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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: elenoir
Owner: quaycur
Breed: Kougra

About elenoir:
During the day, the city of Sakhmet feels heavy to an almost unbearable extent; there's a blanket of hot muggy air, there's endless crowds of people chatting in the different stalls, and the sun and wind compete for atmospheric dominance. Despite its quietude among such a bustling desert metropolis, Sutek's Scrolls is nevertheless content with its current business, with locals and the occasional wayfarer sticking their head in the stall to see what's in stock. Sutek notices one of the more frequent customers eyeing a certain book...

"Tome of Selket? But haven't you already read that? Surely you might want to read something else?" Sutek asks, bewildered.

The Kougra smiles. "It's actually for my sister, Lesza. She's the newest addition to the family, and already she wants to read all of my books! It's crazy!" Despite the implied exasperation, the Kougra doesn't seem at all upset. She seems rather happy to be buying books for her new sibling. "The book is actually a surprise for her."

"Ahhh, well that's rather kind of you, Elenoir. She's lucky to have such a wonderful sister like you," says Sutek.

Elenoir smiles back and nods. "Thank you Sutek! I'll see you around!"

Such an encounter is a common occurence in the daily life of Elenoir. She's a voracious reader who's often seen curled up in her room, poring over the last pages of a novel. Or she'll be window-shopping for furniture to decorate her room. (She's currently eyeing a Harris Bed to match her petpet Dylan, a Plushie Harris.) Or she'll be on the run, completing a new job for the Employment Agency. She loves luxuries such as Paintbrushes as much as the next Neopet, but she understands the value of hard work. ("Even Neopoints can't grow on the Money Tree!") She absolutely loves to look nice, but she won't budge if you insist she comb her hair. ("I don't want any strange objects -- not even those snazzy combs -- touching my hair. Too many tangles!") As messy as she modestly claims to be, she still cleans her room on a frequent basis to empty out any items that she doesn't need. So what does she do with these spare items, which range from healing potions to plushies to ice cream?

"Oh, I donate them to the Money Tree. If I'm not going to use those items, I'd rather somebody else use them."

Elenoir may have one of the biggest hearts in all of Neopia, but the Kougra is not afraid of stating her opinion. She has thoughts on anything from King Hagan ("He might be intelligent and wise, but unless he absolutely adores you, he can be quite condescending. However smart he may be, that doesn't speak well for his character.") to Altachucks ("Cute, but I had one once. It always scampered everywhere, and it kept me awake at night!") to Skalpo ("As much as I love concerts, I think he tries to take advantage of the Neopians who don't have so many Neopoints. Good music shouldn't have to be so expensive!").

However, Elenoir also has several role models. "I admire King Altador for his ability to see and bring out the best qualities of others, Fyora for her wise temperament, Hannah for her courage and thirst for adventure, and the Soup Faerie for her kindness. I've met 3 out of the 4 and they are just so nice. Their kindness makes me appreciate them even more!"

Hmm, so what would this feisty Kougra have to say about being in the Pet Spotlight?

"It would be such a lovely honor! My whole entire family is supporting me, so I'd like to thank my owner quaycur and my sister Lesza. The Pet Spotlight has always featured such a great variety of wonderful characters. To be considered among them would be amazing," says Elenoir without hesitation. She then smiles widely before she realizes she has to go.

"I'm sorry to have to leave so soon! I still have a book to give to my sister, and I need to make it home before dinner! It certainly was nice talking to you!" says Elenoir as she runs back home, toward a wide expanse of a sand terrain and a blue sky.

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