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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dalilyn
Owner: martia_elior4
Breed: Blumaroo

About Dalilyn:
Dalilyn bgan bouncing excitedly around the room on her tail. She was holding a short letter in her paws, and when a worried Amyufi asked her what was going on, the Chocolate Blumaroo squealed. “I've just got hired!”

Amy had never seen Dalilyn so enthusiastic before. She raised her eyebrow and asked, again. “Is it coming from the Chocolate Factory? … Or did you apply for other jobs too?”

Lily stopped jumping on her tail all of a sudden; her gaze was serious now. She shook her head firmly and replied. “I didn't apply for any other job. I applied for the only one I've ever wanted.”


Everyone in the family knew Dalilyn's love for everything chocolate. She was very good at matching chocolate with spices and other flavours, creating different types of treats. She was also great in offering exactly the right type of pralines depending on her friends' mood. If someone was sad, she'd arrive with a plate full of vanilla chocolate swirl fudges. If someone was angry, she'd help calm them with some caramel-coated cinnamon pralines. She really had a chocolate suitable for every feeling.

The news about the Blumaroo's passion spread through her neighbourhood after a while, and she started receiving visits from neighbours and even strangers. Everyone wanted to try out her creations. She didn't want to be paid, though, so after a while she couldn't afford to buy ingredients anymore. She even borrowed some neopoints from Amyufi, but a thief doesn't usually have much money on hand. So, Lily started feeling depressed about not being able to do what she loved, and her mood affected her friends too.

One day, Amy noticed a very blue Dalilyn sitting in a corner, hiding her face behind her paws, and decided to push her into finding a way to starting baking again. “Lily, why don't you go downtown to the Chocolate Factory and ask them if they need any new employees?”

All of a sudden, the Chocolate Blumaroo stopped sighing. “A-are you serious? I heard that nobody goes in or comes out from there, it's unlikely they need to hire someone.”

A huge, satisfied smile appeared on Amy's face. “If you don't try, you'll never know!”

Dalilyn thought about the Aisha's words for the whole night. The day after, she wore one of her best dresses, put on her cleanest pair of shoes, and started walking towards the Neopian Bazaar. As soon as she crossed the threshold of the shop, she heard a baritone, deep voice addressing her. “Good morning pretty Miss! What are you looking for? Sweets? Truffles? … Lollipops?” Lily didn't even seen him arriving. He popped up near her all of a sudden and she almost screamed.

“I'm truly sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to scare you.” The Yellow Kiko distanced himself from the Blumaroo and patiently waited for her answer.

“I-I'm not interested in buying anything at the moment, Sir. I was only wondering if you are understaffed, maybe...” She turned red, while explaining this.

The shopkeeper squinted, and after few seconds replied. “What's your name, Miss, if I can ask?”

“D-Dalilyn” The Blumaroo was clearly anxious.

“Well, Dalilyn. I thank you so much for your interest in this job, but we are not hiring anyone at the moment. If you want to leave me your address, though, I'll let you know if we'll need other employees in the future.” He smiled quite sweetly, like he didn't want to let Lily down too much.

She gave him her address and said goodbye, visibly sad.


“I really didn't mean to hurt you, Lily!” Amyufi assured, to calm her friend down. “What does the letter say, if you'd read it, please?”

Dalilyn was actually moved; she cleared her throat and started reading. “Dear Miss Dalilyn, I asked around about you, after your visit last month. I don't normally do it, when someone enters my shop to ask for a job; but there was something in your gaze that really caught my eye. I heard that you used to cook the best pralines around in your neighbourhood. Everyone who knew of you was very impressed. If you'd still like to work in my Chocolate Factory, then you'll be a probationer for some time and, if it works, you'll be permanently hired. Please, come to my shop tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, if you're still interested in this job. Cordially. The Maitre Chocolatier.”

The envelope had no stamp on it; it was hand delivered around ten minutes before. When Amy brought herself to the window, she wasn't able to see anybody. The street was completely deserted.

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