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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _King_Delion_
Owner: sawenna
Breed: Eyrie

About _King_Delion_:

*You click the link for the pet spotlight and... POOF! You magically find yourself in a far away land, a long way from Neopia...*

*Looking around you see a beautiful kingdom full of emerald trees and silver buildings decorated like wedding cakes. The sky is a wonderful azure blue and the air is filled with the excited chatter and musical laughter of the citizens of the busy kingdom.*

*In the center of the city there is a gigantic castle made from Dragon-Scale Gold and it shines and glistens majestically in the summer sun.*

"Wow..." *you breath in awe. Slowly you walk up to the huge wooden doors...*

*Before you even have time to knock, the door is thrown back and before you stands a proud and regal Eyrie.*

"Greetings!" It says in a merry voice. "Welcome to my kingdom! You must be very tired from your long travel from Neopia... Why don't you come in?"

*With only the slightest hesitation, you enter the castle. The gold-coloured Eyrie leads you down a long candle-lit corridor.*

"My name is King Deilion," the Eyrie says to you. "And all these lands belong to me. Beautiful aren't they?" *King Delion's long purple robes drag behind him as you walk. You feel humbled to be in the presence of a king! How exciting! You nod eagerly in agreement to his statement.*

"As you may have noticed, my people are not like those in Neopia. In fact, this is a whole different world altogether! You may have also noticed that I am an Eyrie, and therefore an Neopian creature by nature. This is true, as I was born and grew up in Neopia. It was only when my parents visited Neopia on one of their royal journeys that they found me and brought my back here to be prince... I mean King!"

"How did they get to Neopia you say? Well, that would be telling wouldn't it?" Delion said with a mischievous grin. "How did you get here... hmm?" "Anyway, come this way." *King Delion leads you into a large room where the walls are covered in ivy and stone gargoyles are crawling up the big ivory pillars. There is a round pool of crystal water in the center of the room and a fairly impressive fountain.*

"This, my friend, is the Room of Enchantment. One drink from this fountain and your energy is completely restored," he smiled.

*You drink deeply from the pool, eyeing the gargoyles suspiciously, and feel instantly refreshed.*

"Ah, I see you have noticed the gargoyles. Legend has it that when the moon is full they come alive to roam the castle ground to protect all those who are pure of heart from the darker beings that always seem to be around when the moon is full. Of course, I don't know if this is true as I'm always tucked up in bed at night." He smiles kindly at you.

"Anyway, follow me and I'll show you the rest of the castle..."

*As you are making your way through the maze of corridors you hear voice calling from one of the rooms.*

"DEEEELIOOOON!!!" The voice shrieks, "DELION COME HERE NOW!"

*King Delion lowers his head and winces at the sound. He hurries off down the hall and you follow quickly.*

"Yes Mum?" *There is a tall, female centaur standing by the door of a bedroom. Her hair is wild about her shoulders and her silken cape flows dreamily around her. She is tapping her hoof impatiently on the floor.*

"I thought I told you to clean your room, dear?" She said sweetly.

"Oh Muuuuum! I was playing!"

"You can play later, you're not King yet you know, you still have a few more years left of school to complete too! No come on, I asked you to tidy your room."


"No Buts! Just get it done, you're only home for a little while, after all, before you have to go back to Neopia to finish your training..."

*You decide to slip out before you get caught up in this argument.*

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