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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 23 > Continuing Series > Branston: Agent in Disguise - Part Three

Branston: Agent in Disguise - Part Three

by darth_master

"Well Dominion, what do you plan to do with him? You can't just leave him tied up," said a dark, low voice. Branston peeked through his eyelids to view where he was without showing he was awake. It was cool and there were no windows in this room. He was pretty sure he was underground.

"Let's chat over here in this room, just in case he awakens," said a familiar voice, that he knew belonged to Dominion. He head a door close and lock. He opened his eyes all the way, and saw he was tied to a steel chair. He quickly desired to become untied, because he had claustrophobia. He remembered his Island Lighter. He pulled it from his sleeve pocket, which he had sewed because he knew one day he might have to do this. He flicked it into life with one paw behind his back, and burnt through the rope. He got up, and was about to dash down the hall, but remembered Dominion, so he grabbed the chair, and stuck it under the doorknob, just in case. He dashed off without a sound.

Meanwhile at Krawk Island, the dark gambling alley...

The Jetsam Gambler said, "Did he have to roll that? Now he warped into space somewhere and I'll never get my dice back! I'd better start working in the fields again, one day I'll get a new pair..."

It was when Branston reached the third floor below that the sirens rang. The red flashing lights and speakers popped out of trapdoors in the walls, showing a red alert. He heard footsteps at the end of the hall, and voices saying, "There was a breakaway, It's our job to capture the guy!" Branston had no time to think, the Skeiths rounded the corner to see nothing suspicious. Just a bright yellow Eyrie with a nice and shiny medallion around his neck. Wait, that wasn't normal! The Skeiths ran as fast as they could, but Branston reached the elevators first. He dove in, pressed the highest floor (which happened to be 17 stories up!) and stood waiting well the elevator music played on. He jumped as soon as the elevator doors opened, and dashed onto a small deck to his right, and saw the rush of cars 17 sorties below.

Meanwhile Downstairs...

The Skeiths split up, one Skeith in each of the two elevators, two would fly up, and the rest would rush up the three different stairwells. The ones at the elevators got in, both pushed 17 in unison, and headed up really slow because they were Skeiths. Right when they got halfway, the elevators stopped. They weighed he same so neither one could go up. And the elevators relied on the same cables. The ones flying up had a hard time, and had to stop every ledge because their little wings had to carry a lot of weight. By the time they made the 16th ledge, it was lunch break The ones going up the stairs were tired, and the fastest fleet made the stairs cave in on the 14th floor. Wake me up when something good happens. Goodnight!

As the Skeiths made desperate attempts to get to Branston, he was thinking how to get away. The city he noticed was a little bit like in Spanish cities, old buildings, clothes lines dangling over the streets, and wide open windows everywhere. "That's it!" exclaimed Branston. The closest window was about three stories down, but Branston couldn't figure out how to get there without getting tangled in the clothes that hung ten feet below him like metal bars. He then saw the glider. He grabbed the bar, and jumped. He soared for ten seconds, before he forced it to go down. It caught between two lines, just what Branston wanted. He swung back and fourth, then jumped towards where he thought the window was. WRONG! He caught held of a clothes line when he noticed the window was the other way. "Oh great," he said aloud. He started to feel the rope sag. The ends were coming out! The line snapped under his pull, and he grabbed another. It did the same. He did that until he had snapped lines all the way to the street, which left a pretty big pile of now-dirty clothes and towels. He saw police car parked outside of a donut shop, and he thought he would borrow it. He stuck a note about it into the cop's bill when the waiter wasn't looking. He ran back into the street, got in the car, turned on the siren, and sped away as fast as he could.

Back at the building...

"OK men, lets get that Eyrie!" said the leader. They broke down the balcony door to find nothing but a two chairs, a table and a missing glider. "Men, check under all the chairs and table, that Eyrie is one good hider!" said the leader. They others obeyed his order, finding nothing but a couple of towels that blew off a clothes line.

In the Basement...

Dominion and his partner were slamming at the door, but that chair wasn't budging. After what he counted was at least 78 tries, Dominion gave up. He estimated in under thirty minutes, their air would run out and they would die. Suddenly, he had a flashback about when someone he had locked up the same way escaped. He slowly rattled the door, back and fourth until the chair rattled out of the way. So he did the same thing, and got out. His partner he had noticed passed out with the lack of air, and he was also more claustrophobic then even Branston. He heard him still breathing, so he left him. He took a secret elevator, nobody knew about but him, that shot him up to whichever floor he needed to go to. He pressed 17, then five seconds later was there. Instead of checking on the Skeiths work, he headed to the roof. His private helicopter was there waiting for him, so he hopped in and flew to where he expected Branston would be later in the day. Which just happened to be a bakery, with a back room that lead to Branston's secondary H.Q.

Branston whipped through the streets, hitting fruit carts as he went because he never took driving lessons. Pteris squawked as the engine roared to a halt in front of the Breadhead Bakery. He ran in, showed his "Baking Card: to the baker, and with a nod was allowed into the back room. He walked through the hologram wall, to find the vault-like door. He turned the handle using his lucky numbers, and was lucky enough to get access! Next a machine scanned his fur, eyes, paw prints and face textures. ACCESS GRANTED flashed a green sign. He got in one of the roller-coaster like cars, punched the go numbers, set his speed and was off towards an old pyramid that served as secondary H.Q. in the Sakhmet, Lost Desert. When he got there, a cloaked Desert Grarrl greeted him. Branston showed his ID as an 00.N.A. (00 Neopian Agent) and was escorted to a carriage, The Grarrl drove to the pyramid, and stopped when there was a solid wall. He stuck a claw on a hole in one of the bricks, and a small portion of the wall opened like a garage door. The carriage rode inside, and parked by a metal passage leading down...

To be continued...

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