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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Articles > Everything you Wanted to Know About Restocking, but Didn't Bother to Ask

Everything you Wanted to Know About Restocking, but Didn't Bother to Ask

by nindail

NEOPIAN SHOPS- Most of you have wondered what that Shops button is, between Games and News. Most of you have decided to see what the hub-ub is. Now, 90% of the time, you'll see that the Shop has nothing in stock. Some other shops *cough*Battle Magic*cough* have stuff in stock, but nobody buys some of the junk there. But if you're a Restocker, you'd see the Shops as a Treasure Chest, just waiting to be opened. With, of course, the other hungry, travel-worn adventurers also trying to get in on the loot.

So, if you want to learn about Restocking, let me explain the basic concept first. When you Restock, you sit in the Shops (sounds boring, but hey, it's a "Get-Rich-Quick" Way) for a few minutes. Eight is the average time. But sometimes, the "Restock Machine" (It's just a little clever saying on the BD chat) breaks down, causing Restocks to stall for, say 15-50 min. All the shops are synchronized, meaning if one shop restocks, the other shops will too. The point of Restocks is to refresh your browser (But not too much or you could get Restock-Banned, meaning none of the shops will restock for you. A good way to find out if you're Restock Banned is to go to the Tiki Shop on Mystery Island. If it's sold out, your RS-Banned.) And try to get something worth a lot for a fraction of the price.

Sounds complicated? If not, skip this part. If yes, continue. You sit in the shops and refresh, waiting for stuff to pop up. When you see something expensive pop up, click on it, be the fastest to put up a deal for the item, and beat others to it so you can be rich. You buy low, and sell high. MUCH higher…

One thing that you should take account for is your posture. Sit up comfortably, but make sure the keyboard and monitor are in perfect sight. Put your fingers on the keyboard. You'll find your own position, but the basics are: a finger on the F5 Key, which you'll use to refresh, a finger (Or wrist) on the Enter Key or Spacebar (Both allow you to answer "OK" to the "Are you sure you want to buy this?" question), and your fingers on either the Number pad or the Numbers across your keyboard.

So, how good is restocking anyway? VERY, VERY GOOD… Take it this way: Once you manage to handle Toy Shop, you'll be making over 100k a day. You could, possibly, earn enough for a Baby PB in four days. Amazing, no?

So, now that you know what Restocking is, let's get moving to Restock Basics.

Okay, so how can you recognize junk from treasure? Know the market. Try going to, for example. They have a vast database. If you Restock in Spooky Foods, look up "Spooky Food". Choco? Look up "Candy". Search the Wiz and Neoitems at the same time to look for the items that you think will be profitable.

You won't be playing alone, mind you. Others will probably see that Space Faerie Doll that just popped up. So, how can you make money? Well, you need to practice before attempting bigger shops. A great place to restock for beginners is Spooky Foods. Located in the Deserted Fairground (looks like a Cotton Candy Stall), this is the stomping grounds of many 1337 Restockers. So, what should you do? Wait. Patience is the key to getting rich. Sooner or later, the Restocking begins. Put away the soda and go into a comfortable position.

Another big thing is MONEY. You need to BUY the items with your NP.

Junk will pop up. Eventually, you will see something good pop up. If Restocking in Spooky Food, try to get as many of these as possible, since they Restock in bundles. After you refresh for awhile and nothing good comes up, this is your precious downtime. Put EVERYTHING you just Restocked into your shop. Have 3 windows open: 1 for the Shop, 1 for YOUR shop, and one more for Wiz. Quickly find the prices of the items you restocked and put them up for sale. If you Restock, say, a Baked Intesteen and they go for 1800 NP, sell yours for 1700 NP. And since you bought that Intesteen for only 700 NP, that's 1k NP into your pocket. Fun, no?

Now that you've learned how to restock, I'll tell you the PLACES as well. Read this carefully. If you REALLY want to make your way to the Super Restockers, you have to stay in a single shop for awhile until you master it. Also, I'll give you a brief summary of what you should Restock in the first place. This is only a SLICE of the items you can get, although these are the ones that Restock the most often. Also, beside the Shop Name, I put a recommended amount of NP you should take. This is a healthy amount to Restock the good items without going broke.

BEGINNER SHOPS: Spooky Food (1000 to 5000 NP)- Pickled Eyeballs, Baked Intesteen, Ghost Marshmallows (Magic as well), Almost Gummy Rat (LIME ONLY!!!), Snorkle Snout, Any Ice Cream, Vanilla Ghost Cake, Spooky Lime Pudding, Ghost Pancakes, Tongue Wrap, Cress/Cheese Ghostkersandwich, Devilish Cake

Magic (3000 to 99000)- Faeries (For 4300 NP or LESS!!!), Nova, Faerie Portrait. If you see a Morphing Potion, GET IT!!!

INTERMEDIATE SHOPS: Pharmacy (2000 to 10000 NP)- Neomites Injection, Tongue Shrinker, Grumble Be Gone Tablets, Magic Goop, Sporkle Syrup, Extra Thick Goggles, Neck Brace, Cactopus Cream, Honey Blossom Extract, The new Potions.

Chocolate (As much as you can bring…)- Almost EVERYTHING is profitable in Choco. However, you should stay away from a few things (White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Flakes, Assorted Neodrops, Lemon Neodrops, Kyrii Stuff, Sweeties, etc.) Things you SHOULD Buy are: Jellybeans (Except for Blueberry), Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Orange chocolate, Neodrops (Except for Lemon and Assorted), Nutty or Plain Chocolate Neggs, Grarrl Gobstoppers, Many Cakes, etc. The list goes on! But be careful: The more items there are, the more competition you bring…

Usukiland (2000 to 30000)- Search MAINLY for R90-99 Usuki's. Or use the Spoiler Guide. Either one, remember rare Usuki's and restock them when they pop.

ADVANCED SHOPS: Stamp Kiosk (5000 to 20000)- This is a tough one… You really need to see Search for R80-R99 stamps. Write them down and Restock those when they pop.

Book (2000 to 20000)- Anything really. Everything there gives profit. Best bets are R80- R99 Books. Again, search Neoitems.

Food (Same as Book)- Same advise as book. R80-R99 food. Everything is profitable. Check Neoitems.

Faerie/Meridell/Winter/Desert/Normal Petpet shops (As much as possible)- Varies. Search Neoitems for rare petpets to restock.

SUPER-LEET RESTOCKING SHOPS!!!- NOTE: If you haven't mastered restocking yet, don't even TRY coming to these shops. Competition is intense and unless you are truly a Leet Restocker, you will be fried… including your self-esteem.

Toy Shop: (Take all of your money…)- This place has a variety of toys that fetch a pretty penny on the market. Search Neoitems for R90-R99 toys. Search mainly for- NeoQuest Plushies, Magical Plushies, most Colored Plushies.

Magic (EVERYTHING YOU HAVE…)- You may have seen Magic mentioned earlier. This is ADVANCED Magic. Restock PURELY Morphing Potions. That's all that you need here.

Battle/Defense Shop (Take as much as you have!)- R90-99 items. Due to the now increasing R99 species weapons, Battle Magic is a good choice. But Defense Magic has a chance of restocking the 10 million NP Thyora's Tear. Your choice. Either one, they have good stuff, but heavy competition.

Well, I'm all out of material. There's my guide on Restocking. Good Luck and I hope you Restock a R99.

Author's Note: I'd really like to thank all the Battledome Chatters out there. If it wasn't for them posing their RS accomplishments, I wouldn't know a darn thing about restocking… And I hope I didn't just give away a huge secret… Oops…DON'T HURT ME!!!

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