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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Soqiu
Owner: lilbittypretty
Breed: Gelert

About Soqiu:

A small baby gelert sat before a towering wall of pet spotlights. Heroes, warriors, scholars, the poor, the rich, the beautiful and the ugly. Sighing, he stepped away from the Shrine-to-Neopia's-finest and his curly yellow tail dropped to his paws.

How could he, so young and weak, ever manage a tiny piece of that spotlight? After all, what made HIM unique? His long yellow ears? No, all sorts of gelerts, usuls, cybunnies , acaras, aishas, and even scary mutant blumaroos had long ears! Could it be his outstanding achievements in the field of stocks? He giggled at the thought since he couldn't hardly add two and two. Sitting down with his trusty sketch-a-pic and a lot of frustration, he began to doodle. Soon, his doodling took shape into a beautiful landscape- although if you or I were to look at it, we would see naught but colorful scribbles. Ever doodling, Soqiu imagined himself a brave knight, riding into battle across the fields of Meridell! A banner proclaiming "Soqiu the Great" waving majestically as sword met villain in a heroic exchange of blows. Victorious at last, Soqiu was dubbed champion of Neopia, and a procession of no equal was held in his honor!

Blinking a bit, Soqiu giggled at his drawing, but seeing even these fantasy heroics were not enough to shine a spotlight upon, he crumpled up the paper and began again.

Deep in the laboratory of the deepest darkest reaches of the Space Station, a scientist by the name of Professor Soqiu dwelled! Bubbling concoctions and brewing transmogrification potions left the ingenious professor feeling peckish and thirsty. Reaching for his cup of borovan, he accidentally drank a beaker labeled ominously with a sad face. Thick black hair sprouted from his back and razor sharp...Soqiu tossed the paper aside, his tiny paws quacking with fright. No, scary stories wouldn't work either, especially as the author grew to scared to finish drawing them!

Waves rippled across the desert sand, not the quenching liquid of the sea but waves of heat and sand, sticking to a baby gelerts nose and eyes. A tall shrine, erected in the memory of a lost king finally breached the sand dunes and with renewed hope, Soqiu raced towards it. Bowing before its mighty stonework, the small neopet closed his eyes and wished for the courage to venture through the spooky woods in search of his long lost poppit. A warm sensation echoed through his paws and as quickly as it had come it vanished. Looking about for a sign, the gelert saw a piece of burnt salmon, the only gift from the 'wise and powerful' Coltzan. For fear of angering the late Lost Desert King, Soqiu quickly crumpled this drawing to save from receiving any more burnt salmon on later visits.

Determined to find the perfect pet spotlight, Soqiu drew mystery stories, comedic stories, stories about asparagus, stories about raindrops on roses and whiskers on wockys but not one seemed to fit - until it hit him. A whirling cliche thwacked the poor pup in the back of his noggin (be careful when using cliches not to let them out of your sight as accidents can happen)! "Winning is nothing more than rising each time you fall"

Staring at the dozens of crumpled papers around him, Soqiu grinned and let his long tail wag again for the first time in hours. His little sketch -a-pic was just a solace, the only place where he could express himself no matter now insecure, confused, scared, or down hearted he got when reaching for his pet spotlight award. Every time he made up a story, he poured a little bit of himself into the pages, and yet when he was discouraged, he simply tore out a new page and began again. His eyes sparkled brighter and if I didn't know any better I'd say his tail was bushy as the dewy-eyed gelert smiled once again to himself.

"I won pet spotlight with out being strong or rich, all I had to do was skip around my crumpled papers and keep trying"

To a baby gelert, in all his innocence and lack of grace, shows us that with a little imagination and a lot of paint, we can accomplish anything ^ ^.

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