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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Bloomdepp
Owner: Captainamber
Breed: Zafara

About Bloomdepp:

"Bloomdepp grew up on a ship, unlike other Zafaras, he was extremely familiar with the sea, change in water and wind. He also had exceptional eyesight, which came in handy when he was look-out. His sense of smell was slightly stronger then those of his relatives, his hearing could beat that of a hunting dog, and he was quick on his feet too.

Once, he single handedly escaped five Techos at the Mystery Island. Just by dropping a Zafara Smoke Bomb. Aye that Zafara could escape any situation without breaking a sweat. And to top that, his owner was none other then...Captain Amber, Captain of the Silver Lightning. The two of 'em put together on the same team... There was nothing ye could do to stop them!" The old Kyrii finished his tale with a wheeze and a cough. His audience, which consisted of baby Neopets, all stared, wide-eyed. Finally, a baby Kougra gathered his courage and stepped up to confront the old Kyrii.

"My owner said Boomdepp and Amber is a bunch of lies. A story made up to entertain babies." he said matter-of-factly. The old Kyrii leaned foreword, startling the young pet by his sudden movement, "And how would ye owner know that 'ey? I dun believe they've got anything to prove they dun exist."

The Kougra pinned his ears before growling, "And how do you know? Let's see your proof!" the other babe Neopets nodded in agreement, once again, their eyes on the old Kyrii who raised an eyebrow before smirking.

"My proof ye say? Well, it be only a small token from Bloomdepp himself. But I musn't show ye! For it s a secret, and I have to return it to him first thing he comes back!" he said in a hushed voice. Eyes widened again, and little voices piped up, begging for him to reveal the treasure.

"Well...I guess a little peep wouldn't hurt." he leaned over to his coat, which lay on the table beside him, and pulled something from one of his pockets. The babies leaned foreword, eager to get a good look at the token. The kyrii opened his fist, and there it was, a plain necklace with a tooth or claw of some sort. The babies gasped and some even reached to touch it, but the old Kyrii snapped his palm shut before they had a chance, "I've let you see it for long enough! We musn't let anyone know I have it, ye hear? Good. Now, ye young ones run along and have fun. Go on, giet!" the little pets struggled to their feet or paws and scurried away, talking to one another excitedly.

"That's usually how stories about me begin and end. If we cut out all the long parts that is." a blue Zafara wearing a dark green travelling cloak leans back in its chair, a plain necklace with a tooth or claw of some sort around its neck. "My name's Bloomdepp if you haven't figured it out yet," he smirks, his ears ere pulled back behind his head like a ponytail, and an Anubis was asleep in his lap, curled up. "and this is Sparrow," he gestured toward the sleeping petpet, "I'd introduce you to Amber, but at the moment she isn't here. So we'll just have to deal without her, savvy?"

This Zafara didn't seem like a Pirate, despite what the stories told. He seemed like a casual Neopet that was sitting in a Coffee Shop by the sea. The only hint that he had some Piracy in him, was when he said 'savvy'. But the stories had always described him as cool, and laid back, but with more of a Pirate accent. Maybe he was just acting. You'd soon find out.

"Anyways, my story?" the Zafara began, thinking of how he was to explain, "basically, my life hasn't ended, so I will only tell you a slight bit about me story. But anyways, let us begin."

"I was indeed brought up on a ship. But I wasn't born there. Amber found me in a remote area, far from Neopia or any other scource of civilization. I was found at the Rock Pool, at the Mystery Island. The owner of the shop, Kirsker, had found me abandoned, and brought me in. Of course, I don't remember any of this, for it was so long ago. Or maybe my travels on ship have erased those memories. But anyways, the yellow Kougra saw Amber checking the area out, looking for something to Raid of course, as all Pirates do.

"He said she looked like she was in need of a Neopet, and somehow drew her attention. She was interested, for I was an athletic little thing, as she had told me. And the Kougra was finding it harder to take care of me and the petpets. Plus, he had Maraquan Refugees to attend to.

"So Kirsker explained to me the situation, and was sad to see me go. Amber said I was equally sad, for I whimpered and cried for awhile as we headed back for her ship; the Silver Lightning. I've thought about visiting my old foster parent, but I've never found the time." he paused to take a sip of his Tigersquash Cappachino. He leaned back in his seat once more, resting his feet on the wooden table.

"So, Amber trained me to be a Pirate, and in doing so, my sense of hearing, smell and sight are all advanced beyond a Zafara you'd see anywhere else. I'm familiar with the seven seas, the oceans, and the other worlds. I remember Amber leaving me at Tyrannia for a day or two, so I'd learn to fend for myself. It was winter, so it would be cold. Aye...I'd never forget those nights. They weren't as bad as one might think, but they were still bad. I lived off Tyrannian Goulash which kept me warm. Kruggi, the Grand Master, let me use a fur blanket over the night. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

"Once, Captain Amber and I travelled to Terror Mountain, believing there would be plenty of things to steal. Plenty of owners and pets would drop something. And of course we were right. But it was so cold, we almost froze to death." he stopped again, this time, to study you. He then chuckled before concluding his story rather suddenly, "and that is my story...or what I have to say about my story," he leaned foreword and stood up, stretching, "see ya around mate."

You turn and watch the Zafara meet a woman with long dark brown hair at the entrance of the Coffee Shop. The two turn and look at you, wink and leave, smiling. You rest an elbow on the table, chin in your palm, and think about what Bloomdepp had said. But then something catches your eye. You reach and pick it up gently between your fingers.

Its a tooth/claw.

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