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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: HanaTenshi
Owner: xxsakuranekoxx
Breed: Xweetok

About HanaTenshi:
“It’s not fair!” I exclaimed. “I’m the oldest, I should be painted first!”

My owner knelt down beside me and began stroking my fur, a bland, basic blue and brown. “Yes, but the spotted colour doesn’t look too good on Xweetoks,” she admitted.

“But still,” I argued half-heartedly.

“Next time, okay?” I heard my owner, Amelia, say. “I promise, I’ll paint you. In the meantime, though,” she continued, her tone turning slightly teasing, “try not to hurt your brother or something, out of jealousy, okay?”

I looked up at her, surprised, and unsure how to respond, at first. After a few seconds, I settled with swiping at her playfully with a paw. “Fine,” I replied, “but you promised!”

Amelia smiled, ruffling my mane. “Of course.”

She spent the next few days constantly in the games room, disappearing into it after she took me to Coltzan’s Shrine, leaving me with my brother — who was now a spotted Peophin, I thought to myself grudgingly — and sister alone at home with our Petpets. And when I tried to ask her why she couldn’t take me along to the games room, too, (because it could get unbelievably boring, even if you had two siblings and a Petpet at home) she always avoided the question.

I knew she was probably busy saving for a Paint Brush of some sort, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t come along with her, right?

The days continued to drag on, until more than a week had passed. I finally decided that I wouldn’t take it anymore; I was going to make her take me with her if I had to, tomorrow.

As usual, Amelia spent most of the morning with me tagging along, and when we finished up at the Shrine, I braced myself for an argument, if she refused to take me along again today — until I realized that we weren’t heading in the direction that led to our home in Shenkuu.

“Where are we going?” I finally decided to ask, after she made no move to explain herself.

Amelia looked at me and smiled, that same mischievous grin that she wore when avoiding my questions these past few days. “You’ll see.”

I made a face that clearly showed my displeasure — since when did she have to keep secrets from me? She had never ever done it before, either.

“Then,” I said again, “at least tell me what you’re carrying in that bag.”

“Sorry,” Amelia replied, “that’s off limits, too.”

My jaw dropped. “But…!”

“You’ll see.”

She seemed to be saying that a lot lately, I thought to myself sourly.

We didn’t talk very much, mainly because I was so angry. Most of the time, I wasn’t even too aware of our surroundings. So, when I suddenly found myself looking at the Rainbow Pool, I half wondered how we got here, before realizing that the only reason why we were here was that I was going to be painted.

“See, since you have the odd ability of being able to make your siblings tell you things,” Amelia began, before I even got a chance to ask, “I couldn’t take any of you along with me because I wanted the colour to be a surprise. And even now, I don’t know if you’ll think it’s too bland.”

She reached into the bag and pulled out a white paintbrush that appeared to be made of snow, with a red ribbon wrapped around it. “Well?”

I blinked. “Of course not!” I finally managed to say. “It’s just, ah, I won’t… melt if I’m painted with that, right?”

Amelia started laughing. “No, no,” she sputtered between giggles, “you won’t actually be made of snow. Of course you won’t melt!”

I smiled, and even thought it was a silly question to ask myself. Well, I thought, as she began to paint me, I suppose her keeping secrets can be a good thing, too.

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