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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ama_no_kawa_hoshi
Owner: crimsonshootingstar1
Breed: Lupe

About Ama_no_kawa_hoshi:

*A red Lupe with a plaid jacket and a matching hat walks out on the stage*

"It was this last June that I solved my biggest case. Yes, I'm a detective. Detective Ama no kawa hoshi at your service."

*Ama no kawa hoshi bows deeply*

"Anyway, as I was saying, my biggest case was in June. A certain Usul was kidnapped. Her owner was hysterical!" "I'll never get my baby back!" she cried. I soon soothed her down with an extra doughnut I always keep in one of my inside pockets though. But it didn't help much. She told me to get her "baby" Usul back by the end of the week or else. I asked,"Or else what?" And she burst into tears again. Now being a detective, you have to be sly, cunning, and courageous. But when an owner that's just lost her pride and joy cries in front of me, I break down and cry with 'em. So, that's exactly what I did! After our crying, I gave her a Cup of Tea and left to search for the missing Usul. This Usul's owner had said that her Usul's name was Baby and then some numbers that I couldn't remember.

The first place I checked was the neighbors. They were no help. They just got my mouth watering so much that a puddle formed around my paws and onto their doorstep. These neighbors were a couple of Chia's. But, I remembered my case and moved on. I searched for HOURS looking for Baby, but I couldn't find her!!! Where could a Usul BE?!

Then, a clue. My first clue. A Lollipop stick. Pretty soon, I found another and another. It was a trail!!!

I followed the trail all the way to Faerieland. I checked in with Jhudora to see if she had seen anything. She hadn't. So, I followed the trail to Terror Mountain. It was so dreadfully cold there that I could barely make out the Lollipop sticks! But, I managed to make it to the Scratchcard Wocky, but she hadn't seen anything either. So, I kept following the trail. It FINALLY led me back down through Faerieland, and down to Mystery Island. I stopped in with the Island Mystic and asked. But he only replied,"A lost treasure you will find- but with one of your own kind!"

So, I figured he wasn't going to tell me anything else, so, I headed down to the Tiki Shop. As I was outside of the Tiki Shop, I thought I heard something in the bushes. I peeked over them and there was Baby! But with someone I hadn't expected. Baby actually WAS a "Baby Usul"!!! She was sucking on a Lollipop. But wrapped around her was the tail of the most fearsome beast himself. Fearsome to Lupes, anyway. One of my own kind. The Ghost Lupe. I sat and watched the two for over an hour! When Baby was done with her Lollipop, the Ghost Lupe would disappear and Baby would cry. After about 5 seconds, the Ghost Lupe would return with a whole MOUTHFUL of Lollipops and drop them at her feet!!!

Now, being a detective, I KNOW that I will never fully understand the Ghost Lupe's love for Baby. When I was a young pup, just born, I had heard tales of the Ghost Lupe being wicked and disgraceful to his own kind! But, for some reason, I never believed them! Instead, I felt sorry for the Ghost Lupe. But anyway, here's how I managed to get Baby back to her owner.

I then, walked right up to the Ghost Lupe and told him so VERY kindly (for you don't want to be RUDE to the Ghost Lupe himself!!!) that Baby's owner missed Baby very very much and would like Baby back. At first, he started to growl and Baby moved behind one of his back legs. But then, I told him, "But you may visit Baby!!!" He then relaxed and agreed. So, that's my story! I ended up returning Baby back to her, still crying, owner and broke the news to Baby's owner about where she was. Baby's owner said it was just fine that Baby played with the Ghost Lupe, as long as she didn't wonder off again. So, it all turned out fine! And every time I see the Ghost Lupe, we smile at each other but never a word is said, for no words can describe our happiness. And, the Ghost Lupe just doesn't talk very much. Anyway, Thank you for having me here, and remember that you never are TRULY rich unless you have a Neopet! *whispers* Get a Lupe though!!! We're the best! Thanks!

* Ama no kawa hoshi walks off the stage*

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