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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Jazzlyn_26
Owner: goldwolf_567
Breed: Korbat

About Jazzlyn_26:

Its a dark and stormy night (what else?) and you, a young inexperienced reporter is walking down Dark Avenue..... (Dum dum dum)....anyways, you're walking along, as normal as ever, right? Riiiiiiight. You notice the sky is getting very gray, and soon after, the sky bursts into a shower of rain. You quickly run down the street to find shelter, and at the dead end of the road, you can make out a building. As you get closer you see it's a tower....a large black tower....the kind you might see in a cheesy horror movie (Noooooo). Knowing there's really no where else to go, you sprint to the giant wooden doors and push them open, making a large eerie creeeeeeaak.

Now inside, you view your surroundings. It's really dark, but you can make out a long spiraling staircase. Trudging your way up, you hear a noise. It's a clicky noise, sort of high pitched, like the sound some kind of animals makes. As you approach the top of the tower, you can see a large dark room. Gulping, you look up to see that the entire ceiling is covered in korbats, all hanging upside-down. Except for one. This korbat had a pilot's hat and goggles on. She looks down and grins, showing four little sharp fangs. Her big red eyes are illuminated in the darkness. You notice, much to your surprise, that this korbat is a mutant. She drops down, using her wings for support before she hit the ground. Landing right in front of you, she smiles cheerfully.

Korbat: Hey ho there two legger, what brings you to this shady place?

You: Um.......well, it was I took shelter here...

Korbat: *wags tiny finger* No no no, it's not wise to come to this place. Us korbats can be evil, so watch yer back!

You: um...

Korbat: Well, you may call me Jazzlyn_26, Jazzlyn, or Jazzy. Nice to meetcha! Well, the korbat tower gets boring around this hour.....*sighs* what to do? *thinks*......oh, I know! We can talk about me! Yaya that will be fun!

You: Ok then, sure....what are you going to say? I'll write it down, I am a reporter.

Jazzy: Oh, coolio! Um.......first, I was rescued from the pound, by my loving owner goldwolf_567! Hee, thank ya gold! I love you! And I know when neopians adopt pets from the pound, they make up stupid corny stories about how they were so mistreated and thrown in the pound, and then to find a loyal loving owner. My story's not like that, it has flava. I was put in the pound by my former owner, and then gold found me, and as any owner, snagging a good chance to grab a painted or morphed pet, took me under her wing....*adjusts goggles*

You: *writes down every word*

Jazzy: Then I found a real life, a life where I'm not judged by the hideousness of my mutation from a simple lively korbat to...this *points to self* But I'm ok, since I AM very cuddly ;) Are you getting all this?

You: yeah, yeah.....*scribbles down more words*

Jazzy: Well, anyhow, I can't say I'm much of a Battledome fighter, as I've fought a few fights....and um, lost them all *sweat drop* I have some equipment though, but it doesn't help much. Wanna hear the story of how I became a mutant? It's coooool.

You: *nods quickly and writes more notes*

Jazzy: Well, I was jut coming back from the food store in Neopia Central, when I saw someone in a dark alleyway, beckoning me to come closer. I came up to him, and the strange guy offered me a strange potion, and told me to drink it that night. He was weird looking; he looked sort of like a grundo, and had long green hair like thingys coming out of his head. He also told me to call him Sloth...weird huh? So that night, I remembered what he told me. I was hesitant, but I drank down the potion. I felt funny, like I had swallowed feathers. The liquid was gooey and oozed through my throat. Something was prickling in my head, because suddenly, I was changing! I ran to a mirror, and instead of finding myself appearing like a normal korbat, I looked like....this *points to self*

You: Wow...*scribbles down every detail*

Jazzy: Omigosh, I didn't realize how early in the morning it is! The sun will rise soon, and we DO have windows in this place.....*adjusts goggles* so, I hafta go find a nice dark spot to sleep, bye bye now! *flies away*

You wave goodbye and notice the rain has stopped. Walking back outside, you see the sun about to rise in the east, which can be explained by the rotation of the earth and how the moon revolves around the earth and blah bla blah blah......THE END

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