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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I like being a poogle!!!

Pet Name: Eleohah
Owner: tinygerbil
Breed: Poogle

About Eleohah:

When I first came onto Neopets about three months ago, I knew what I wanted. A decent, polite neopet with the ability to care for others. I thought a moehog was the right job for this. I went to the adoption centre and looked for a moehog. I searched for an hour in total but I couldn't find one anywhere. I sadly had to go around Neopia Central with my moehog.

The next day when I came online I remembered, you can create pets! As there were no moehogs in the adoption centre I went to create one, and I did. A blue moehog with a heart of gold. Her name has a meaning to it. It's from the cartoon programme "The Simpsons" When I heard the line on the programme "aloh-ha-moe" I thought of the name "Eleohah" and thats when I decided it was the perfect name for my moehog! I clicked to create her and then she was there. Her stats were only average but I didn't care. She was to precious to fight!

I adored my little moehog. She was so energetic and constantly demanding toys to play with! I new I shouldn't spoil her, but she was so friendly and kind that she earned it. I bought her a set of poogle toys and without realising, I picked up a magical one in the can probably guess what happened next..

The next day as I was showing Eleohah all her poogle toys, I picked the magical one. As I clicked to play I suddenly noticed a line that drained my face totally "WARNING! THIS TOY WILL ALTER YOUR PET!" I quickly tried to stop it. I had no experience of owning a poogle, only a moehog! But it happened. Eleohah suddenly turned into a yellow poogle before my eyes. My sweet little moehog had gone. :(

I hunted around for a moehog morphing potion instantly. But I had few neopoints and couldn't afford one. I wished endless wishes at the wishing well, bidded on so many potions at the auctioned, traded all my items for the bottle of morphing potion, but no luck. And whilst I was doing all this, my poor Eleohah sat in her neohome trying to come to terms with what had happened.

After a while, I began to get used to Eleohah's new look. I rather liked her sunset yellow colour and her big eyes, but believe me, she didn't at first! She complained about her golden yellow coat. "I don't like yellow, buy me a cloud paint brush." she would say. But like I said, I was low on neopoints so I had to shake my head. Thats when it happened...

"Come on Tinygerbil, I'm a poogle, they're limited editions, I'm a rare species!" She laughed one day. I went to create a pet and checked. Sure enough poogles where a limited edition. I went to create another so Eleohah could have a friend, but there where no more to create! "You are a rare species!" I smiled to Eleohah. She just smiled and nodded her head!

About a month after loosing my little moehog, I got lucky on Tombola. "YOU ARE A WINNER!" it said, and guess what, I won a purple paint brush. " Mister Tiki Tack knew I wanted to be painted so he gave that to you!" Eleohah said knowingly. I just shook my head and laughed.

At the rainbow pool, I painted Eleohah and prayed she would come out okay. Then before my eyes stood the sweetest poogle I had ever seen. Her eyes deep black and her fur purplely pink. It was my poogle, My Eleohah, My neopet.

I'm rather pleased my moehog was morphed. For I now have a one of the kind poogle. She adores herself and I adore her too, and we always will love each other as friends, till death I shall part...

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