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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > New Series > Mutants Ain’t Bad!: Part One

Mutants Ain’t Bad!: Part One

by unique377

“Do learn from your mistakes, Jhudora and you won’t have to be jailed again and again for your misdoing!” Fyora, the Faerie Queen warned the sulky Dark Faerie as she unlocked the jail chamber of Jhudora.

“Oh, I will, Fyora, I will …” Jhudora muttered through clenched teeth, a sly smile starting to form on her face. “As soon as I get my revenge on those meddling fools… without getting into trouble!”

“Now, Jhudora, surely you don’t mean to do those poor Neopets any harm, do you? After all, you shouldn’t have gone down to Neopia to search for Neopets as guinea pigs for your latest horrible experiment! Do ask them if they are willing instead of just taking them by force! Do I make myself clear?” Fyora said in a sharp voice, speaking to Jhudora as though she was a three-year old Faerie.

“Yes, Fyora …” Jhudora mumbled, making sure to cross her fingers behind her back when she made that promise.


Before the first shafts of golden sunlight flooded my bedroom and warmed my fur, I was already up and awake, sitting at my writing desk with my favourite leather-bound scrapbook and Pencil of the Earth Faerie all neatly arranged on the desk the night before.

     I took a sip from a steaming, hot cup of Cobrall Coffee as I closed my eyes in pleasure, savouring the rare peace and silence that I don’t normally get washing over me like a refreshing wave of serenity.

     Today was a special holiday… it was Usuls’ Day and being a Faerie Usul, I was given a day off school. I always look forward to such holidays since those are the days when I can do whatever I like and there’s no homework.

     Now, if I can only think of what to write, I thought as I drummed my paws on my table and stared at the blank pages of my scrapbook, my mind going equally blank with no ideas forthcoming So, in order to gain some inspiration, I gazed out of my window, the whole of Neopia Central stretched out like a picture canvas at my feet.

     And sure enough, while I was admiring the magnificent and glorious sunrise, I remembered an event that happened not too long ago and since still no brilliant ideas were willing enough to visit my brain at the moment, I decided to record that incident down although it is already seared in my mind and is one that I’d never forget … …

     It all started when I went into an antique jewellery shop with my best friend, Violet, a Striped Usul, one Saturday afternoon. I was admiring some rather fine pieces of delicately crafted bracelets when one particularly astonishingly exquisite silver necklace that had a large, glowing emerald pendant caught my eye. I gasped in awe and motioned for Violet to come and take a look at it.

     “Oh my gosh,” Violet murmured, looking at the necklace almost with reverence. “ That necklace is so gorgeous! It’ll go great with my striped fur!” she added, afterthought.

     However, the necklace was as expensive as it was beautiful and I knew that never in a million years would I be able to afford it. I sadly turned away and came face to face with a hooded figure clad in a rich purple robe. A purple veil hid the stranger’s face and I could only see its dark eyes that had a hard-jewelled gleam.

     “You desire to own this necklace, I presume?” the stranger spoke in a rather cold voice that sent chills down my back.

     “Wh … why, yes, indeed,” I stammered, wondering how on earth did that stranger know what I was thinking about. Oh well, she probably heard our conversation, I thought, shrugging the whole thing off.

     “Well, I can get it for you, if you want it so much …” the stranger’s voice sounded enticing and tempting, almost eager.

     Alas, I was too stunned at what she had just said that everything just went blank for a while and I didn’t really hear the tone of her voice. “Y… you’ll get it fo…for me?” I now sounded incredulous. Why in the world was a stranger willing to pay for what I wanted? Deep in my heart, I knew that there was something awfully wrong somewhere, but the mere thought of owning that beautiful necklace was simply too much to think about and I foolishly agreed to her offer, especially when I saw Violet just standing there with her mouth wide open. I simply couldn’t resist it!

     The stranger then carefully took the glowing necklace from its glass case in one clawed hand before slithering over to the counter to pay for it. At that point of time, my head was filled with too many thoughts on what kind of clothes I should wear that would match well with that necklace that I failed to notice the shopkeeper looking scared when the stranger had talked to him.

     He was even muttering words like, “Fine, fine, you needn’t pay! Besides, this is a cursed necklace, who would want to own it anyway?” Violet overheard his last part of the sentence and since she already felt suspicious from the start about this whole fishy business, she couldn’t help getting the gut feeling that there was definitely something evil about both stranger and necklace.

     “Pearl, I don’t think you should take the necklace! Somehow, I feel that it isn’t safe for you to wear it!” she warned me in an urgent voice.

     I simply snorted and retorted in a sneering voice, “Hah! Yeah right. First you tell me that the necklace is so gorgeous, then you tell me that there’s something’s wrong with it! More like you don’t want me to be the envy of everybody in school tomorrow!”

     “Pearl, I’m serious!” Violet hissed in a furious voice, sounding half-hurt, half-angry at my sarcastic remark.

     Just then, the stranger glided smoothly over to us as she handed me over the necklace that was now placed in an elegant royal-blue velvet case.

     “Here you go!” she purred in a lazy, satisfied voice, sounding like a cat that had just eaten a full meal. “Enjoy wearing it!”

     Then, letting out a peal of shrill laughter full of pure evil, she disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. This would have made any Neopet stop to think, “ What’s up with that stranger?” But not me, even with my mind ringing with Violet’s warnings about that necklace as I left the shop with the velvet case tucked underneath my arm. The only sensible reason I can now think of was that the stranger must have cast some sort of enchantment spell on me that had made me become so obsessed with the necklace that my mind blocked out all warnings that were being sent to me by my instincts.

     Anyway, when I got home, Bond and Sleek007 were happily playing tag (as usual) with *Starlight*.

     “Hi guys!” I greeted them cheerfully as I made my way upstairs. “ How’s your day at school?”

     “Stinks!” came back the simple reply that I always got everyday. Even *Starlight* was starting to become as rowdy as them. Hmmm, I think I better not let her mix around with the boys so much in the future if this is how they are going to influence her, I thought as I carelessly tossed the velvet case onto the desk before leaping into my cozy bed for a short nap. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes again, and the first thing I saw was the velvet case in which the necklace lay.

     “Surely it wouldn’t hurt to wear it now…” I wondered aloud as I got up.

     So, grabbing the velvet case and carefully taking out the necklace, I eagerly put it on… and that was when I got the shock of my life. A huge beam of blinding light engulfed me and I started screaming in terror. Then… as sudden as it had come… the bright light disappeared. I rubbed my eyes, not sure if this was real or not, shrugged my shoulders and headed downstairs to show off my necklace to my siblings. However, to my amazement, instead of ‘oohs’ and ‘ aahs’ I expected to get from the others, I received screams and shouts of terror. I was totally bewildered until Bond finally shouted, “Aaaaaaahhh! There’s a mutant in our house!”

     I started screaming in fright too upon hearing the word, ‘mutant’, thinking that there was an evil mutant somewhere in the house. This caused the rest to go berserk as they thought I was about to attack them. Pure havoc and chaos reigned the house as everybody started running about and screaming for help. Just then, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and saw a mutant facing me.

     It couldn’t possibly be me … could it? I thought as the horror and recognition crept over me as I reached out my paw to feel my fur.

     Then it hit me. I’d been turned into a mutant because of that necklace! I immediately closed my eyes in horror before opening them, taking in my whole new figure as 3 huge, yellowish blinking eyes and horrid brown-coloured fur greeted my very eyes.

     I tried to calm the others down, telling them that it was I, Pearl. However, they wouldn’t listen and continued stampeding around like mad Elephantes who have just escaped from the asylum. I closed my eyes in despair as I let out a low moan of frustration at my own stupidity in being taken in by that stranger.

     Just then, a door slammed shut and I winced at the sound of it as though I had just been slapped in the face. It was babygalz693, aka Trisha. Bond and Sleek007 and *Starlight* all rushed towards her, their voice mixing together, making it hard for Trisha to decipher what in the world were they talking about.

     Being the good ol’ usual un-surprised and cool person she always was, Trisha instructed my 3 siblings in a calm voice to quieten down before ordering Sleek007 to explain everything.

     So Sleek007 started off by saying that he had seen a big, fat ugly mutant coming down the stairs and that was when they all started running about.

     “No! It’s me, Pearl! You gotta believe me!” I couldn’t help crying out in a strangled voice as tears streamed down my cheeks like rivulets. All heads turned towards me, and all my 3 siblings, except Trisha, screamed again and dashed off to hide the minute they saw me.

     “And why should I think that you are Pearl?” Trisha questioned in a cold voice, her eyebrows arched in a puzzled expression.

     “Because …” and within seconds, I’d already poured out the whole story to Trisha who only kept silent as she listened.

     “I see,” she finally replied, sounding still not convinced that I was really Pearl. “ But I’m still not truly convinced about who you claim to be … let’s see … then can you tell me all the secrets that I’ve told you and only you alone?”

     “Certainly,” I answered without hesitation and began ranting out about all the secrets that Trisha confided in no one except me.

     Trisha’s eyes got bigger and bigger every second I talked and I knew that she was starting to believe that everything I had said was true.

     “Trisha, what am I gonna do? I don’t want to remain a mutant all my life! I wanna go back to being a Faerie Usul not a mutant one!” I asked at the end of my explanation, looking pleadingly at my owner who was frowning in concentration.

     “You say that the necklace you’d put on is cursed,” Trisha stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Do you remember having offended anybody?”

     “Well, there was Jhudoras … but the person she should have been most angry with is *Starlight* since *Starlight* was the one who hit her and cause her to faint …” my voice trailed off as I started toying around with my fur. Then I remember that it was mutant fur now and stopped touching it immediately as I scowled in disgust.

     “I think that she wants to destroy us all, but in a different way … she wants to humiliate us instead! In that way, she needn’t go to prison again. Ah, Jhudoras is a real sly one, I should have known …” Trisha finally spoke up in a trembling voice, shaking her head in dismay. She looked scared and I knew that Jhudoras most probably had finished serving her prison sentence and had come back for revenge. “ That hooded figure must have been Jhudoras … I fear that trouble is brewing in the air … we’re moving to Mystery Island … as soon as possible!”

     “What!” I practically shrieked in shock when I heard Trisha say that. “ But what about my friends? What about my school? What about Neopia Central?”

     “I’m sorry, but we have no other option,” Trisha replied grimly, tight-lipped.

     “But Trisha, Jhudoras will still hunt us down! It’s no point hiding from her! And do you think moving is so easy? I don’t think that furniture is so easy to move!” I protested in a desperate voice as I gestured wildly at all our furniture

     “No, that’s not what I meant,” Trisha said, glaring at me impatiently. “We’ll just pack up our bags and leave leave , do you hear me! To another place, as far away from Jhudoras as possible!”

     I shook my head in resignation. This was simply too stupid. In this situation, we were dealing with Jhudoras who is; after all, a Dark Faerie, and could always check her crystal ball to see where we were and what we were doing.

     She might even be spying on us right now! I realized, shuddering at the very thought.

     “I’ll tell the rest to pack up…” Trisha continued but was cut short by a huge puff of purple smoke. My eyes widened at the familiar sight. I remembered seeing that puff of smoke somewhere …

     “Greetings, my dear Trisha. Leaving so soon, I suppose! Too late, unfortunately. I saw the whole scene on my crystal ball … a very handy device, don’t you think so?” Jhudoras drawled in an annoyingly casual tone. “Oh yes, and Pearl, the new mutant! Looking very pretty today, aren’t you? You must thank me for making you that way!” she added, smirking at me in a way that Evelyn, the snobby Gold Wocky also did whenever she was mocking me.

     “Why you …” I began but was cut short by Trisha’s restraining arm on me. So I gritted my teeth instead and growled softly. My hatred for Jhudoras was burning inside me and I knew that in any minute, I was going to explode like a volcano and do something rash.

     Trisha obviously sensed this too and told me quietly to go to my bedroom.

     “I’ll handle this myself,” she muttered, patting me on the head reassuringly before nudging me towards the direction of the staircase. So, I reluctantly edged myself slowly towards the staircase and was almost reaching it until …

     “Just where do you think you are going?” Jhudoras’ sudden sharp voice pierced the air like a bullet.

     “Uh … to the bathroom?” my answer sounded more like a question as I tried my best to look innocent.

     “Fool! Don’t think I do not know what you are trying to do!” Jhudoras sneered, taking me by the scruff of the neck and setting me down forcefully onto the couch despite my rather weak protests.

     Just then, Bond, Sleek007 and *Starlight* all came rushing out. Apparently, they had no idea what was going on and thinking that I had gone already, had decided to come out and see what was going on. Jhudoras spotted them at once and an evil grin started to play at the corners of her mouth.

     “Hello, once again, young Neopets! How nice to see you all again!” she said, speaking with the air of someone who had the upper hand.

     “Yeah … we meet again, I suppose,” Bond muttered, shifting his foot uneasily.

     “What do you want, Jhudoras?” Sleek007, always the braver one, piped up, trying to sound as though he didn’t give a Horus’s hoot whether Jhudoras was standing right in front of him or not.

     “What do I want… such a silly question. Lucky for you… I’m not going to do anything to you… yet… just wait and see! I’ll be back to mock at all of you soon…” the sound of Jhudoras’ cackling lingered as she vanished once again in a rather dramatic puff of dark purple smoke.

     “What are we gonna do now, Trisha?” I asked, noticing that she had gone deathly pale and silent after Jhudoras had made her dramatic appearance and disappearance.

     “I don’t know, Pearl, I simply don’t know …” Trisha murmured, shaking her head in defeat.

To be continued …

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