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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Plaidish
Owner: Chicken_gurl
Breed: Skieth

About Plaidish:

Sitting on the pet spotlight stage is a rather tiny blue Skeith. On her forelegs are two green plaid gloves and she has many scars about her. She smiles to the audience and begins.

I didn't used to have all of these scars. I acquired them when I was but a mere cub. I was walking about the haunted forest where I lived. One day, while playing in the woods, I ran into a clearing while chasing a little Chia (as a game of course I would never hunt down a poor little Chia) I lost him in the brush and soon shrugged it off. I then saw a gigantic werelupe that I believed to be Bathazar. I figured this because he was bottling what seemed to be faeries. He soon came in eye contact with me assuming I was there to either steal his silly faeries or to turn him in he turned about snarling in a most ferocious way. I could almost feel my heart jump into my throat as I tried my best to scramble away. He soon picked me up by the scuff of my neck and snarled, "You aren't going anywhere you disgusting little beast" he then began the process of pulverizing me I won't go into great detail of this because of the little kiddies on this site. Lets just say I blacked out.

I woke up amazed to be alive I couldn't see out of my left eye and was in rather excruciating pain. I staggered onto my feet looking down at the gashes in my front legs from where I had tried to block his blows. I decided to go find water to wash my wounds and replenish my thirst. When I finally made it to a pond nearby I was quite tired and fainted after taking a drink.

The next time I awoke I was in a completely different place. It was very bright and the only trees there were palm trees and the floor was covered in sand and shells. The hut I was in was made of bamboo and was very primitive. I looked around with my good eye and saw three other Neopets. One a red Kyrii fussing with his hair in the mirror, the next was a skunk coloured Usul munching down on a chocolate bar and a yellow Aisha which seemed to be in a rather sound slumber. The Kyrii noticing me awake smiled went to fetch someone.

A few minutes later I decided to watch the hungry Usul and the sleepy Aisha for a bit. I got a little bored quickly. Twice I tried to talk to the Usul who only responded with a mouthful of sweets "moop". Then someone came through the door. Looking down I saw the red Kyrii who was standing beside a fishing boot. As I raised my eye further I saw the craziest looking little girl. She was decked out in fishing gear and she had a silly mop top of brown hair with big puppy dog eyes, she had a kind smile on her face that never seemed to rub off. She looked at me and said.

"E'llo there little feller I'm chicken_gurl!" as she said this the red Kyrii pulled on her sleeve.

"Chick umthat's a girl Skeith".

"Huh? Oh I guess I need my glasses" she reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of huge glasses that when she put them on made her huge eyes even bigger. "Oh yes of course she is a girl she's much to elegant to be a boy how silly of me." She stuck out her tongue and punched herself lightly in the head.

I couldn't help wonder were on earth I was but even more why on earth her name was Chicken_gurl that seemed like a terrible name for anyone.

She chuckled "I know what your wondering".

I blinked surprised "ma'am I didn't mean to be rude I'm sorr-"

"Your wondering why I'm wearing this fishing gear isn't you! Well I think I'll go change now. Hey Finako" she said to the red Kyrii "how about you cook up those fish I caught anyways you please"

"Okay Chick!" he went to the kitchen table to clean out the fish. I limped after him hoping to strike up a conversation and find out a few things.

"Excuse me Finako is it?"

"Yes miss but my friends call me Fin," he said with a silly grin.

"Well mister Fin could you answer a few questions for me?"

"But of course".

"First of all where on earth am I?"

"Well you're on the lovely mystery island of course. We found you while on our vacation to the haunted woods. You were quite beat up so we thought it a good idea to take you with us rather then just leave you there to rot" he saw my confused look "if you're wondering how we got here so quickly it was with this handy little device" he held up an item that looked like a globe of Neopia on a leather string. "With this we just pin-point a place on the map and it kind of transports us to were we want to go. Found it in the sand over by Krawk Island"

"Interesting" I said gazing at the miniature globe. I looked up and asked my second question. "Why is your owner named chicken_gurl? It seems like such a silly name for her"

He chuckled hearing this "for a couple of reasons I suppose you'll see once you get a load of her crazy outfits" he continued to fry the fish that gave off a very tasty aroma while chuckling some more.

Around that instant "Chick" came out this time not wearing her fishing outfit but a yellow hoodie with feathers lining the hood and the bottoms of the sleeves. Along with a pair of baggy blue jeans, an anime chicken patch staring spookily at you. I could barely contain my laughter at this sight. She had a grin on her face and plunked down beside me at the dinner table.

"So do you like it here?" she said tying a napkin around her neck"

"Yes very much its different from where I was before" I sniffed again admiring the fish smell deciding it must have been a sea bass or something.

"Well I certainly hope so because I was thinking about adopting you."

At that time my eyes watered up with happiness and I lunged onto her hugging her till she could barley breath "thank you thank you! I've always wanted an owner, but how could you want to adopt something as ugly and beat up as me."

"Aw your not ugly your beautiful umheck I don't believe I've even asked your name have I?"

"WellI would have told you right off the bat if I had one" I said shying away.

"No name!? Well that wont do one bit!" she thought for a minute looking for anything interesting about me to name me after when I noticed her staring into my eyes. I was beginning to regain sight in my left one but there was still a nasty scratch "well I can see a very interesting pattern going on in your eyesalmost like green plaid its very interesting."

Finako walked up with the foot and when setting my plate in front of me he commented, "yea it is kinda Plaidish isn't it?"

The Usul finally spoke "Plaidish isn't a word you dummy."

I smiled "I think it's a neat word, could I have plaidish as my name?"

Chicken_Gurl smiled. I don't see why not. It's a perfectly nice name.

A month after living with them we took off my bandages. Some stuff healed but I still had a lot of scars that wouldn't heal. My front legs were especially scarred. Chick thought it was an interesting pattern but she noticed how embarrassed I was by them so she made me a pair of green plaid gloves just like my eyes. All the male Skeiths have been impressed so far so they have kind of become a trademark for me I guess. So I have plaid everything. It's my favorite color, if plaid can be considered such. She winks at you.

That's pretty much my story I hope you enjoyed reading it. And remember Skeiths are beautiful too. Blows a kiss. See ya.

The lights dim out on the stage.

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