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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > New Series > Gone Buck Wild: Part One

Gone Buck Wild: Part One

by apparent

Finally! A long night of sleep had apparently paid off as the rather energetic Krawker_oth stepped outside of the NeoHome he shared with his owner and siblings, a content grin spread about his face. It was a Monday, and the Krawk felt more then relieved to be heading back to Neoschool after a long weekend at home with his siblings. He'd be able to meet with his two best friends, Vhyek and Mystified_Malice, to spin large "yarns" in the schoolyard that morning. The spring air felt crisp on his smooth skin, and a breeze slightly chilled his spine. Due to the earliness of his departure from bed, not too many neighborhood Neopets were up and about to make noise. Everything seemed so perfect..

     WHAM! The latest issue of The Neopian Times abruptly came whizzing through the air, whacking the Neopet upside his head and sending him roughly to the ground. "Ouch!" Krawker wailed, while struggling to get back onto his feet. It wasn't quite often that he was hit in the head with the latest issue, but this morning he found himself lucky enough to sport a bruise on his left temple due to so.

     "Neopian Times Issue 90…" he read aloud, and then clawed trough the freshly printed pages of Neopia's newspaper. The comics, of course, were his favorite - and this time a particular series happened to catch the Krawk's eye.

     Now, Krawker was peering over the artwork of the comic titled "Bucky the Babaa", smiling with entertainment while wriggling his tail. Bucky seemed so cool! He always had the latest style, in Krawker's opinion, and he must be the most popular Neopet in his neighborhood.

     "It would be so great to be like Bucky for a couple days," he thought aloud while scratching thoughtfully at his head. The small, crazy Krawk wasn't part of the "in" crowd of school, and only had two friends to share his time with. It would be a great step In fact; Krawker had developed an idea that seemed to be the greatest in the world. Stuffing the Neopian Times into his backpack, the small Krawk began to jog towards the nearest bus stop.


Usually, Krawker would stand on the bus stop while wailing to himself about that unfinished History assignment or his loss of a Mathematics textbook. Today was just the same. While his book bag cradled his ticket to popularity, Krawker_oth sulked while remembering that he'd left his Reading textbook at home on his dresser.

     "Aw, man… Mr. Hoo is going to flip when he sees that I've left my third copy of that book at home," he whined, while nervously wriggling his claws. Despite his worry, the Neopet managed to remember what fun he could get into if he and his friends actually went with the insane idea that sprouted in his head a half hour earlier.

     The large city bus pulled up to the bus stop, sending the crowd of waiting Neopets into it's interior like zombies. It was the same everyday routine for them, not much to be excited about, with the exception of Krawker, of course. While slipping his Neopoints into the slot for the fare, his friends Malice and Vhyek called to him eagerly.

     "Hey, Krawker! Come sit in the back with us!" Malice called, using her cuffed paws to generate a louder effect on her voice. Being rather short, she stood on her hinds while grinning ear-to-ear to gain her friend's attention. It worked, and also gained the gaze of others upon her as well.

     Krawker skipped over to his friends, acting quite nerd-like. Vhyek offered a small smile a he floated a few inches above the seat with aid from his wings.

     "Hey, guys," Krawker began to chatter while busily looking through his book bag for The Neopian Times issue he'd retrieved earlier that morning. While he withdrew it, Vhyek widened his gray eyes with curiosity.

     "What's that for, Krawker?" he inquired, knowing his friend all too well. It was rare that the spotted Krawk ever picked up a piece of material to read, so this was definitely a first. Malice looked over The Neopian Times cover with her sky colored eyes, gripping the straps of her book bag, quite suspenseful.

     "This here is our ticket to popularity," Krawker explained, flipping to the comic's section of the newspaper. Vhyek listened with interest, quite easy to please. Malice, on the other hand, scrunched her eyes with disagreement towards her friend. "I'm not sure, Krawker… I'm quite fine just being who I am."

     "But LISTEN!" he counteracted excitedly, pointing to a picture of Bucky the Babaa while trying to win the support of his friends. "We could become the flyest Neopets in school. AND! Still be ourselves around each other. It would be fun."

     Malice snorted seemingly unhappily, although she was just the opposite, slumping back in her seat. "Krawker?"


     "This is perhaps the stupidest thing you've ever attempted."

     Krawker_oth scratched at his head a little, and then pleaded. "Please, Malice, Vhyek? Just for two days and then if it doesn't work we can go back to being our normal selves."

     Vhyek quietly nodded towards his friend, willing to try out this insane "experiment" to make themselves seem cool. What harm could it do? "Alright, you can count me in, Krawker. I'll do it for as long as you like."

     "Thanks," the small Krawk smiled and smacked his friend a high four. Malice, on the other hand, was still a bit infuriated towards Krawker's "plan". However, she couldn't help but admit to herself that she was willing to try out the group's Bucky experiment.

     "You can count me in, too," she managed to croak while chewing on one of the digits upon her paws. "I don't know why I'm giving into this."

     Krawker squealed with delight as a surge of happiness overcame him, and began to tackle Malice happily. He knew it was only a matter of time before Malice would give in. Now, what trouble could they get in to?

     "Aw, thanks, Mallie."

     "Remember what happened the last time you called me that."

     As the city bus steadily took its usual route to the local public school, the three friends made themselves comfortable on the back seat of the bus. With the help of the back of Krawker's social studies homework and a pen, a list of "cool" terms and phrases helped expand the knowledge of the Neopets.

     As Malice thought beforehand, what trouble could they get into?

To be continued...

Mystified_Malice and Vhyek are copy written to their owners, zeri_ai and mystified_dreamer. They were used with permission, as well as the influence of Bucky the Babaa from simsman24000's comic.

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