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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 128 > Editorial


I was wondering, can people win the caption contest more than once? I guess I'm asking, should I even keep submitting captions when I've already won it in the past? - Pizza_in_a_Cup
Yes, you have just as much chance as anybody else to win a second time. Although the odds of two captions being chosen by the same person are very slim considering how many different entries we get each week.

Are you aware that the Sugar Coated Lupe Treat isn't lupe at all? - Me_future
Yes, it is a Chia shaped cookie-like treat because Lupes seem to have this thing for destroying Chias...

I was looking around Neopia for good weapons awhile ago, and found one called the Shadow Sword. At the time, I was too poor to buy it, but I think I can get it now. However, I can't find the Shadow Sword anywhere!! It's not in shops, the Trading Post, or the Auctions! What does it look like, and are any in circulation? - Moonsunangel
The Shadow Sword looks like this. It is a special weapon that is used by the Shadow Usul and is not available for public use.

I've heard around that Neopets is gonna give a pet a makeover and it might be a Kougra.....PLEASE DON"T TELL ME IT IS TRUE!I DON'T WANT THEM OR AISHA TO BE CHANGED!(unless the Kougra gets cuter) - Missmillie66
Don't panic, yes there are going to be some more pet make-overs soon, although they are not going to be drastic changes. It is just going to give the basic pet images a little more emotion and life.

I just got a pocket Neopet today, and I read the instructions, but I can't seem to find a part that tells you how to turn them off for a while! I tried putting it to sleep, but the system was still working! - Jrmissak2003
I don't think you can turn them off once they start, they go into sleep mode, but never entirely switch off.

How do you get rare item codes? - Pit53
They are printed on special Neopets merchandise like notebooks, TCG booster packs and stickers. You can also get codes from various products that we are sponsoring such as Cocoa Puffs cereal.

I noticed that, from top to bottom, the spell or starve picture says "Play to win" Was this intentional or the world's biggest coincidence? - The_zafara_assassin
Hehe... yes that was intentional.

Is there any way you can restart NeoQuest? I want to restart and try with some better skills. - Miarv
Yes, you can restart both NeoQuest I and II. There is a restart button under the options menu.

I've been betting on the wishing well for about 100 times already. Why dont you at least notice the people who are desperate? - Rublade
The Wishing Well is totally random, I am afraid we couldn't influence who it takes notice of.

What neopet is the ghost and skelton miners in NeoQuest II. - Mike4u409
They are Kacheeks.

Help! I was playing Neoquest 2, and I entered a teleport after beating Meuka in the Haunted Woods, but for some reason I was teleported onto a TREE, and I can't move! Could something be done to reset my position so I can continue playing? I don't want to lose all my game data after 20 hours of playing! - Final_pursuit
That was a bug that has been fixed. If you reload the page and try moving again everything should be back to normal.

Does the Neopian Stock Market run 24 hours, or between certain hours? I check my stocks a couple times a day, and want to know if I'm completely wasting my time... - Sheforcedme64
You are quite correct to check all the time. The Neopian Stock Market is open around the clock, so you never know when those stocks are going to sky rocket.

On Febuary 3rd you said that you could now buy new Kayla themed School Supplies. Who is Kayla? - 62531
She is the Zafara from the original Meridell plot who helped Lisha find Jeran.

What is a source code? How do you find it? Like when we had the Mystery Island Plot, how did you find it? I would really like to find out, thanks!! - Dan4884
Source code is the basic text that makes up a webpage, most commonly written in HTML. I am not sure if it is different for other browsers, but with internet explorer you can see the source code by clicking on 'View' and the selecting 'Source'.

The new Jhudora avatar was availiable for 4 hours. Is it retired or random? - Ny_chick_9395
I am afraid it is now retired.

On the Whack-a-staff-member game are the voices actally yours and if they are do they have any meaning? Or are they things each member likes to say? - Volley_princess
Yes, they are the voices of the staff members that are drawn. What each staff member says is totally up to them. They get to record 3 or 4 different sayings which could be anything from a favourite catchphrase to a simple ouch!

I was just woundering if you were going to make BIG petpet stuffed animals. - Gogirl24204
There are no plans to make big Petpets, but there are some HUGE Neopet plushies that are planned for later on this year.

Is there a new tcg coming out? I'm a collecter of them and I'ld really like to know - Jessica2clark4444444
A new expansion 'Battle For Meridell' has just been released and it should be available in shops now. There are other expansions planned for later on in the year, but I am not allowed to give too much away about them.

What does Msp stand for? (I'm pretty sure the P is plushie) - Neo_champ21
Malevolent Sentient Plushie.

One time when I was playing neoquest right near hearthwood, I saw some pipes. The image is - Jtyatatsme
Those are circuits, not pipes. You'll find out what they mean when you finish chapter 1...

I really have been trying for hours to find the White River City. How do you get there? I don't get the directions (North East & South) - Summerbum45
You have to go around the mountains north of Trestin, then northeast, then south. If you follow the coastline you'll find it eventually. It might be helpful to make a map.

I have been trying like a crazed animal to find Petpets in the Meridell! I have checked and checked the Ye olde Petpets Shop. Does this shop restock normally like others? - Moehogfan757
Yes, Ye Olde Petpets shop does restock the same as the other Neopian shops, but a lot of the Petpets in Meridell are very rare so less Petpets are released at a time.

I was at LTD2 and got the Faerie Grundo while I was there on February first but the news says it hasn't come out yet. How did I get it early? - Goodcharlotteluver01
This seems to happen quite frequently with large stores. The plushies get shipped to the different shops a few weeks in advance and even though they aren't supposed to put the plushies on sale until later, some stores just can't wait.

I went to the help chat to ask them how to paint my Christmas Gallion back to the original colour and they were laughing at me saying that it is impossible to paint petpets back to normal! I know for a fact that you can paint petpets back to normal but I am totally unsure what color to paint a Gallion. Is it blue petpet paint brush or orange petpet paint brush? Thank you SOOOO much :) - Shaver48
You are quite correct, even though there is not one magical paintbrush that will restore all Petpets, you can change them back to their original colour. The basic Gallion needs an Orange Paint Brush.

I have a Pteri, and while I was editing it's pet page I saw there are two spellings on the page, one like this, Pteri and the other one Pterii. What is the correct spelling? - Nerualreppu
They are both correct, Pteri is the singular and Pterii is the plural.

Help where is the Collectable coin shop? - Vampygirl13
It isn't on the shops map yet, but we will add it shortly.

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"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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