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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Articles > What The Heck Does Jhudora Want With All That Stuff?

What The Heck Does Jhudora Want With All That Stuff?

by chrisja357

My search began in Faerieland, the home of all Faeries. I didn't have the nerve to go to Jhudora myself, so I had to ask a few locals what they thought about Jhudora and her item quests.

"It's a serious waste of NP if you ask me!" Said the Light Faerie, keeper of the Wheel of Excitement.

"I don't care either way. She's weird all right, but her quests bring in all sorts of customers that would normally stay away from here," added the Earth Faerie of the Faerie PetPet Shop.

"I don't mind. I get all sorts of stuff from her quests!" Said a passing Dark Faerie. She also added: "Like this adorable little Airax!"

"I don't see Neopians' fascination with her. Her prizes are no good, and you waste your NP on items that are useless!" The Faerie Queen said.

So there seems to be mixed opinions about Jhudora the Dark Faerie. I must agree with the Light Faerie, in that her quests are a waste of hard earned NP. However, none of this answered my question about what she does with the stuff. So I got up my nerve, and got my four Neopets to go Jhudora's Cloud and investigate. (What? You didn't expect me to go there, did you?)

As I saw them leave towards the black-hole-like storm cloud, I decided I just couldn't send them alone, and had to go with them.

We got near the cloud, and Jhudora appeared magically in front of us. My Neopets and I cowered back a ways before anyone spoke.

"We are here to do a quest for you, Jhudora!" Diabutu said.

"Pah! I don't want you poking around here! You've already spoiled enough secrets! I read the Times! You bring disaster for simple Neopians trying to earn a living!" she replied.

"I'm serious. I want to do the quest. I want to try and get a Wand of the Dark Faerie." I said.

"Okay, then for your first quest... GET ME A BOTTLE OF BLUE SAND! YOU HAVE 16 MINUTES!"

Houndren held up a Bottle of Blue Sand to Jhudora. "Like this one?"

Jhudora hastily snatched it from his hands. She then tossed it behind her into the swirling black cloud she calls her home. The item spun around and around the cloud as if stuck in a whirlpool, until when finally it got sucked down into the middle.

"You must think you're pretty smart don't you, you little Gelert?" She snapped.

"No, I just-"

"Silence!" She boomed. "Normally, it takes 12 hours before you can do your next Faerie quest, but I'll let you slide this time." Jhudora said with an evil grin on her face. "I have high hopes for you!"

"What do you need next?" I asked, bowing to her.

"You're a polite man, aren't you?" She said. "I want a SHOYRU SWORD! GET IT IN 16 MINUTES!"

"Got it!" Diabutu said, handing over his prized sword. "That thing was expensive... what are you going to do with-"

"Enough out of you!" She cut him off. She then tossed the sword behind her, and Diabutu watched in horror as his weapon got sucked into the cloud.

"Do we get another chance?" Tyranatre asked.

"No... no more for you until tomorrow." She said, quite politely for once. She then flew across the cloud and sat on a wicked looking chair.

"Hey!" I yelled. "I thought you got a prize for completing level one!"

"What?" She looked surprised. "Oh, yes. That stupid candy. If you can cross the cloud you can have it!" She taunted.

"Easy enough," said Blaytre. "I'll go." He lifted off the ground and began to fly across the cloud. About mid-way, the cloud began to shake and lightning was being issued from the center of it.

"Not so easy now, is it?" Hollered Jhudora. "All of you must pass before you can claim your prize!"

Blaytre flew back to me and my team of Neopets, then landed. "What do we do?" he asked.

I quickly came up with an idea. "Diabutu, carry Tyranatre across, and Blaytre you carry Houndren across. Then both of you fly back for me."

They both nodded and picked up the assigned Neopets. Once more, about mid-way, the lightning started. The beams of electricity were darting back and forth, barely missing my poor Neopets. Then, disaster struck.

"You make me sick!" Jhudora yelled. She stood up and threw her arms into the air. She began an odd chant and the lightning shots became more accurate. "Try working your way past this!"

The lightning darted between the pets, and one struck Blaytre's wing.

"AH!" Blaytre yelled, as he dropped Houndren. He himself fell out of the air in pain.

"No! Get up!" I yelled to Blaytre, but it was too late. Blaytre and Houndren fell into the swirling cloud.

Both of them yelled very loud. I knew something was wrong then, as neither Houndren or Blaytre ever yell. They swirled around and around the cloud until both Neopets were pulled into the middle and vanished.

"Blaytre! No!" Diabutu yelled.

"Diabutu, come back!" Once more, I was too late.

A bolt of lightning struck Tyranatre, making him squirm. Diabutu dropped him, and he fell into the cloud. Dibautu dove down to try and rescue him, but also got caught in Jhudora's evil maelstrom. They spun and spun until they vanished in the center.

"Pathetic Neopets! Wretched creatures!" Jhudora yelled to me. "You should have expected more from a Faerie like me!"

"You're disgusting! How could you do that to innocent Neopets?"

"I'm disgusting? A Human is not one to call a Faerie disgusting." Jhudora taunted.

"What do you want with my Neopets?" I demanded from her.

"The same thing that I want with all the items I get! POWER!"

This caught me off guard a bit. How do you get power from the useless items that Jhudora collects? So I asked her: "How do you get power from all those useless items?"

"If I tell you, then I'll have to destroy you!"

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because first I want to destroy you, and two you'll go blabbing to that newspaper and the Faerie Queen will find out!"

"The Queen will find out about what you did to my pets if you don't tell me!"

She looked surprised at my sudden burst of courage. "You're right!" She said. "And we can't have that! I'll have to destroy you now, anyway!"

She disappeared from my sight at that moment, then reappeared behind me. She wielded a Wand of the Dark Faerie and used it to slowly push me towards her cloud.

"You'll be seeing your Neopets soon enough!" She yelled.

"At least tell me what you do with the items before you kill me!" I said.

"I guess I can do you that favor. The items are sucked into the cloud and are kept there for a few days. The power from the items is slowly lost in the perpetual darkness and evil in there. The same will go for your Neopets! Then, once all the power is gone, I pull it out of the cloud and into my Wand. Once the Wand has enough power, I will use it to blast that Faerie Queen and rule Neopia!"

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" I yelled, dangerously close to the cloud's mouth.

"How is that stupid?" she boomed.

"Simple. Your Wand is no match for this one." I pulled out a Wand of the Light Faerie. "And do you know what this will do? It will counter all the evil and darkness!"

"Don't you dare!" She yelled, but this time, she was too late.

I let my Wand fall into the cloud. On impact, Jhudora's cloud began to stop swirling and my Neopets reemerged from its center. They were all unconscious, but at least they were back. As the cloud stopped spinning, it also revealed a hoard of items underneath. Including my bottle of sand and Shoyru sword. The color quickly changed from dark black to a bright white. The cloud shook violently from the sudden adding of the light to it's insides. Suddenly, a beam of light shot from the cloud, and it turned into a normal cloud.

"NO!" Jhudora yelled. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" She shook her Wand violently. "The light... it countered my Wand's power, too! NO!"

"That's what you get!" Diabutu said, waking up and picking up his Shoyru sword.

"Yeah. Evil never pays off." Houndren added, also waking up.

Blaytre and Tyranatre had already gotten up and were slowly making their way off the cloud.

"It doesn't matter anyway!" She cast aside her wand and let it fall to the ocean beneath. "I'll destroy you all the old-fashioned way!" She prepared for a fight.

"That's no use. Without your Wand, you're basically powerless. You can't stop us now." I said, making my way back to Faerie City.

Jhudora tried to cast a spell, but found that her magic was totally useless. "You know, people will do more quests for me! AND I WILL FIX THIS CLOUD!"

"I know they'll be doing more quests, but I've stopped you from taking Neopia for the time being, and that's all that matters now. I'll see you again, Jhudora."

Jhudora scowled and retreated to her chair.

So ended the encounter with Jhudora. She summons whatever magic she can from all of your items and uses it for her evil plots. So, not only are you wasting NP by doing these quests, but you are also helping her to rule Neopia. HEED MY WARNING ALL NEOPIANS: Jhudora is pure evil! Do nothing for her as long as you can prevent it! Oh, and remember: always carry a Wand of the Light Faerie with you. You never know when it might come in handy.

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