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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Umichan12191
Owner: kasukabe_marron12191
Breed: Flotsam

About Umichan12191:

Umichan12191 sighed. Was there nothing she could do in life besides swim? She was a great swimmer, but she was a flotsam and all flotsam were great swimmers. She looked around her seaside abode.

Shells, shells, and oh look!


She sat on her clamshell thinking of what it would be like to have legs like her friends Nekochan1219, Inuchan12191, or anyone else beside the ocean creatures.

She looked out of the window, and faded off to sleep, dreaming her ocean dreams.


When she woke up, she found herself to be an Ixi.

She shook her head as hard as she could. She was so happy she jumped up and opened her mouth to squeal.

Bubbles rose from her mouth and she gurgled so much, she could've sworn that she would've died.

She tried hard to swim to the surface for air, but her hoofs wouldn't go up. They just sank like huge boulders.

When she reached the top, she nearly fainted. But then she remembered she had legs! She could walk easily on land now-so why not walk?

She got up and found that she had to lift each leg. Each felt like sticks on stones.

Was she being punished? It was hard labor for someone who was used to swimming.

Was this really what she wanted?

She got past the trees and saw more water. On the other side, there was fruit and food.

She jumped in without thinking, and drowned herself for a moment. She popped up once more and mumbled angrily.

"This is not what I wanted...I wanted two legs! Not four!" she screamed to the sky. She didn't expect to fall asleep so easily, but drowning tired her out so she fell asleep, mumbling angrily under her tongue.


She woke to the sound of trees whispering quietly.

"Mmm...." she groaned.

She awoke to be a Kacheek!

"Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!!!!!!" she squealed so loud that the Pteri resting in the trees flew away.

She walked easier. She could fell her fur with her two paws.

"What a wonderful thing." she thought to herself.

She turned round and round to see her beautiful new blue fur. Each strand was delicate and she saw the glossy sheen to it.

She ran around and around and decided to swim. It must be easier to have two legs instead of four.

She kicked her way, but she wasn't having the same fun as she did as a flotsam. Her fur got clotty and felt sticky against water. It got dirty easier and she couldn't smear it off like she did as a flotsam.

As she got to the other side, she found that her fur wouldn't fry quickly. It pulled her down and made her feel like a million tons.

The fruit wasn't even ripe yet! What a bad day it was for Umichan12191.

The sun was starting to set.


She sulked as she carried herself to the ocean once more. She saw her family swimming and having the time of their lives.

They didn't even know it was her!

They just took small glances at this strange, wet Kacheek.

She stared at them with sorrowful eyes, but they didn't notice her as much as she wanted them to.

She longed to swim alongside them, but knew that she was too tired to.

She lay down on the cold sand, and drifted off to sleep. The last thing she saw was her family swimming slowly away.

~*~ She awoke to a conch horn.

"Hm?" she said to herself.

"Wake up!!!!" her little brother Sayo was yelling.

"If you don't come downstairs I'll eat your breakfast for you!" He yelled grumpily.

And off he stormed.

"I'" she said slowly.

"I'!!!!" she said happily.

She looked into her coral mirror and saw her face.

"Oh I am me!" she cried out.

She swam downstairs and saw her family.

"There's nothing better than us Flotsams. Nothing better than my family." she said, getting strange looks of confusion from her family.

This is why Umichan12191 is always happy. It's because she loves family and flotsams.

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