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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 131 > Editorial


I was on a Brain Tree quest looking for some Pickled Eyeballs, when I stumbled across a particular Jar of Eyeballs, on the front of this it said Pickled Eyeballs, is this the same item or what? - Rich_teague135
No, I am afraid not. The Jar of Eyeballs is a Magic Item and Pickled Eyeballs is a gross food. I see how it could be confusing though, due to the label so I have switched the names around. The jar of eyeballs is now called Jar of Eyeballs and the jar with pickled eyeballs written on it is now called Pickled Eyeballs.

Are you going to do anything to celebrate Neopets hitting 70 million? - Sausagedog360
Ooh yeah! Pizza all round :)

Will the cards you get in your Neodeck be made for the trading card game? - Ranmaj
No, the cards in your Neodeck are just for fun, there is no game for them. The TCG is totally seperate and is normally based on a plot/storyline. There are some characters that are in the Neodeck and the TCG, but that is purely coincidence.

Oh wise and learned Editor, for the up and coming Scorchio Day (Mar 14th), could you possibly use a small amount of your immense influence on the powers that be to make the brown paint brush work for Scorchio's please? I forgot to mention intelligent, attractive, talented...... grovellingly yours... - mr_chumley_warner
Hehe, enough with the flattery. I will see what we can do :)

It seems a lot of us are confused about the syncing a day ahead with the news. Does that mean that todays news is now actually tomorrows or todays? - Zeirazeira
At midnight NST (Neopian Standard Time) we will make the site live for the day that is just beginnning. That means at 1.01am Pacific standard time you will get that date's news. This is to try and make it fairer for people on other time zones who were always getting the news at the end of the day, rather than the beginning. Just to give everyone a chance at the time contests like Lenny Conundrum and Better Than You we may update the site at slightly different times now and again, but as a whole you can expect to see the latest news towards the beginning of the day.

I'm sure you haven't missed the avatar craze that has swept almost all of Neopia. Though there are quite a few people, myself included, that are purplexed by avatars such as the Lenny, The Faboo Uni, and the Gadgadsbogen avatar. Will you ever release the secret to getting these impossible avatars? And do you take suggestions for new avatars? How about a beauty contest avatar? - Hot_angel420_69
Now and again we may put a little hint around the site, but there will never be a guide to getting all the avatars. That would just take all the fun out of it.

When are you going to release some new slushies? Its been YEARS scince you've released some new slushies! - Guppylover_96706
Ok, ok, point taken, we will add some next week :)

Help! I've been roaming and wondering around White River City/White River/Trackless Wastes for lots of days; I just can't seem to find the Eye of Meridell nor the city near the edge of White River. - Joseph2004
I know I answered a lot of NeoQuest II questions in the past, but I can't give it all away... If you want to find out the answers try asking on the Neoboards, or looking on a fan site. Many fan sites have walk-throughs and maps for you to follow on your journey.

On Uni Day or Gelert Day or Whatever Kind of Pet Day, they get free training at Krawk Island. But how do you sign up the Uni or Gelert or whatever pet gets free training for FREE? I've searched high and low at the Academy and nowhere does it say, "Sign So-So up for free" or something like that. So how? - Kakay99
You don't need to sign up for anything. As long as your Neopet is a low enough level, just going to the Academy on its special day will guarantee free training.

At first the Neopets game was going to be for PS1, and it was available for pre-order on But now you say it's going to be for PS2. Is it still going to be available for PS1 also? - Hmbgirl
No, the PS1 game is no longer in production. For some reason Amazon had it on pre-order before it was even made which confused a lot of people. The new game will be PS2 and is going well, but that is all I can say :)

I got this random event. "The Monocerous growls 'Over the last month I have eaten 25 Wockys'" Does that do anything if you do have a Wocky? I don't, but I'm curious. - Long_lost_faerie
No, the Monocerous just likes to scare your Neopets, it doesn't actually harm them, even if they are Wockies.

Could you please tell me, to settle a debate between my friend and I, what are the things on top of the Acara's head? - Sugar_bunny312
They are horns, but they act like sonar detectors when underwater.

Hello! You've been making a lot of new blogs lately, almost one to match every avatar. I have started making a space faerie gallery, and am trying to get the space faerie avatar. I would really love to have a space faerie blog for my shop! Would it be possible for you to make one? Thanks! - Rockervampress13
Hehe, I will tell Snarkie, she is the Queen of blogs :)

In the editorial of issue 130 of the NT, you said that there would be no choosing sides in Battle for Meridell. Does that mean there will be no battling? - Puppy_giver99
Oh contrare, there will be lots of fighting, although I think with all the excitement of this week it will start next.

I'm glad that the news is now being updated earlier in the day, but I resent that March 3 had to be cancelled for was my 18th birthday! Could you please change the Calender page so it doesn't say that March 3 was "cancelled due to lack of interest"? - Darkfaerie386
Eeep... I am so sorry! Bad Adam! He didn't think about people who had birthdays then. If March 3rd was your birthday

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

We didn't mean to offend anyone and will take that off the Calendar now.

Since it is Gadgadsbogen month will you be coming out with more petpets that can be painted Island? - Fashiongirl1989
Oh yes, and you never know, we may even update the Mystery Island map.

Why is it That Jhudora Day the only day highlighted And will there every be a Illusen's day? - Dragoon_xx
Illusen Day hasn't happened yet, although it will very soon. It is planned for the 17th March.

What is Web of Vernax? - Mooman8522000
I am afraid you are not priveleged for this information.

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