well homesickness isn't the best feeling, I hope you know! So we'd like to leave... if you please!!!"

The Faeries gasped and started to argue, but the Faerie Queen sat.

"I like your boldness, Aisha. What is your name?"

I came forward and bowed again.

"Snowflake, your highness."

"Soooo..." The Faerie Queen began. "You want to go with your owner to this... Earth?"

Catnip finally brought up enough bravery to come forward.

"Queen, we'll--"

"Don't speak for the Aisha!" The Faerie Queen yelled.

I was enraged. I have a certain problem with my mouth when I get mad, and this was definitely NOT the time to have this problem.

"Don't you dare talk to Catnip like that! Have you noticed she's been polite and tried to be helpful in answering questions? Well, you sure haven't! I think you're trying to ignore her!"

I breathed harshly through my nose.

"You know Aisha," The Faerie Queen started to reply. "You're very bold. I like that in a NeoPet."

Hold on a second--was she actually not getting mad at me?

"Thank you."

"Aisha! Did you just hear what I said? That deserves more than a thank you!"

I stared down as I shuffled my feet and played with my hands. Boy, do I wish I had fingers. Then I could twiddle my thumbs!

I looked up as the Faerie Queen stepped down carefully from her golden throne. I was blinded by the light she gave off. I turned away as she came towards me.

Catnip held onto my shoulder and was turned away along with me.

I felt warm, delicate, soft fingers slip into my paw.

"Come with me," I heard the Faerie Queen say.

It was a high voice, like sleigh bells.

My eyes squinted; I used the Faerie Queen as my guide. I didn't know where Catnip was at the time, but the Faerie Queen suddenly let go of her grasp and I was free standing. I opened one eye.

Looked okay.

I opened the other eye, and I gasped.

Nothing was there! It was just a blank, white wall.

I suddenly felt a light push, and I was slammed into the white wall. At least that's what I had expected to happen. I squinted my eyes again and put my arms in front of my face, but when I was supposed to hit the wall, I didn't.

I opened my eyes. Tons of NeoHomes. And the roads were filled with the big things with wheels I had seen in the photographs.

"This, Snow," Catnip said, coming by my side, "is Texas!"

  To be continued...

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