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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 23 > New Series > Just Gotta Be Patient: Part One

Just Gotta Be Patient: Part One

by jessl50

"Glitter! Wake up!" Chenny shouted over the sizzling omelette.

Glitter groaned loudly, hopped out of her bed, and climbed down the stairs to see her owner cooking omelette for the fifth time this week!

"Aww mum, omelette again?"

"Sorry dear, it's all we have."

Glitter sighed deeply. She had just woken up and now she had to have old omelette for breakfast. It was Monday and the little Gelert wasn't very happy.

"Come on mum, I know we have to have more than this."

"Oh, stop fussing and eat already--omelette is good for your coat," Chenny lectured.

"My fur is only yellow, remember? We can't even get a paint brush. Can't I just get a job?" Glitter whined.

"Just go to school. That's your job."

Glitter trotted out the door, forgetting her NP on the table.

She met up with her friends, Lil_Cherry and Faith. They set off to school. Glitter wasn't looking forward to a day of taunting and teasing because she wasn't painted and rich.

"It's okay Glitter, I bet no one will tease you today," Faith smiled, "After all, we go to a school with over a hundred pets, no one will notice you that much. Plus, I hear that there'll be a new student, probably a male!"

"Well, I guess... but you guys don't have to worry about being teased--you both are painted," Glitter sighed.

Faith tried to hide her faerie wings behind her back and Cherry tried to cover her strawberry coat. But Glitter was already accustomed to the behaviour of her friends when she mentioned being poor so she decided to change the subject to what kind of colour the new Gelert would be painted.

When they got to school, Glitter let out another groan when she saw the Painted Pets Club strolling by.

"Look there's Glitter the YELLOW Gelert, gee I wonder why your owner named you Glitter anyway, there's nothing special about a plain old yellow Gelert," Jems sneered. Jems, the leader of the club, was a perfect looking gold Uni.

"Well, at least I don't go clunk, clunk with my big ol' hooves as I pass by every time," Cherry shot back.

"Watch it or a Grarrl will confuse such a cute little Gelert with a nice tasty treat."

"Ya, a nice treat!" repeated Jems's best friend, Butter, a Desert Aisha.

"Is that a threat?"

"It might be considering the fact that you look just like a strawberry," Jems sneered as she glanced at the white Grarrl to her left.

"C'mon, let's go," Glitter said.

They walked away, Jems was still sneering.

"Man, I'm gonna get her good some day, when her little body guards are off somewhere I'll corner her and--"

"That's not going to help," Faith said quietly.


The bell rang and they went inside for their first class. Cherry took the door to her left and Faith and Glitter took the one to the right.

"We'll see you at lunch!" Faith and Glitter yelled in unison.


Glitter's classes went well until fourth period, which was Math. She was listening to her teacher explain the next problem when she let out a big yawn. Glitter's eyes drooped and she fell asleepů.

"Ms. Glitter! Glitter! Are you paying attention, young missy?"

The squawks and screeches of her Math teacher, an old Lenny, rudely awakened glitter.

"Huh? What yes Ms_Len I'm paying attention ::yawn:: I--"

"Oh, are you? Then can you tell me the answer to the problem on the board?"

"Erů four?" Glitter answered.

"No, apparently someone needs a little detention, straight to the principal's office you go."

So, Glitter slowly packed her bags and trudged to the principal's office. After being yelled at, Glitter headed to the cafeteria to meet with Cherry and Faith.

"Hey Glitter, how bad was it?" asked Cherry.

"Okay, it wasn't that bad," she answered.

"Well, if I knew that I could skip fourth period by falling asleep I would've done it to," Cherry laughed.

Glitter unpacked her lunch, Blueberry Jam Sandwiches! She gave one to Faith and Cherry to split. Just as she was going to eat her last sandwich, Folly, a handsome, checkered, Gelert came up to their table.

"Hey, look," Cherry squealed, "the new hottie!"

"He's the new student?" Glitter asked.

"Yup, he's in my Science class," Cherry answered.

"Um, is anyone sitting here?" Folly asked and pointed to the seat near Glitter.

Cherry and Faith giggled and winked at Glitter. She kicked them under the table to quiet them and said, "No you can sit here."

"Thanks," he smiled.

"Hey," Jems walked up to the table, "Folly, right? Wanna come sit by us? We're the more popular group."

"Uh, no thanks," he replied, Glitter smiled.

"Oh come on, you don't wanna hang out with these losers," Jems pointed.

At that, she snapped her fingers and a white Grarrl came and dragged Folly to their table. He mouthed the word 'sorry' as Butter and the rest of the painted Pets were greeting him.

"Gone to the dark side," Cherry muttered sadly. "And he was cute too."

"Great, just great. Jems takes everything away from me! Is she that great just because she's gold?" Glitter spat out in anger.

"Oh, it's all right Glitter there're a lot a pets out there just like Folly," Faith patted Glitter softly.

To be continued...

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