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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Saitay and Chakasu
Owner: Kokezaru
Breed: Pteri

About Saitay and Chakasu:

A red pteri walks out onto stage, infatuated with her laptop, she holds it an inch from her face. She pushes up her thick rimmed glasses and begins typing something and clicking at it madly. She jumps when she notices the audience and quickly snaps shut her laptop.

"Oh, hello. I didn't realize we were starting this early."

She checks her watch quickly and glances nervously at the audience.

"Okay, hold on one second. I'm missing my other half."

There are murmurs of confusion in the audience. The pteri flips open her cell phone and dials. What in Neopia is a pteri doing with a cell phone? The pet she was calling picks up on the other end. How do you know this? Possibly because the red pteri holds the phone a foot away from her ear -- the phone is screaming at her.


"You did what?! Chakasu," she starts with a frown, "I'm on stage now. Get your gluteus maximus over here, so we can start!"


"You already drank 18 Neocolas this morning!"


Saitay (as Chakasu called her) closes the phone with a snap, sighs, and nervously checks her watch again.

"No worries, my sister might be crazy, but she's reliable. She'll be here any minute now. But, until that time, I guess I'll tell you a little of our history. Chakasu and I are twins, not identical though! We are still both babies, but I guess you could say I have matured a little more then she has. She was born with the personality and I was born with the brain and a few minutes before she was. It's all sort of a blur now. Apart from being twins, we share practically nothing in common. I'm a geeky, little nerd inlove with my calculator and laptop," she says, hugging it. "'Pokey', as we like to call her, has a certain love for playgrounds, neocola, and --"

Saitay doesn't finish her sentence. The lights have suddenly dimmed and the spotlight pops up on the center of the stage. Saitay blinks blankly. A deep voice comes onto the speakers.

"Now presenting, the wonderful, beautiful, adorable, and incredibly intellectual CHAKAAASUUUUUU!"

Music starts playing in the background and colourful lights flash all around. The curtains part, and all that is visible is a yellow pteri in the spotlight modeling a disco pose. What's this? She is dressed in what looks like an elvis costume and holds a pet rock also dressed as elvis. O___o" The audience ooo's and aaa's at her, but Saitay looks annoyed. A disco ball drops from the ceiling and spins. The yellow pteri does disco motions and sets down her rock pointing at it, beckoning the crowd's faces to look at it's incredible dance moves. The audience claps as the rock sits there (dumb as a rock) and does nothing.

Saitay has had enough. She marches over to where the electronics are hooked up and pulls out plugs for the music, lights, disco ball, and the announcer's microphone. She switches back on the lights for the stage. There are sighs of disappointment from the crowd. Chakasu keeps on dancing, not noticing any change. Saitay appears back on stage staring daggers at her twin.

"Pokey, honey. Welcome to the pet spotlight. So glad you could finally make it," she says through a gritted beak.

Saitay's eye twitches. Chakasu stops dancing and turns to face her.

"Oohhh, hi, Tay! When'd you get here? You should have seen me. Beriidansu and I put on a disco show. We had costumes and everything."

She does a funky wave motion with her wings.

"Yes, I saw. Quite a show... Now, as I was telling the crowd, you also loves El Picklesaur."

Chakasu blushes, "I love a man in uniform."

"Yes, yes. We all know that. Okay, I guess I'll continue where I left off. Well, we are both great, interesting, and fun pteris with different hobbies. I like working and competing in science fairs. Chakasu enjoys painting her claws and disco dancing with her petpet."
Chakasu, now finger painting her rock pink, holds her rock up, but looks disgruntled.

"Oh no! I smudged it..."

"You aren't supposed to be finger painting rocks. You have to paint the rock with a pink petpet paint brush if you want it to turn pink."

"Nu uh! You're so inexperienced, Tay. Finger painting is a reskyable way to paint Beriidansu."

"Reskyable? You mean reliable?"

"I said that," Chakasu exclaims with a frown.

"No you didn't. You said 'reskyable'," Saitay shouts back.





"DID NOT! No backsies." Chakasu sticks her tongue out at her sister.

"Ugh, you are so weird," Saitay grunts.

Chakasu lunges at her twin and stuffs a sock in her mouth. She runs off stage, cackling like a maniac with her rock (sporting elvis-wear) rolling behind her.

"Coom ack eer, oo shoopid eed!" Saitay runs off stage screaming. The lights dim.

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