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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _Fanged_Warrior_
Owner: Spikes_Redemption
Breed: Grarrl

About _Fanged_Warrior_:

A young man paces nervously behind a red velvet curtain. Outside, there's the muffled sound of a crowd gathering. It's a solemn occasion for Neopia. After all, Grarrl Day is only once a year, and only ONE Grarrl can ever hold the honor of getting that day's spotlight. Only one, and one alone. And on this day, that on Grarrl... is late.

"Soul, what's TAKING your brother so long?", the young man finally blurts out, addressing a Fire Draik, who's sitting perched atop a nearby stool.

"I don't know, dad," the Draik says, fiddling with his blue glasses. "Want me to go get him?"

"No. No..." The young man sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose and running a hand through his hair. "If he doesn't get here soon, though, they're going to give the spotlight to some OTHER Grarrl. I KNOW Warrior's been looking forward to this for weeks. He won't be late..." He turns to stare at the door, and mutters, "I hope he won't be, anyway...."


"Warrior, hurry up!", a small blue Korbat squeaks, fluttering around a large room in a neohome near Tyrannia. "You're going to be late for your own spotlight!"

"I KNOW that, Shadow! I'm coming...", a VERY large red Grarrl, apparently the Warrior that all this fuss is about, snarls, fishing through a chest of drawers. "I can't show up at the Spotlight Hall without my... TIE! Ah HA!" The Grarrl snarls triumphantly, pulling out a black tie, and quickly starting to put it around his beefy neck, heading for the door. "Come on, Shadow!", he calls back to the Korbat. "We're going to be late!" And with that, he runs out of the house, leaving the Korbat, his brother, to play catch up by flying out through the chimney.

Back At The Spotlight Hall...

"ARGH!", the young man shouts, slamming his fist down on a table and startling his Draik, who leaps into the air with a flurry of flame flashing wings. "Where IS he??"

"Relax, Dad...", the Draik says, landing at his owner's feet and putting a hand on his knee. "They'll be here... You know Shadow. He won't let Warrior be-"

At that moment, the Grarrl literally crashes through the door. That's right. THROUGH. As in, forgot to open it, but that doesn't matter now, anyway. "Oops...", Warrior mutters to himself, turning around and trying to put the door back on it's hinges, just as Shadow the Korbat swoops through the opening.

"We're here!", the diminuitive Neopet announces, fluttering over to land on his brother Draik's shoulder.

"Finally!", their owner exults, coming over and hugging his Grarrl. "We were getting worried."

"I couldn't find my tie, and-", Warrior starts, hugging his owner in return.

"No time for that now," the young man says, pulling away and smiling proudly at his pet. In a quieter, softer tone, he motions to the stage. "They're waiting for you, War. Do us all proud."

Warrior swooshes his tail, and walks up to his youngest brother, a Blue Cybunny, who's been silent so far, and pats him on the head, crouching down, he whispers, "Thanks for coaching me, Floppy."

The Cybunny grins up at his brother. "No problem. You're gonna be great." He shakes the Grarrl's hand gently. "Good luck."

Warrior smiles at Floppy, then turns to the young Draik wearing the eyeglasses, and grasps his hand enthusiastically. "Soul, thank you so much... For everything. I wouldn't be here today without you..."

The Fire Draik smiles and pulls his brother to him in a hug. "It was nothing, big guy," he whispers against his brother's stomach, before looking up at him and smiling. "Go on out there. Bring in that award for all of us."

Warrior nods, then tilts his head when Shadow, the blue Korbat lands on his snout. "Good luck, War," the Korbat whispers.

Warrior smiles and raises one hand, lightly patting the Korbat's head with a single clawed finger. "Thanks, Shadow." The Korbat flies over to the owner, landing on his shoulder, and the three other pets and their owner wave as the Grarrl starts out on the stage.

A hush comes over the crowd as the curtain raises, and the magnificent Red Grarrl approaches the podium, his head held high, green eyes shining. He comes up to the Neopets Representitive, who hands him the trophy, and tells the audience that the pet would now like to say a few words. The Grarrl humbly nods as the staff member leaves the stage, then turns and looks out at the assembled mass of Neopets and Owners.

"My friends, you've all come here to honor me... But I'd like you to know that the honor is truely mine. To be recognized and given the Pet Spotlight is a great honor... And one that I never could've achieved without my family. If it's alright, I'd like to bring them out here now, to share this wonderful day with me. For I truely wouldn't be who I am today, if it weren't for them. A round of applause for my family, everyone!"

The crowd bursts into cheers as the Grarrl steps back and announces his family one by one. "My youngest brother, Floppy_Jr_, a blue Cybunny who was born a Blumaroo!" Floppy hops out onto the stage, looking rather embarrassed, but smiling, and takes his place at Warrior's side. The Grarrl then gestures to the wings again. "My oldest brother, Spikes_Shadow, the blue Korbat!" Shadow flies out onto the stage, his long tail whipping around, and lands atop the Pet Spotlight trophy sitting on the podium, as Warrior introduces his last brother. "My younger brother, Flaming_Soul_, third place species winner in the September 15th Beauty Contest, a Fire Draik who was born a Scorchio!" The Draik flies out onto the stage and takes his place at his brother's side, and the Grarrl's voice softens as he announces his final guest. "And my owner, the person who has made sure that I have never gone hungry one day in my life, who's played with me and my brothers every day since we were born, my dad, Spikes_Redemption!"

The rather embarrassed looking owner comes out onto the stage reluctantly, and Warrior pulls him into a tight hug, before looking out at the audience, who's finally calming down again. "This is my family. I wouldn't be the pet I am today if it weren't for them. So I ask you, is this a Pet Spotlight... Or a family spotlight? Because, for me... There is nothing greater, than my family."

And, as the crowd once again erupts into applause, the whole family gathers around the podium and the trophy, and a photographer snaps the picture seen above. A Grarrl and his family. For on this Grarrl Day, the real Spotlight is on love.

The End

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