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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mortakie
Owner: bubble_bug102
Breed: Moehog

About Mortakie:

A large crowd sits expectantly in a huge stadium, the people and neopets seem very excited, tension fills the air as the show time draws closer, suddenly a handsome blue Moehog steps out of a special effect smoke screen, the crowd starts shouting "MORTY! MORTY! MORTY!" He raises his guitar and.... "MORTY MOEHOG! IF YOU DON'T GET UP THIS SECOND YOUR GOING TO MISS YOUR CHANCE AT PET SPOTLIGHT!" "YIKES!" yells Mortakie as he trips out of bed and heads downstairs, "COMING, MOMMY!"

An announcer appears on the stage with a mike in his hand and speaks, "Ladies, gentlemen and neopets of all ages I give the contestants for this weeks pet spotlight!" A group of neopets file out, some are wearing tut's and flashy suits, others have instruments and scripts, everyone has something, except for one puny, little runt of a moehog, who is staring shyly at the floor. Each pet steps forward and gives their little speech each better than the last, until, it's the little Moehogs turn.

"Ummm, cough, cough, well, ummm, h-h-hi. I'm M-M-Mortakie and I-I-I'm trying out for pet spotlight because..."

A young girl stands behind stage, staring at her little Morty being embarrassed and humiliated. "Why did I sign him up for this? He just isn't the speech presenter his sisters are, what am I going to do?!" The little moehog stares at his already asleep crowd, his confidence is gone, he looks around as the tears well up in his eyes. Then he sees his mom staring at him with such love and devotion that he knows he has to do this for her, no matter what, he also has to show his sisters he isn't a wimpy baby like they say he is. "This is it," he says, "here I go." "My name is Mortakie Storache. I am only a few months old but my mom thought I should do this to help my confidence. You see, when I grow up, I want to be a rock and roll star. And I'm going to do it too. I take guitar lessons and I'm getting pretty good at it. My sisters, Ixila, Kako and Sabban don't think I can do it, they say they had dreams like that but it never worked up, they make fun of me and laugh when I practice my singing, but all that's about to change! How bout I give you a little demonstration of my voice and air guitar?" This was said with intense eagerness that made the crowd feel excited, only his mom looked panic stricken. "Oh no, don't do it Morty!" She screamed in her head and pleaded with her eyes but it was too late. He had begun: "Oooooohhhhhh, I LOVE THE SUN I LOVE THE SKY OOOOOOHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHH, NEOPETSSS WILD AND FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd clamped their ears shut as they listened to the horror issuing from this little moehogs mouth, his arms flailing wildly as he "played" his air guitar "THANK YOU NEOPIA! I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK!" He walked off the stage proud and pumped full of adrenaline, "Did you see me mom?, Uh? Uh? Did you see me!!!??? Wasn't I great??!!" "Wonderful, sweetie, most amazing."

Finally the judges rouse to announce the winner of this weeks spotlight: "And the winner is"

"Personally, I don't know who won, at least not yet, that is. I decided that a moment like that in my life needed to be written down. I think I'll be a writer as well, hmmmmm..."

The little blue moehog wanders of to practice his act, the sound of humming coming from his mouth, "I love the sun, I love the skkkyyyy..."

!The End!

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