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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Simolth
Owner: aussie_desert_storm7
Breed: Elephante

About Simolth:

You walk up a winding road in the Haunted Woods, sad and tired from your travels. It would seem that the trees that you pass are slowly whispering laughs and howls. They have red eyes, and watch you're every move. One deformed hut ahead of you has an alluring magic around it, and you want to continue forward.

"That's perfect, Synthi dear! Were soon to beat Kauvara and make millions selling our Super potions! Keep it up!" You hear a cackling wizard call. You dart up to the window of the hut and peek in... curious to see what was up. A foul scent wafts out, obviously from the large cauldron in the middle. A cheeky looking spyder is there, drinking from a bottle, mainly a tester of the brew. "Ehehehehheheeheh!!!" The spyder coughs. Suddenly, he grew two cybunny ears, asparagus teeth, and sparkly diamond eyes. "Perfect! I call it, the Glitterasparaguscybunny of utter doom! Muahaha!"

After that concoction, the phone rings on a brown table, hiding in the corner of the room, behind that giant cauldron. "Keep it down over there, you dazed elephante! Some of us here are trying to trick naive young neopians using anagrams! Shhhh! *Hangs up*" Your eyes get larger, staring at the wizard. The elephantes eyes grow to disproportioned sizes and start to pop. He turns a red color and bangs his feet against the ground viciously. He's MAD! "Eliv Thade. . . . . CURSE YOU! You keep meddling in my operations!" Suddenly, its silent. The cackling Wizard eyes grow to disproportioned sizes AGAIN. He whispers," Shhhh! Do you smell that Synthi, dear?" As he stealth-like shifts around the room, as you get nervous and scared as he heads in your direction. The spyder spits web by the window you were by and climbs it to your direction.

"FOOL!" The disturbed elephante seethes. He picks you up and shakes you by the hood of your sweatshirt you were wearing. "Ummm... Sir no! I was just.... but.... and.... " you screech. He slowly drops you to the ground of his hut. Its musky and damp, and the whole air smells of wizards brew. He turns his back to you, mumbling something strange. Obviously planning something. The cheeky and creepy spyder spits web in your direction and climbs to your lap. Making a small, "eheheheh... " noise, he attempts to crawl onto your face, but cant make it.

Your big brown eyes scan the room after throwing the bug, looking for any way out of this place. You spot a window, and run to look out to it while the elephante still cackles and mumbles, writing down something. Sure enough, there loomed the eerie castle of the great Eliv Thade, and next to that was the looming and frightening Witch's tower. Simolth, Eliv, and Edna were Haunted Woods neighbors! Obviously, this wizard didn't like the publicity he could have been getting.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. The menace sighs like your old uncle Rudy the shoyru and trudges over. ".... *Mumble*... *mumble*... soliciting.... Kauvara... *growls*" is all you hear. "Cant you get it!? I don't want any Bori Scout Cookies!... Oh! You aren't those youngins are you... " He shouts as he opens the creaky door.

"Sir, were here to confirm your entry to pet spotlight. Name: Sir Simolth... *blah blah*" The miniature ixi sighs. Simolth turns reddish, and screams at the ixi. "For the last time, I do not call it a PET spotlight, but yet a EVIL DOER OF THE WORLD SOON TO BE THE BEST WIZARD EVER AND WIN AGAINST KAUVARA IN POTION MAKING spotlight! MUAHAH!" You laugh, then glance around the room, seeing pictures of himself in glamour poses everywhere. Looks like he was a softie, just looking for recognition. "Ill let you go if you spread the word! Give me credit for what I have done! Now go! Skit Skit!" He pushes you out of his hut. You walk away laughing, and hear yet another explosion. "Fantastickupo! A Donnablondiesuperpoptart sub species of neopet! Yes!"

Maybe... Maybe... Maybe its best if you just go off to Eliv's castle and solve some anagrams before Simolth starts to make even more of a scene!

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