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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Articles > Elusive Rare Items

Elusive Rare Items

by sivany

So you're getting along fine on Neopets, you're not rich but you're comfortably off and everything is going swimmingly. Then suddenly... BAMM! It happens. You get one of those super expensive unbuyable items, the sort of item you've always dreamt about and hoped for, but suddenly you're at a loss. You have the item, but what do you do now? Well, this article is dedicated to helping you out, so read on!

What Is An Unbuyable?
An unbuyable is an item worth over 100,000np. No item priced at over 100,000 can be bought from a user's shop, hence the name "unbuyable." Such items are very rare! Also, unbuyable items can sometimes only have a low estimated value; this shows why it is important to check the Shop Wizard rather than just going off the estimated value!

Ways You Might Receive An Unbuyable Item
1. You buy it: This is unlikely, considering that they are unbuyable, but you may get lucky and manage to buy something from the main shops for a much cheaper price than it is actually worth, without realising it.
2. You get it at an auction: Again unlikely, but you might get lucky.
3. You trade it for something: This could happen, if someone really really wants a particular item they may be willing to trade something worth far more than the item they want to get.
4. You get it in a random event: This is more likely, although very rare items are not often given out in random events.
5. You complete a quest: Usually, the rewards for things like the Snow Faerie quests aren't that good, but you may get lucky!
6. You win it: This is the most likely; you could win the item in a game or competition. I won my first rare item from the Wheel of Excitement. It was a book called My Eyrie Friend and I will use this as a case study in this article (although it is no longer worth as much).

How To Tell You Have An Unbuyable!
It isn't actually that easy, unless it is one of the better known items like a Rod of Supernova. I bet you'd never heard of My Eyrie Friend until I mentioned it, had you? I know I had never heard of it till I won it... I didn't even know what it was! The easiest way to tell if something is unbuyable is to look in the Shop Wizard. If you get no search results the first time, hit the back button and try again. If you still get no search results, then check to make sure you have spelt the item name correctly and that you have not accidentally entered a maximum price. Now, try again a few times... if you still get nothing, then congratulations! It is very likely that you have an unbuyable item. I get some search results, but they are over 100,000 NP.

No problem, this just means that the particular user is extremely proud of their rare item and wants to show it off. They have put the item in their shop at a price where no one can purchase it, but everyone can see it. This is called a gallery item. Another thing that could happen is you could get just one search result at 99,000 NP, or whatever. Don't rush out and put your item in your shop for that much, as you might be able to get more.

The Next Step
This is the part where most people freeze. I certainly did when I got My Friend Eyrie, because you don't expect a book to be worth that much. However, once you have calmed down from the shock, you should do several other things.

1. Now you know how much the item is worth I would recommend immediately putting it into your shop. No, not to sell, but to keep it safe from things like the Pant Devil. They can steal items and NP from the bank, your inventory and your safety deposit box, but they won't touch your shop. Set the price to 0 NP to make sure no one will buy the item.

2. Check the auctions: Items can be sold at any price in the auctions. Check the Auction Genie to see how much people are putting the item up for, and how much people are bidding.

3. Look at the Trading Post: Search for lots with your item in them. With such an expensive item, it is likely that people will only be trading it by itself. Look at their wish list to see how much they expect to get for the item. Now you should have a much clearer idea of how much your item is worth, although it could be even more confusing, especially if you only got a few results. When I looked at the Trading Post someone was asking just 85,000 NP for their My Friend Eyrie, whilst the second person was asking for 150,000 NP, and there were no more lots to compare it too. The situation was similar in the auction; just two people asking very different prices. Don't panic at this point and ask for the lowest price. The fact that there are so few of these items on offer means that 85k is probably too low... perhaps these people just want a quick sale or trade.

What To Do
Next, decide what you want to do. In the ever-expanding world of Neopia, you have several choices:

If you found that the item was consistently up for auction or trade at around 100,000 to 120,000 NP, and you want to get rid of the item easily, then you could put it in your shop for between 90,000 and 100,000 NP (depending on its worth), and wait till it has been bought. Remember, don't be tempted to lower your price, as these items can take a long time to sell (not many people can afford them!). Be patient, it will go eventually. The only time you should lower the price is if you check the Shop Wizard again at a later date and find other people selling the item for a lower price (although first make sure it is not a ridiculously low price because the person hasn't bothered to check they have an expensive item)

If you wish to get more than 100,000 NP for your item, one option is to put it up for auction. For such a rare item, it is probably better to set up quite a long lasting auction, as with such a rare and expensive item people will probably use the auction genie to search for lots rather than checking the most recent auctions. Put your item up for just a little lower than any other lots in the auction for the same item; this will ensure people choose to bid on your lot first. One word of warning! Don't set the item for a low price, then set the minimum increment so high that people will end up paying more than it's worth with just one bid. Keep it reasonable; for items over 100,000 NP, about 1000 NP is a reasonable increment. Once the auction is set up, you can forget about your item until the auction is over! If you find nobody bids on the item, you can try again with the auction (perhaps no one wanted your particular item today, but maybe someone will tomorrow) or you can try one of the other options.

This can be one of the best choices, providing it is done sensibly. As your item is very expensive, put it up for trade in a lot BY ITSELF! I cannot stress this enough! Very few people want to spend 500,000 NP on five unbuyable items at the same time. Usually, people just want one thing in your lot, and they will be put off of your trade because the items are not separate. Even putting "Neomail for separate items" doesn't help very much, because people will bid on the more convenient lots first (e.g. the ones with individual items) and you will lose out.

When you put your item up for trade, it is always a good idea to actually specify something on your wishlist. People are more willing to bid if they know for certain they are bidding something you want, and that they are likely to get the trade. If you followed the steps above, you will know roughly what your item is worth by now, so you know how much you can reasonably ask for it. Always ask a reasonable price; you can ask for NP's, items or even a mixture of both. Think about whether you want items such as paint brushes, morphing potions, battledome items etc. and then look to see how much these items are worth. If they are worth less than your item, you could ask for more than one item, or NP's as well the item. It is well worth doing research before you start your trade, so that you don't under or overcharge, neither of which will make you any money (people don't buy or trade overpriced items!) It may take a few days for someone to make an offer on your lot, but providing it is priced reasonably, you should eventually get an offer. It is up to you whether or not you think it is reasonable, and if you want to accept it. If someone offers you cheap rubbish though, don't be afraid to reject! You know what the item is worth, and you deserve to get what you want for it (within reason!) so keep trying until you find a suitable buyer.

What To Do Once You've Sold Your Item
Nothing! Sit back, relax and bask in the glory of being rich! : ) Congratulations! Well, that's all from me. Hopefully, this article has helped some of you out there who weren't sure how to handle the more expensive items in Neopia. If you follow the advice in this article, you should be well on your way to getting a lot of money for your unbuyable items. Now, the only problem is getting your hands on one in the first place....

My user name is Sivany, please feel free to neomail me with any questions. I would also like to add that the book "My Eyrie Friend" is no longer worth as much as when I first acquired one but they are still worth a few thousand so if you come across one there's still some money to be made!

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