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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tixan
Owner: paraxeno_daimonio
Breed: JubJub

About Tixan:
Tixan was growing up. As he passed through the living room of his neohome he couldn’t help but stopping by the side desk and staring at an old photo of him. That photo was taken months ago. He was not that little coco baby he used to be anymore. Well, in some weird way he kind of missed those times. Everything was easier, he had people to protect him all the time; the island itself used to protect him. Of course, the fact that he was born in the off-season helped a lot; not too many people come to the Mystery Island in the winter. But now, everything has changed. With summer just around the corner, he knew he was needed. He was told what was going to happen and just the thought of it gives him goosebumps.

The Mystery Island is well-known for its natural wealth. Its tropical food and the so-called Gadgads are so tasty and rare that people are willing to pay millions of neopoints for it! Because of that, every year the island is attacked by intruders, most of the time those are pillagers and pirates but sometimes they also find smugglers disguised by tourists. The island’s economy is all based on selling the tropical food and hosting the tourists for the summer, so if someone interfere on both of those things, the natives would have less and less income and their life conditions would be terrible for the rest of the year.

But one thing that the thieves are not counting on is that the natives are prepared. They have their own training academy and they train really hard in the off-season so that they can be ready when the time comes. And Tixan was no exception. Of course, he is not the greater of the fighters, but he is a native and he promised to do whatever it takes to protect his home place.

“Enough of memories for today”, thought the young Coconut Jubjub. He then, headed out.

When he was not at the academy, his favorite place to train was at the beach. Although the weather was getting warmer each day, sometimes he gets to experience some chilling breeze and it’s really refreshing. The sound of the waves also helps him to concentrate. With his spear on hand, he practices his moves every day. He always remembers what the judo techo guy tells him: “If you are fast enough, the enemy can’t see you, and if the enemy can’t see you, the enemy can’t hit you”.

“Is that even true?”, asked himself the coconut Jubjub. “What if they see me? Then they will be able to hit me.. and then… Ouch!”

Tixan suddenly fell! It wasn’t too bad because he was used to the sand. But what have even happened? He has been practicing for months there and he was getting better and better, so why this now? That was it; he started crying. He was done. He wasn’t a grown-up Neopet after all. There’s no way he would be able to defend the island if he couldn’t even stay on his feet.

“Why are you crying, my brave soldier?”, the unknown voice came from behind the trees.

“Who is it?”, asked Tixan wiping his tears and standing up.

“Your faerie, of course!”, responded Jhuidah coming out of the trees.

“I..I’m not good enough. The Island always gave me everything I needed and now.. I..I just won’t be able to return the favor… because I’m weak..”

“I saw when you fell my dear”, the faerie came closer. “Are you sure it’s because your body is weak? Or.. wasn’t it your mind that was full of doubts and uncertainties?”

Tixan stopped to think for some seconds… She was right! The moment he fell, he was thinking about the intruders, their attacks and all the thieves. But would that be capable of making him fall?

“Listen”, continued Jhuidah. “Do you know how do we manage to protect our island every single time?”

Tixan shook his head.

“It’s because everybody is together! Everyone has a role here and in the end, that makes the difference. Even the smaller of the petpets wants to help and his effort is greatly appreciated. You don’t have to fear what is coming. I already know that everything will be fine just by seeing you training.”

Some seconds passed when the silence prevailed. He decided. Tixan grabbed his spear from the sand and turned to the sea standing on his one feet standard position: “Let them come”.

Jhuidah smiled at distance while slowly going away.

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