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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tessie191
Owner: moonseeker363
Breed: Uni

About Tessie191:

You shiver and rub your arms briskly, trying to rid them of a few goosebumps. For some odd reason, you were informed once you reached the Pet Spotlight stage that this week's winner would be giving their speech outside. So now you are waiting outside the building. It is dark, very dark. There are no stars, and the moon is only a small sliver in the sky. Trees loom around you, and they seem to lean over you as the cold wind sways them. You shiver again, though not from the cold. It's a bit spooky out here. There is a small crowd all gathered, though nobody is talking, just shivering and waiting for the Pet Spotlight winner to arrive.

After a few more minutes of insane coldness, you hear the grass crunch as somebody approaches. The footsteps are coming closer. A dark shadow is all that is visible. It comes closer and closer, walking towards the crowd. The figure steps into the faint light coming from the windows of the Pet Spotlight building. As the light falls on the shape's body, you can see that it is a Darigan Uni, standing tall and menacing in the spot of light. Her black mane and tail blow slightly in the wind. Though the whole crowd is shivering, the Uni seems untouched by the icy breeze. Her dark blue fur appears almost black in the faint light. Her red eyes seem to cut right through the darkness and fall upon each person in the crowd. Her knarled, twisted horn catches a ray of moonlight and gleams brightly for an instant. She waits. The crowd shifts uneasily; this strange pet is making them nervous. Finally, after what seems like forever to you and the rest of the crowd, the Darigan Uni ruffles her large, dragon-like wings and begins to speak.

"When you all came here you were informed that the Pet Spotlight winner was a Uni." Tessie's voice was angry, and she seemed to snarl as she spoke. "If you thought that it would be a stuck up, prissy little snob, then you were stupid and wrong. Because one specific color of Uni is different than all the rest. Darigan." The crowd is now listening attentively. "A few months ago my owner started taking me to the Lab Ray. I started out as a female blue Uni, changed gender 6 times, and color 3 times. Then, one day, the Lab painted me this color." She glares out at the crowd, taking her time to make sure her glare is recognized and registered by each member of the audience. Soon they are all shifting again. She grins, revealing two gleaming fangs. The glare remains. Then, much to the relief of the crowd, she speaks again.

"Some of you may think it would be fun to be Darigan. You look threatening, plus, you can do evil things without getting in much trouble, since everyone assumes it's just because of the color you are painted. If you think this, raise your hand." Nobody raised their hand. Tessie spoke again, louder and harsher this time. "I said, if you think this, raise your hand. NOW!" About half of the crowd raised their hands. She snarled. "All of the people that think this are IDIOTS." Somehow, though she spoke loudly and angily, she remained calm. The glare on her face deepened. The crowd whispered and murmured. Some people shrunk back a bit. Some remained standing where they were.

Tessie tossed back her head, getting her forelock out of her eyes and wrapped behind her mane. "Some of you think that Darigan pets are evil because it is fun," she said, spitting out the word 'fun' as if it were a germ. "Darigan pets are not evil because it is "fun". They are evil because that is the way they are." The crowd looked a bit confused. Tessie sighed and rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Did you know Paint Brushes can change your insides, too? They can change the way you think, feel, and act." Now her voice was rising again. It had a sharp edge to it that made the crowd nervous once again. "The Darigan Paint Brush changes your heart."

You could tell it was difficult for Tessie to admit that. Her glare softened a bit and she looked almost sad. No, not sad, that wasn't it. She looked regretful. But the glare sprang back upon her face in an instant. "Darigan pets do not choose to be evil. They aren't evil at first. But slowley, the effects of the Darigan Paint Brush work their way into the pet's body, and pretty soon they become the well known, evil sterio-type that Darigan pets have been given."

The crowd murmers a bit and whisper. Tessie doesn't know what they are talking about, but she doesn't care. "Quiet!" she snaps. She waits until the crowd is silent before continuing. "If you thought it would be neat to paint your pet Darigan, maybe so they would look cool, think again. I seriously doubt your pet would want to become like this." Her voice was cold and dripping with anger. "There isn't a single moment when a Darigan pet is happy. The only small amount of joy they get is from causing someone else pain. And then it is cruel joy, joy that is only felt by truly evil things." She was almost yelling now.

The crowd was silent, not daring to speak. "So if you want your pet to be like that, sure, go ahead, paint them with that Paint Brush. But I guarantee you, they'll never forgive you." At this point she shot a glare out into the crowd that was aimed at one single person. Her owner. Moonseeker363 looked at her pet through sorrow-filled eyes. The young girl wiped away a stray tear. But Tessie was unswerved from this action, and gave her owner one last hateful look before continuing. "I hope you all learned a lesson today." She sneered. "Though from the looks of it, I doubt any of you are smart enough to register what I just told you. If anybody thought that I was even the slightest bit mean or rude tonight, then they must have something wrong with them. Because I hope you all know this is not how I normally act. I was nice tonight. Just don't catch me in a bad mood." The crowd shifted again. "Oh, and if I were you, I'd get out of her pretty fast. That bomb is set to explode in about thirty seconds."

"Bomb?" echoed the crowd nervously. There was a shriek. Then, before you even knew what was going on, the whole crowd was pushing, shoving, running, yelling. The place is clear within ten seconds. Tessie grins and laughs evilly. "Idiots," she mumbles. And then, without warning, she turns, runs, and leaps into the sky, wings unfolding and stretching wide. She catches the wind and flys into the air, soaring off into the dark of the night without a backward glance.

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