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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Yanad
Owner: Jlinker2
Breed: Korbat

About Yanad:

So, you know...This Korbat Day thing. Yeah, I suppose everyone's pet gets pretty excited when they have an excuse to throw a party. I have four Korbats, though, and by mid-October things start to get a bit hectic. Sure, Iscai's not such a handful anymore. She's off painting some "Korbat Pride!" signs. Arroyu, I'm sure, got suckered into helping her. Marussya is off spending my neopoints buying Korbat related goodies and the basic foodstuff to make even more sweet things. (Which I admit, I can't really complain about, since she's good about sharing). But Yanad? Well...he's the youngest, you know? And every year he tries so hard...

So I'm watching Yanad while writing this. Iscai's tried to get him to paint a sign, but he doesn't spell very well, so the sign says "Heray Crobats" instead of "Hooray Korbats!" Arroyu's tried to fix this sign by drawing lots of Korbats slaying monsters around the edges, but it's hard to miss Iscai's look of disgust. Now Marussya is trying to teach him how to mix paint. That's gone awful. It's a good thing someone thought to put old issues of the Neopian Times on the ground. At least the floor is saved. But poor Yanad looks like he fell into the Rainbow Pool headfirst. Marussya is starting to get upset about all the wasted paint.

But Yanad's still smiling. He's not a good helper, but he means well. The family joke is that he's a great night light and that's the real reason we keep him around. I sometimes worry that the joke will one day upset him, but he's always smiling when he hears it. We all know that when we look at him that he'll never be a great thinker like Iscai, not an adventurer like Arroyu--and we'd definitely not let him near the stove any time soon.

There are lots of pets in Neopia who have done great things. That's just how it is. If so and so's pet hasn't won this war, then he's won so many beauty contests or he's read hundreds of books. The thing is, Yanad doesn't care. He's not the best in anything at all. Hey, he's probably not even close to being good in most things.

But you know, we love him anyway.

How could you not? No matter how many times he makes a mistake, he's always ready to keep trying, to keep learning. And he has patience like no one I've ever seen before. (Honestly, if I was half as clumsy as him I'd make sure my Neohome was made out of jelly. It's easier on the knees when you trip). Every year when Korbat Day comes around--no matter how much paint he spills--no matter how many cookies he burns--no matter what ridiculous thing he's responsible for doing--he's just SO happy. Why? 'Cause Korbat Day is his special day. It's the day he reminds himself that he can celebrate just because he's himself.

And Yanad, who doesn't suspect for a moment I'm writing into the pet spotlight on his behalf thinks I'm sending out the customary "Happy Korbat Day" cards. He's somewhat put off that I won't let him see. The picture on the card I'm sending out is some wacky picture he tried to take of himself. Somehow it came out like a kaleidoscope. We're not sure how he did it, but we all agree that his mistakes are sometimes cool. But honestly, even if he hadn't done that I'd have used his picture. He personifies the day. He's everything that's good about a Korbat. Hey, he's everything that's good about Neopia. Yanad is someone who's not good at games, but is there to congratulate you when you win. He's someone to admire you, to love you...someone who makes you laugh and makes you feel good about yourself.

And when Korbat Day is over, people will not pay so much attention to Yanad. But you know, that's their problem. Yanad doesn't care and neither do I. Sometimes the pets that are not-so-special to everyone else are the ones that truly are.

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