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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: littlestrawberrineo
Owner: flavouredice
Breed: Jubjub

About littlestrawberrineo:

*A red and green ball of fluff hops onto the stage!*

Hi hi! My name is littlestrawberrineo! I know it's a mouthful, just like me, so my friends call me Berri! *Giggles* I asked Mommy if I could audition for pet spotlight because I want to help pets out there with low self-esteem! So here's my story...

My Mommy adopted me when I was just a little seedling. I thought the other pets must be better than me because I had been disowned. My new Mommy tells me that my old owner probably just wanted what was best for me, but I was too upset to be comforted. But I got happier with my new Mommy and sisters. Mommy bought me my Slorg-y! *smiles* KRICKET!! And I was beginning to feel pretty confident.

One day when I was old enough to jubjub roll along, I saw some other pets my age playing Gormball. I hopped to a red scorchio and said, "Hi hi! Can I play?" He laughed and said, "How could you play? Your feet are so big they would get in the way of the ball!" The other pets started shouting, "Big feet! Big Feet! Hehehe!" Then a green kiko said, "Haha! Your feet are bigger than the gormball!"

Tears started to well up in my eyes. "At least I have feet," I yelled. And I rolled all the way home. The next day I did not go out to try to play. I figured I was a reject pet with really big feet. So I cried and stayed alone in my room. The only time I left our Neohome in two months was when we went out to eat or Mommy made me get some air, and even then I just stayed in our yard.

One day I was filling out yet another puzzle in my Big Book of Puzzles, when my older sister d0CTORpEPPER came in. She said we're going out. So I went to get some shoes to cover my enormous feet, when she said, "No! It's a sunny day, I just want to play with my little sister. You don't need shoes!" So we went on our way. Every step of the way I was looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was around to see me, which would indefinitely mean they would also see my jumbo feet. d0CTORpEPPER noticed. "Berri, stop it! Your feet are. Cute!" I looked up skeptically, "You just called my feet cute!" "Well, they are! In a strawberry fields forever kinda way!" It really wasn't that funny but I started giggled uncontrollably, probably because I needed to laugh carrying all this anxiety all the time! I giggled and rolled until I realized d0CTORpEPPER had walked us right up to a gormball game.

I turned around to roll away, when d0CTORpEPPER stopped me. "I told you I wanted to play!" she said. "Well, I don't!" I pouted. Just then that same mean red scorchio from two months ago saw me. I shuddered. "Hey guys! Big Feet is back!" d0CTORpEPPER was about to say something when I stepped up. "Yup! I'm back! Hehe! And my feet have grown four centimeters since then! And I'm ready to beat you all at a game of gormball!" They just looked at me for a second. I smiled. I have no idea where I got that confidence from, but I feel like I conquered an entire Darigan army! "Well, then what you waiting for," the scorchio said. And we played! I lost the first game, but that's the last game of gormball I've lost! Apparently big feet are excellent for catching gormballs, and now I play everyday!

So my message is this: Don't let other pets make you feel bad. Maybe you see a beautiful pet in the beauty contest and you wish you were so beautiful, or had so many trophies, or so strong, or so smart. Whatever it is it doesn't matter, just take what you do have and be proud of it. If you get discouraged and just stay huddled up in your neoroom, you won't ever be beautifully painted, or super strong, or mega smart! You have to go out and work for it, and before you get there remain proud of what you already are and have already accomplished. Reach for the staaaaaaars!

*Smiles and rolls off the stage*

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