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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 131 > Articles > Famous Neopets: Aishas

Famous Neopets: Aishas

by qupe

MANY LANDS OF NEOPIA - Yes, here's part two of the soon to be complete encyclopedia about Famous Neopets. This time it's about the lovely Aishas. And Alien Aisha lovers, don't worry, we'll talk about both the 4-eared and 6-eared Aishas.

The Aishas we are going to talk about include, of course, Lisha and Farlax V, but also Captain Xelqued, Flutter, Princess Sankara, Tehuti and Remnok the Nomad. There are more well known Aishas out there, but we can't talk about EVERY single one, right? I'm sure some of the others will also be mentioned here.

Captain Xelqued

Captain Xelqued is the Alien Aisha who created the legendary Aisha Myriads. How he did that was easy; he went to the Hidden Tower and stole their secrets.

Okay, maybe that wasn't that easy, though he didn't have to put much effort into it. First he had to find the Hidden Tower, which he easily did by crashing into it after searching for a while. There he met Fyora, the Faerie Queen, and he immediately started to beg for an artifact from the Hidden Tower. Of course Fyora said no at first, but he kept begging and begging and begging, so after quite some time Fyora agreed with him to give him a tour through the Hidden Tower and a piece of information about each and every artifact there. Captain Xelqued might have acted disappointed because he didn't get an artifact, but the tour was exactly what he wanted. Unknown to Fyora, he had an automated micro photo scanner in his A-shaped charm around his neck. With this device he could take snapshots every time he blinked, but these snapshots weren't normal photos at all. They also told which materials were used to make the artifacts and a blueprint of them, so, in general, they showed every single secret of all the artifacts in the Hidden Tower. That way they had no trouble at all to make their Aisha Myriads, which were nothing less than all the Hidden Tower items in one! But Fyora found out what Captain Xelqued did, and she took her revenge. Not only she punished him and the other Alien Aishas that helped him, but she also seized all the Aisha Myriads and the micro photos they made of the Hidden Tower artifacts. Since then Captain Xelqued has tried many more times to get back into the Hidden Tower so he could get back their Aisha Myriads or the micro photos. Each attempt failed, so now he just explores the universe to find another place that has the secrets of even better weapons.

Farlax V

Creator of the Alien Aisha Vending Machines, Farlax V (or just Farlax) is always seeking for new locations for his vending machines. He hopes to fulfill his dream of having a vending machine in every galaxy.

Farlax isn't alone in his search to new places where he can place his vending machines, though. He has the help of his good friend Gargon IV, who always searches to find new ingredients for the vending machine recipes. So while he does that, he can also find new locations for the vending machines.

One of Farlax's first vending machines is the one in Neopia Central, currently the only one in Neopia. As this vending machine was one of the first and so a prototype, this vending machine is only playable with Nerkmids, which are quite rare. A Nerkmid is a star-shaped coin and are just like the vending machines invented by Alien Aishas. It's said they have mystical powers, but so far we only know they can be used in the vending machines.

Rumor has come that the vending machines aren't always that good; in fact they are evil, very evil. You should think that they only give out Alien food, but the real purpose of them is to transform each pet into an Alien Aisha, but luckily for all Neopets out there, the one in Neopia Central is a prototype and so it's unable to change pets into Alien Aishas. Of course Farlax is planning to change that someday, but first he wants to have his vending machines on as many other planets as possible. So until then, be happy you aren't an Alien Aisha yet (unless you want to be one).


This legendary Faerie Aisha fell into the Rainbow Pool when she was a little baby. Something really mysterious happened to her then. She became a Faerie Aisha that has the largest wings ever seen on an Aisha, and she also got a strange ability: the ability of changing colours. Since that day she has used her ability for many purposes. Whenever she had to hide for something, she just blended into the colour of the background. No wonder then that her favourite game would be Hide-n-Seek.

As she became older, she started to master this ability much better than she had. Before long, she could change to every single colour of the rainbow. And the more often she changed colours, it became easier and easier, so she did it again and again.

Of course this wasn't unnoticed, more and more Neopets saw her changing colour sometimes, and the rumor spread far, far away. A few villains heard about it, and they were really interested in that ability. Just imagine what they could do with it! So Flutter had to run (or fly) away, and the years passed, always hiding from the villains who were hunting her, trying to conceal her ability from the public, until one day, she found an island. This island had HUGE flowers, in all different colours, and best of all, no other Neopets lived on the island. She really liked the place because she could easily change colours there without being noticed, and so she decided to stay.

So far nothing else has been heard about her, except that she still lives on the island in peace.


Probably the most well known Aisha, Lisha was the Aisha who, together with her friends Morris, Count Boris, and Kayla, discovered Meridell.

At a school trip to a museum, she was reminded of her lost brother, Jeran, who disappeared a few years ago when they were playing Hide-n-Seek. In that museum she saw a painting about a Blue Lupe who was battling a few hideous Neopets. She was so sure it was her brother on that painting that she decided that she had to look for him again. So together with her friends, she went to the place where her brother disappeared. After searching for quite a while, they found some ruins, but when they were about to give up the search, Lisha's Wand started to flash. This wasn't normal (it was supposed to be a toy), but the wand kept emanating a brighter and brighter light when suddenly a huge castle replaced the ruins! A few Draik Guards found them and brought them to their king, King Skarl. How they did it, they still don't know, but they told King Skarl their story of how they got there and he somehow believed it, and they were free to go.

They decided to stay there though, and only a little bit later Lisha found out that her brother was also there! The painting in the museum didn't lie. She had never been that happy before; she finally found her lost brother. But she got to Meridell at the wrong moment, because a few days later a war started between Meridell and a dark flying island called the Darigan Citadel. But with the newfound powers in her wand, she was a tough opponent for the Darigan forces, but it wasn't enough. Darigan ended up winning the first battle. But when Lord Darigan's powers got too strong, both Darigan's once-loyal minions and Meridell battled against him. Lisha helped again, knowing that she couldn't help much, but she helped with all the power in her wand, and so with her help, they all defeated Lord Darigan. Now she lives peacefully and quietly in Meridell, unknowing of Meridell's next adversary…

Princess Sankara

Princess Sankara isn't the Princess of Sakhmet, but she's the heiress to the throne of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty that lives in Sakhmet now.

About 10 years ago, the lands of her father, King Sobek the Wise, were attacked by the evil King Heksas. They were advised that she and her father should flee, but the king insisted that he would stay to lead his forces against Heksas. Sankara, being the only heir of her father, was told that she had to go to Sakhmet until they could be reunited again, and so she did. King Coltzan, king of Sakhmet, received her with great warmth and generosity. But weeks later they found out that her parents had been lost in the war against Heksas. King Coltzan then offered her a position as a member of his court, and she accepted it.

Since then, Sankara has always dreamt of leading an army in her homeland to take her land back from Heksas. But King Coltzan always advised her not to, and he also never gave her an army. Because of that she killed him 2 years ago, hoping that his daughter, Princess Vyssa, would give her the armies she needed. But she got caught and got imprisoned in one of the dungeons of Sakhmet Palace. Nothing has been heard about her ever since then. She probably still sits in her dungeon. Is she planning on revenge? Or begging for mercy? Only the Neopets of Sakhmet Palace know.

Remnok the Nomad

Remnok is the Aisha who holds the weaponry shop in Sakhmet. Not only does he sell them, but he's also searched the Lost Desert for all those ancient weapons.

He was born into the burning sands of the Lost Desert, and so he has lived his entire life exploring the endless expanse of it. Because of all the exploring, he learned which ancient weapons weren't too powerful, and which ones were expensive and rare and powerful. He also heard many legends about other ancient weapons, and therefore he decided to search for them. Sometimes he found some, other times he didn't. For instance, he found the legendary staff of Hakethon, one of the most legendary weapons in all Neopia. How he did that he tells in the Neopedia article about him. Though that time he had lots of luck, sometimes he doesn't have much at all. Most of the time he has to travel much longer and has to dig a lot in the hot sand before he even finds a clue about a legendary weapon. But most of the time he doesn't find anything at all, so he still prefers to buy the weapons from other explorers.

Because of all the efforts and the many ancient weapons he sells, his shop, Battle Supplies in Sakhmet, is well known in all Neopia. You can't find the great Lost Desert weapons anywhere else. Most of the other explorers that luckily have one don't want to sell them, or they'll sell them for too much NP. But the shop is almost always closed, and this doesn't please the many Neopets that travel far to buy something in Remnok's shop. Why is it closed that much? Easy: Remnok still prefers to travel through the Lost Desert searching for ancient weapons than selling them. Once an explorer, always an explorer.


This Aisha has beauty and brains, but it's because of her brains that she became famous, because she's the creator of the game Pyramids.

Tehuti has always loved games. Games like Sakhmet Solitaire and Scarab 21 have always amused her. But she wanted a game where she didn't win that easily, so she decided to invent her own game. As the Lost Desert games were often card games, it was no surprise that she made another card game. The first one she made (nobody remembers the name) was a fun game, but it was way too hard. Nobody was ever able to finish the game, so it didn't take long before everybody got bored of it. Poor Tehuti, she became very disappointed and therefore she didn't want to make another new game. But after playing the other games for a while, she suddenly got a great idea for a game. And so her second game, Pyramids, was made. But this wasn't the Pyramids we all know now. No, it was an easy game, a very easy game that was also boring. However, people liked to win, but the game was so boring that it wasn't a success either. Now she was sure that she would never ever try again to make another game.

Years later, after playing almost every game in Neopia, she decided to enter the Beauty Contest, and she made it to the finals, to her surprise. While she was waiting for the results of the final, she met a few other contestants who were building a house of cards. Tehuti never had done that before, so she asked if she could try that too. Since they had a deck of cards left, they gave it to her, and she tried to build a house of cards. She didn't have much trouble with it, and when she used all the cards, she had a nice house of cards, but it quickly fell down, of course. That made her upset, but she saw that the cards fell into a triangular shape. It reminded her of her Pyramids game, but it looked different, and she suddenly got another great idea for her game. She tried it out immediately, forgetting what she said about never making a new game again. Then she asked a passing Blumaroo if she wanted to try her game. The Blumaroo didn't mind trying a new game, and so she played it a few times. The Blumaroo really liked the game, however, it was very hard to win. Coincidence or not, this Blumaroo won the Beauty Contest, and she told everyone that they had to try this new game Tehuti (who ended up third) made.

Since that day millions of Neopians have played Pyramids, and for Tehuti, she's now busy trying to make another game.

Okay, these were the Aishas, if you missed part one about the Acaras; you can still read it in issue 126. And watch for the next installment about Blumaroos!

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