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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 92 > New Series > The WereLupe Files: Case 3--Part One

The WereLupe Files: Case 3--Part One

by neojolteon2

Khell’s Growing Potion

Khell was walking home the day it happened. He went down to the store to pick up some peanut butter that Moon wanted. But there were so many types of peanut butter that Khell decided to buy them all. Then at least he would have bought the right one Moon wanted. But as he walked home, a rough gang of Neopets ambushed him.

     "What's in the bag puppy?" a punk looking Kacheek asked snatching the grocery bag.

     "Peanut butter," Khell replied not taking notice that he was in the presence of bad company.

     The Kacheek looked in and laughed.

     "Who would want this much peanut butter?" he laughed.

     "My sister, Moon," Khell replied.

     "Your sisters a twit," an Eyrie commented. This finally made Khell angry.

     "My sister isn't a twit!" He shouted at him.

     "Hey Nightwing, lets cover the pup in the peanut butter and then feather him," an Aisha suggest evilly. The Kacheek smiled.

     "That's not a bad idea."

     The rest of the gang grabbed Khell and held him down while another went to get feathers. The Kacheek and Aisha began to smear the peanut butter over Khell while laughing. Once they were done, they poured pillow feathers all over poor Khell. Khell felt hurt. The gang let him up laughing uncontrollably at the site of Khell. Khell ran away with tears in his eyes while the punk group laughed and mocked him.

     Khell ran into his house with peanut butter and feathers dropping off.

     "Khell?" Moon popped her head out of the kitchen. She was making peanut butter sandwiches for her and Khell. She ran out so she asked him to go get some. She thought it was an easy task for him. She sat the jar out for him to take along and get the right one but like Khell, he forgot so she expected him to come home with tons of peanut butter but not one of them the one she wanted. What she didn't expect was to see Khell come home covered in different peanut butters, feathers, and tears coming down his face.

     "Khell! What happened?" Moon ran to him.

     "It-it-" He was too choked up to talk. Each word was followed by a sob.

     "It-it-was a group of mean Neopets! They-they-took the peanut butter and-and smeared it on me! Then-then-then they put feathers on me! They called you-you a twit, too! They made fun-made fun of me Moon!" He gripped her with his buttery paws and buried his peanut buttery face with tears into her fur. Moon patted him on the back and noticed peanut butter and feathers stuck to her paw.

     "Yuck," she said flicking her paw. "Look Khell. Lets get you into the bath tub and then we'll get to the bottom of this okay?" she asked him.

     "Can I have my rubber ducky?" he sniffled.

     "Sure Khell, sure," Moon replied rolling her eyes.


The next day, Moon invited Maylas, Schnauzzi, and me to go shopping with her and Khell. She didn't tell me about Khell's incident. But as we went to the Neopian Supermarket, I saw a new shop had been moved right beside it. It looked like a magic shop.

     "Moon! Moon! Can I go to the Magic shop?" Khell jumped in front of Moon and wagged his tail happily hoping for a yes.

     "I guess Khell. Colbolt, can you watch him?" she asked me.

     "Me? Why me?" I asked offended. Khell was already bounding for the shop.

     "Well, I don't trust Khell in a magic shop on his own. Last time he was there, he came home with poke-a-dotted fur. Apparently, he poked the shop keeper in the eye when he asked for how much a potion was and couldn't afford it. So the keeper cursed him. You know how long it took to get him to normal?" she said.

     "Okay, okay," I grumbled.

     "Anyway Colbolt, maybe you'll find something on WereLupes there," Schnauzzi whispered. I shrugged and ran after Khell.

     Unfortunately, Khell was in there before me already snooping around. He was still thinking about that gang.

     "Calling me a pup. If I was bigger, they would be sorry," he muttered to himself. He began to look at the shelves which were filled with books. There were many titles, Curses Made Simple, How to Get Back at your Opponent, Need Fangs?, and Bubble Bubble Chia Soup. But the one that caught Khell's attention was a particular book.

     "Make your own growing potions," Khell said picking it out of the shelf. He flipped through the pages and smiled to himself. He went up to the counter where a cloaked figure waited. Khell paid him with his monthly allowance. The figure smiled and took it. I was just about to go inside when Khell thrust the door open and whacked me right in the nose.

     "Ow! Khell!" I yelled. I rubbed my nose with my paw making sure it wasn't broken.

     "Colbolt? What are you doing on the ground?" he asked.

     "Nothing Khell. What's that you got there?" I asked seeing the book.

     "Oh nothing. I paid for it at its fair price. Honest!" he said clutching it.

     "Okay Khell, Come on. Moon is probably almost done her shopping by now. We'll just head home awhile," I told him.

     "Okay Colbolt,"

     As Khell and I walked home, the group of gangster Neopets popped out on our path. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the chicken pup again. Ready for some more?" A bad looking Kacheek said.

     "Khell? You know these creeps?" I asked keeping my eyes on them.

     "They beat me up yesterday," Khell answered clutching onto his book. The gang snickered.

     "Lets see what kind of a book you have there?" the Kacheek said reaching for it. But Khell pulled back.

     "Back off," I growled stepping in front of him.

     "We don't have anything for you Lupe, we just want the pup," he snickered.

     "You'll have to go through me first," I growled angrily.

     "If you insist," the gang pounced on top of me. I fought off as many as I could, but they threw me into some bushes.

     "Leave me alone!" Khell shouted. I heard someone from the gang cry out in pain. They must've gotten poked in the eye.

     "That's it," I growled feeling the change into the WereLupe. I jumped out of the bushes and howled. Khell was fighting away the gang as best as he could. When they turned around and saw me, the color ran out of their faces.

     "WereLupe!" They shouted and ran down the street. I gave a little chase until they were out of sight. Once they were, I shifted back to my normal form.

     "Thanks Colbolt," Khell said.

     "No prob Khell," I replied with a smile.

To be continued...

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